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8/19/2019 One more week

The demo for Aurora's Nightmare, the visual novel game I'm developing, will be released to the public on September 1st!

It's the last week before fall semester. I've got three out of my four classes ready to go, but the last one still needs a solid day or so of work. Connie and I will be taking a little trip later in the week though, which will be fun and should lead to a couple travelogue posts. For now though, I've got a busy day or two ahead of me.



8/16/2019 On a Friday?

Been awhile since I've posted a regular comic on a Friday. Though in this case it was due to an updating error back with Monday's comic. I originally started posting Blooper Reel comics on the main page on Fridays because I was having trouble getting Top Web Comics to update its voting incentives. Eventually though, I stopped checking TWC and just made Friday Blooper Reel comics on the main page the norm. I wouldn't mind getting back to three regular strips per week, plus a Blooper Reel but, between my work, studies, and family, I'm a lot busier than I used to be and having to make one less strip per week really helps sometimes. So I think I'll stick with the current approach, at least for now.

Have a good weekend!


8/14/2019 Oops...

It looks like Monday's comic didn't update properly (been a long time since that happened). It was added to the archives but didn't appear on the main page like it was supposed to. So, I'm putting it back up today for everyone who missed it and I'll post the comic that was supposed to go up today on Friday instead of a Blooper Reel.

Sorry for the mix-up.


8/12/2019 Another year

Pebble Version has passed yet another anniversary. Honestly, I never thought it would continue this long. Not that I thought I'd give up or anything, but I never thought it would take anywhere near this long to finish to the story. To be fair, that's kind of my fault. I certainly could have abbreviated a lot. But whatever, we're getting fairly close to the end so there's no point in changing things up now.

Here's to another year!


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