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I love traveling and have been to many different places in the US and all around the world. When I first worked in Japan back in 2007, I decided to keep a travelogue of my experiences and thoughts on the country, complete with lots of photos. I enjoyed writing it, lots of people enjoyed reading it, and since then I've done travelogues for all the interesting places I visit whether they're halfway around the world or just a few minutes from home.

International Travelogues

In 2014, I took a two week trip to China to tour and visit some friends. I eventually started dating and later married one of those friends, which has meant a lot more trips there.

I've been to Europe twice, but the first time was back before I started Pebble Version, much less travelogue writing. However, a family vacation in 2018 brought me back to do some sightseeing.
Switzerland and Italy June 10 - July 2, 2018

My original travelogue (and its many sequels)! Read all about the times I've spent teaching and touring in Japan. Complete with comments about the Japan and its culture, write-ups of all the places I visited in my free time, and lots and lots of pictures.

Japan Travelogue #4: June - July 2014
Japan Travelogue #5: May 22 - June 15, 2017
Japan Travelogue #6: May 21 - June 22, 2023
Japan Travelogue #7 May 13 - 29, 2024
West Meets East Guide to Japan (A travel guide style blog I wrote for a newspaper back in Colorado.)

New Zealand
My family spent two and a half weeks touring New Zealand over a winter break back in 2009 - 2010. While not as foreign as Japan, it was still a really interesting trip.
New Zealand Dec 2009 - Jan 2010

USA Travelogues

Florida Travelogues
From the fall of 2011 through the summer of 2014, I lived in north central Florida for work. While it's not one of my favorite parts of the country, there were quite a lot of fun things to see and do within driving distance, including Orlando's famous theme parks.

Hawaii Travelogues
My parents met and married in Hawaii and have always enjoyed returning for the occasional vacation. At the end of 2011, they started thinking about getting a condo there, which they eventually did. As a result, I started spending a lot more time in Hawaii since then, particularly on the island of Oahu. I even lived there from fall 2014 through fall 2016. Despite its relatively small size, there's an enormous amount of things to see and do, not to mention the awesome restaurants...

San Francisco Travelogues
I often go to San Francisco to attend the Game Developers Conference. And, when I do, I take some time to explore the city.

Virginia and Surroundings Travelogues
For various reasons (it's a long story) I left Hawaii in fall of 2016 and moved to northern Virginia. While I wasn't entirely thrilled about the circumstances, there's a lot to see and do in Virginia and I'm pretty close to Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, and a lot of other interesting areas...

Misc US Travelogues
I travel a whole lot of places both for work and fun. Some of those trips result in one or more lengthy travelogues, others lead to quick entries covering only a week, or even a day.

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