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9/13/2019 Food and traffic

The Kickstarter for Aurora's Nightmare is slowly making progress, but has a long way to go if we want to reach the goal by the end of the month so be sure to tell your friends.

I went to the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore yesterday. I've written about it before so I won't go into detail. But it was fun and I found some cool products. And then I got stuck in traffic for nearly three hours on my way home because of road closures. That was considerably less fun. Though hey, I was driving our new van so it was comfortable and I had plenty of music to listen to. So it could have been worse.

Anyway, have a good weekend!


9/11/2019 Never forget

It's been eighteen years and I still clearly remember that morning. And it's probably better that way. History shouldn't be forgotten, not unless we want it to happen again.


9/9/2019 Corn maze

It's week two for the Aurora's Nightmare Kickstarter, and a great time to make a pledge!

And now for that travelogue entry...

August 30th (Friday): Cherry Crest Farm
Connie and I were planning to go to Cherry Crest Farm when we did our overnight trip to Lancaster. But the weather had other ideas. So we went back today for a day trip. This year, Zack was old enough to enjoy most of the different activities on the farm. There's a huge variety and they keep adding more each year. In addition to feeding the goats, which were the surprise highlight of his visit last year, Zack especially loved the water pumps, the wagon train, mini-town, animatronic chicken show, and the corn barn. Speaking of which, I went in the corn barn with him for a while. The dried feed corn they fill it with has got to be at least a foot deep. It's also surprisingly comfortable. I think I'd take a beach of that stuff over sand. Though it does really get stuck in your clothes.
We decided not to take Zack into the big maze this year. There's no way he'd say in a carrier or stroller the entire time, unless he was asleep, and I was worried that he might run off and get lost. So Connie played with Zack while I did the maze. The theme this year is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. As usual, I went for the "ultimate challenge" which means not only finding the exit, but also tracking down every hidden map piece and crossword puzzle answer. It was a pretty good maze design and I scored one of my better times, making it out in a little under an hour and a half.
All in all, went spent several hours at the farm and, if he didn't need a nap, Zack probably could have played there the rest of the day. But he was getting pretty tired so we left mid-afternoon and decided to get an early start driving home. It was a fun day. The maze was great, as always, and Zack had a blast. Looking forward to going back next year.



9/6/2019 Last chance for Kickstarter specials

While the Kickstarter campaign for Aurora's Nightmare will be running through the end of the month, you only have until the end of the week to take advantage of the Early Morning specials, which let you grab the Angellus or Nightmare reward tiers for a discounted price.

I'm still working on my photos (though I have gotten through everything else on my to-do list), so the travelogue entry will have to wait a little longer, sorry.

See you Monday!


9/4/2019 Kickstarting

If you didn't see Monday's update, I just released the demo for Aurora's Nightmare, the visual novel I've been working on. I'm also running a Kickstarter to fund some extra content and features. There's a couple of special limited time discount tiers that are only available until the end of the week, so this is a great time to get onboard if you're interested.

In other news, Connie and I did get back to Cherry Crest Farm over the holiday weekend so I'll have a travelogue entry for that up sometime soon. But not today since I also had to spend a lot of the weekend reading through Walden for the first time for one of my MFA classes. Now, I know it's supposed to be a classic but I was pretty thoroughly unimpressed. The occasional good line or description aside, it was pretty boring and the author was as self righteous and arrogant as he was ignorant. I also had to read a critique on him and his writing afterwards and, apparently, the guy was a serious hypocrite as well. Honestly, I enjoyed the critique a whole lot more than I enjoyed Walden itself. It just goes to show that not every classic holds that designation for a good reason.



