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12/14/2018 So much grading

One of these days I'll try and figure out what is going on with TWC so I can start updating these bonus comics there again. But for now, here's the new one.

As previously mentioned, I'm in the midst of grading finals which basically means spending all day staring at my computer. I'm making good progress, but there's a long way to go and it tends to leave me burnt out so I'll write more another time.

Have a good weekend!


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12/12/2018 Here goes...

While Zack adjusted to the time zone change pretty quickly, he's been having trouble falling asleep at night and, since getting him to go to sleep is my job, that's eating up a lot of my time that I would normally spend on things like Pebble Version. So no travelogue entry tonight. Sigh... It's always something...

Anyway, starting tomorrow I'll be spending much of my time grading final projects. Once that's done (probably Monday) I'll be fully on vacation...and able to work on other things instead. Seems I never have a time when there isn't something to work on. Oh well, it'll still be relatively relaxing.



12/10/2018 Hawaii Time

We all made it to Hawaii without any problems. PV updates should continue normally for the rest of the trip, though they'll be posted a few hours later than normal due to the time zone. I'll get a travelogue going eventually but, for now, I'm just playing with Zack and showing Connie's parents some places that I've already visited, and written about, multiple times before. So it might be a week or more before I have much to write about. Though I do have a Virginia entry or two that I should get to sometime soon... Can't forget grading finals though, which will start in earnest the second half of this week. At least I got my MFA work done over the weekend.

See you Wednesday!


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