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1/17/2022 So You've Landed in a Fantasy World

I'm back home which means catching up on all sorts of things. Including those remaining travelogue entries. But today I've got a couple things to announce instead. First, there might not be an update on Wednesday. I'm going to be extremely busy on Tuesday and by the time I finish with everything it's quite likely that I simply won't have time to update the site. But, if that happens, it'll be a one-time thing and updates will resume their normal schedule starting Friday. And now, for something much more exciting...

I'm very pleased to announce that my new book, So You've Landed in a Fantasy World, is now available for purchase!

So You've Landed in a Fantasy World

From the back of the book:

Today, it seems as if everyone from heroic-yet-angsty teenagers, to giggling schoolgirls, to bored middle-aged businessmen, to attractive housewives, are finding themselves whisked away to save distant worlds from some kind of unspeakable evil.  But how do you prepare for such an amazing adventure?  And, more importantly, how do you make it through without getting horribly maimed or killed along the way?  Fortunately, So You’ve Guides is here to help!

We’ve analyzed the accounts of numerous heroes who have traveled to magical lands and returned to tell the tale in order to create the definitive guide to survival and success no matter where in the fantasyverse your adventures may take you.  In these pages you’ll learn how to increase (or, if you prefer, decrease) your chances of successfully being chosen, what types of preparation and training you should undertake beforehand, and how to hit the ground running on arrival and become the legendary hero that you were always destined to be.*

*So You’ve Guides makes no guarantees of destined heroism and cannot be held liable if it turns out that you are instead destined to be eaten by a giant toad.

Buy your copy today or learn more at SoYouveGuides.com

Please tell your isekai and portal fantasy loving friends and, if you get a copy for yourself, positive reviews are greatly appreciated.



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1/12/2022 Goodbye to Hawaii

Tomorrow night we'll be heading back home. As a result, there will be no PV update on Friday.

Unfortunately, no travelogue post today since I'm running a bit late. I've got two or three more entries to wrap it up, but it looks like they'll have to wait until next week.

See you Monday!


1/10/2022 Fun in Hawaii

Back to the travelogue.

January 4th (Tuesday): Sea Life Park
We visited Sea Life Park two years ago, and Zack really enjoyed it. But we couldn't go back last year due to COVID restrictions. But now the park is open again and since I didn't get a chance to see the entire thing last time (Connie and I left early to go horseback riding) I figure it's worth another write-up.
Sea Life Park is sort of like a mini Sea World. It's pretty much all outdoors and has a focus on shows and animal watching instead of rides. Zack especially enjoyed feeding animals like sea turtles, fish, and birds (even though the birds they have really aren't "sea life"). The birds were his favorite by far and we ended up going back to them multiple times. Animal feeding aside, the main thing to do at Sea Life is watch the shows. Unfortunately, the really good sea lion show that they had last time isn't being done anymore but they do have a new (if not quite as good) one. There were also animal feedings, some primarily educational shows, and a really good dolphin show (one of the better ones I've seen). As a side note, the dolphin on the far right of the second picture (with the darker skin) isn't actually a dolphin, but a wolphin (a rare whale/dolphin cross-breed), which is kind neat. Shows and feedings aside, you can walk around and look at the animals, and there's a decent playground. If you skip the shows you could easily see everything the park has to offer in an hour or less. But with them, you can stretch that out to 2 - 3 hours easily enough.
In the end, I wouldn't really say that Sea Life Park is a must see on Oahu, but it's a fun way to spend a morning, especially with kids.



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