9/2/2019 Aurora's Nightmare

For those of you who haven't heard, Aurora's Nightmare is the visual novel game I've been writing and developing in my free time. While the full game isn't going to be finished for a while yet, I've just released the official demo so you can give it a try for yourself. To coincide with the demo's release, I've also launched a Kickstarter campaign. I've been funding Aurora's Nightmare on my own and the game will get finished regardless of how the Kickstarter goes but, if successful, I'll be able to recoup the development costs and devote more time to it. And, if any of the stretch goals are met, I'll be able to add some cool extra features and content like animations and voice acting. If you're interested, please considering backing it. There's even a couple of special backer discounts for this week only. And even if you can't afford to donate right now, please tell all your friends. Kickstarters can live or die by word of mouth, so the more people who hear about it, the better.

I hope you enjoy the demo and I'll see you Wednesday with a new PV strip.


8/30/2019 Trying again

The Aurora's Nightmare demo and Kickstarter will be launching on Sunday! I'll tell you all about it on Monday but, if you can't wait, you can check the dev blog on Sunday morning.

In other news, it's the start of a holiday weekend! One week into the semester... Anyway, Connie and I are heading back to PA today to go to Cherry Crest Farm and the corn maze. Though it's just going to be a day trip this time. So I've gotta run.

Have a great weekend!


8/28/2019 Long day

While my work schedule this semester is better than the last one overall, Wednesdays are a little ridiculous as I have to be on campus from around 9 AM - 10 PM. At least I have a decent amount of time between classes to work on things. Anyway, I've got one more travelogue entry.

August 23rd (Friday): Hands-On House
We were planning to spend the day at Cherry Crest Farm. Unfortunately, there was a very sudden change in the weather over night and what was supposed to have been a nice sunny day turned into steady rain, wrecking our plans. As such, I ended up spending much of breakfast on my phone, looking up nearby indoor activities that would be good for Zack. On a side note, the breakfast buffet at Hershey Farm is pretty good. It has all your classic breakfast foods along with less well known local specialties (such as scrapple, though that's not something I eat).
But anyway, we settled on a visit to the nearby Hands-On House, a children's museum and play area. It was a pretty nice place, though really crowded since it looked like quite a lot families in the area had the same idea as us. There were several different themed areas including a farm, grocery store, dress up area, and factory. There was also a large outdoor area, but we didn't get to check it out due to the rain. Zack had fun, though there were a few things he wasn't quite old enough to enjoy. If you need an indoor kids' activity in the Lancaster area, it's a good option.
Eventually, we decided to get a quick lunch and drive back home a little early. It wasn't a bad day, but missing out on the farm and maze was pretty disappointing. We're planning to head back there for a day trip sometime soon.



8/26/2019 Dutch Wonderland

It's back to work for me. I have a fairly simple teaching schedule this semester, though I'll have to see how much work my latest set of MFA classes end up being. Regardless, I should have two or three weeks before work starts getting especially busy, which is good since I have some other things I need to get done in the meantime. All that aside, I've got some travelogue entries for that PA trip Connie and I took last week.

