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9/18/2020 Still at it

The grading continues. I was hoping to finish yesterday, but there's been several other things I've had to work on this week as well, so it's going a little slow. Hopefully today though.

In other news, there's been a lot of new grocery stores popping up around here lately. First, we got a new, Indian store that's considerably bigger than the once I used to go to. Then H Mart (the Korean grocery store), moved to a new, larger location and added a pretty nice food court (which somehow seems to have weathered the shutdown without losing any restaurants). Then we got a LiDL (which I don't really care about). And now we've got a new Chinese grocery store, also with a nice food court. I'm not quite sure if there's really enough business here for so many specialty grocery stores, but I hope H Mart, the Indian, and the Chinese all do well. Unfortunately, while there are large Korean, Indian, and Chinese populations in the area, there isn't really any notable Japanese community anywhere nearby so I don't think there's any chance of a Japanese market joining in. Still, I'm pretty impressed with what we have. It's not quite Honolulu (though we do have them beat when it comes to Indian and non-Asian stores and food), but it's way more than I would have expected.

Have a good weekend!


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9/16/2020 Grading...go!

It's my first big grading week. That's always when I feel that I start to get an idea of how the semester is going to go. Especially when it comes to online classes since I'm not interacting with the students face to face. Grading weeks also keep me busy since, the way my schedules are set up, I usually have assignments due in all my classes at the same time. It also depends on what classes I have. This semester is better than most in that regard, but I've still got around 100 papers that need grading this week. Well, I guess I don't technically have to grade them all this week. I'm the professor so it's not like I myself have many due dates I need to follow. That said, when I was a student I always hated it when some of my professors would take weeks or even months to grade my assignments. In some cases, they didn't seem to grade anything until after finals. That's not the type of professor I want to be, so I make a point of grading everything within a a week of the due date (or two weeks if I'm really swamped). The students appreciate it, and it keeps my from building up a huge backlog, which would be a real problem later on.

Anyway, I've still got lots more papers to go so I'll see you later.


9/14/2020 That thing about the thing

I completely forgot what I was going to write about today. Sigh... Guess I'm too focused on work. I've got a lot going on this week. Grading, writing, yard work, cleaning, errands... Next week, on the other hand, should be more relaxed. Right now though, I'm just trying to keep track of everything on my to-do list. I'll try and write more next time.



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