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7/28/2021 And back to VA

I'm heading back home today after a short, but pretty good, trip. I'll write more about it after I've gone through my photos. Actually, I probably would have started the travelogue today but I forgot to pack my SD card reader so it'll have to wait.

See you Friday!


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7/26/2021 Back in Denver

As previously mentioned, I'm back in Denver to wrap up that family business from last month's trip. Everything is going smoothly so far and I'll probably have a day and a half or so to sightsee so you can expect a couple travelogue entries at some point. For now though, I should get some rest.



7/23/2021 Ocean City

If you're not sure what today's Blooper Reel comic is about, I've been rewatching Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo lately and there's a character called Service Man. If you want to know more, you'll have to watch the show.

In other news, Connie, Zack, and I are heading back to Denver for a few days to finish up that business from last month. It'll be a shorter trip this time but there should still be a travelogue entry or two. PV updates probably won't be affected, but there's a chance that Monday and/or Wednesday's might get skipped.

Now for that much delayed Ocean City travelogue...

July 10th - 12th (Saturday - Monday): Ocean City, Maryland
We really enjoyed our trips to Ocean City last year. This year, even though we're no longer trying to escape lockdowns, we wanted to go back and have fun on the beach. The beach and boardwalk were just and nice as before, though a bit more crowded. That could be because more people are traveling compared to last year. Though it likely also has something to do with the fact that we went up on a weekend so Zack wouldn't miss his Tuesday or Thursday classes back home. Anyway, things were at their busiest on Saturday and calmed down a bit after that. I already wrote a lot about the beach and boardwalk last year, so I won't repeat that. Though I did bring a kite this time to take advantage of the frequent windy days.
We ended up at a different hotel than last year (the Grand, a bit further north on the boardwalk). It's a little older, but has two pools and an arcade. It's also part of a campaign that a lot of Ocean City hotels join in which lets you pick several coupons or free vouchers for various local restaurants and attractions. There's some pretty good deals available. For example, I got some free passes for various things at Jolly Roger, the local amusement park. There's actually two locations, one at the far south of the boardwalk (smaller, but with some more intense rides) and a little north of the boardwalk (much larger). We took Zack to the north one for some mini-golf and rides. As a note, while the mini-golf courses are nice enough (though there's a ton of mini-golf all throughout Ocean City to choose from), the rides are nearly all for little kids. To the point where there were only a handful that Zack couldn't ride on his own. He had a lot of fun, but I would have gotten bored pretty quickly if I went by myself. Jolly Roger also has a water park (which requires separate admission) that looks fairly decent, but we didn't have time for it this trip. I do plan to check it out next time though. Then there's Speed World, a go kart park, right next door. Honestly, since I started driving real cars, I never found go karts all that fun, but they did have a number of different types of karts and tracks to choose from. There were a couple slow ones that Zack could drive on his own, but I also took him along as a passenger on two of the bigger, more intense tracks, including a twisting tower of sorts that was actually rather fun (reminded me of Mario Kart a little).
Once again, we had a very enjoyable and relaxing time in Ocean City. And it was fun to explore a bit more and try some different things this time around. Not sure if we'll make a second trip there this summer, but we'll definitely be heading back again sooner or later.


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