August 22nd (Thursday): Dutch Wonderland
Connie and I always go to the Lancaster area in PA for a day in the summer to visit the Amazing Maize Maze at Cherry Crest Farm and do some other sightseeing. This year, we decided to spend the night and make it a two day trip. Both to break up the driving and to give us time to do some more stuff.
Speaking of the drive, I decided to use it to test out our brand new Honda Odyssey, which we just bought a week ago. As hoped, it's great for road trips. It'll also be really useful when we have visitors. On top of that, it was Zack's first time facing forward in the car seat. I think the combination of that and the van's big windows kept him pretty happy since he managed to make it pretty much the entire drive without needing a phone, tablet, or anything besides a couple toys.
But anyway, we decided to use the first day of our trip to take Zack to Dutch Wonderland, which is a theme park in Lancaster that's been around for over 50 years. Now, before you read any further, I should make one thing clear. Dutch Wonderland is for kids. Specifically, little kids. If everyone in your group is at least 10 years old, there's absolutely no reason to go. Head to Hershey Park instead, it's got plenty of stuff for all ages. Honestly, I suspect even a lot of 8 year olds would have more fun at Hershey. That said, Dutch Wonderland is great for little kids. All the rides are kid friendly (either solo riding or with parents). Even Zack, at 2 1/2, was tall enough to go on the vast majority of them. And he loved it. He rode the whip five times in a row, and would have stayed on longer if we didn't lure him away to try other rides. The park isn't overly large, but there's a good number of kids rides, some shows (which we didn't watch so I can't comment on) a big sandbox and playground area, and a water park (mostly a large elaborate splash pad, with handful of small slides).
We stayed until mid-afternoon, at which point Zack really needed a nap, so we left to check into our hotel. For convenience, we stayed at Hershey Farm (not related to Hershey Chocolate), since Connie and I always eat at the buffet there anyway. While it's not the cheapest hotel in the area, the rooms are fairly nice and they've got a pool, two playgrounds, farm animals, and the buffet (breakfast is free, and you get 20% off other meals). You can even buy smoothies and ice cream 24 hours a day in the lobby, which I saw quite a lot of people take advantage of. They can also get you discounted tickets to a number of local attractions. Anyway, after Zack's nap and a bit of time in the playground, we hit the buffet for dinner (very good, as described in previous years' travelogues) and then Zack chased geese for a while before bed. I knew he loved chasing birds, but it was a bit odd to see him chasing a after a whole flock of geese that were each as big as he is. It's good that they're not especially aggressive.
Unfortunately, despite being tired, Zack really didn't want to go to sleep (he's been fighting it a lot lately), which made our night a bit more exhausting than it should have been, but otherwise it was a pretty good day.

More on Wednesday. Later!


8/23/2019 Last hurrah

Connie and I are on our annual trip to Pennsylvania to visit my favorite corn maze. But this year we decided to make it a two day event and do a bit more in the area to wrap up the summer. Expect a couple travelogue entries next week. I was debating trying to sort through my first day's photos and get the first entry done for today...but I've had a lot of late nights lately and there's no telling how well Zack will sleep in the hotel, so I'm going to go to bed early for once.

Have a good weekend and I'll be back to work and back to PV (probably with a travelogue entry) on Monday.


8/21/2019 So close...

Not much to say. I've been spending a lot of time doing stuff with Zack, so I'm still not quite done with my last class. I should get it finished today though. Then it's off to Pennsylvania for a last couple days of summer fun. Speaking of which, there's a chance I might miss Friday's update because of the trip. Though that hopefully won't be the case.



8/19/2019 One more week

The demo for Aurora's Nightmare, the visual novel game I'm developing, will be released to the public on September 1st!

It's the last week before fall semester. I've got three out of my four classes ready to go, but the last one still needs a solid day or so of work. Connie and I will be taking a little trip later in the week though, which will be fun and should lead to a couple travelogue posts. For now though, I've got a busy day or two ahead of me.



8/16/2019 On a Friday?

Been awhile since I've posted a regular comic on a Friday. Though in this case it was due to an updating error back with Monday's comic. I originally started posting Blooper Reel comics on the main page on Fridays because I was having trouble getting Top Web Comics to update its voting incentives. Eventually though, I stopped checking TWC and just made Friday Blooper Reel comics on the main page the norm. I wouldn't mind getting back to three regular strips per week, plus a Blooper Reel but, between my work, studies, and family, I'm a lot busier than I used to be and having to make one less strip per week really helps sometimes. So I think I'll stick with the current approach, at least for now.

Have a good weekend!


8/14/2019 Oops...

It looks like Monday's comic didn't update properly (been a long time since that happened). It was added to the archives but didn't appear on the main page like it was supposed to. So, I'm putting it back up today for everyone who missed it and I'll post the comic that was supposed to go up today on Friday instead of a Blooper Reel.

Sorry for the mix-up.


8/12/2019 Another year

Pebble Version has passed yet another anniversary. Honestly, I never thought it would continue this long. Not that I thought I'd give up or anything, but I never thought it would take anywhere near this long to finish to the story. To be fair, that's kind of my fault. I certainly could have abbreviated a lot. But whatever, we're getting fairly close to the end so there's no point in changing things up now.

Here's to another year!


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