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4/3/2020 Still more games

Let's continue with my favorite games.

Multi-player Online Battle Arenas are a relatively new genre and a very popular one at that with games like League of Legends. That said, it's not a genre I've ever gotten into. MOBAs focus almost entirely on online multiplayer matches, which isn't really my preferred type of gameplay. Add in a really big learning curve, and the fact none of my friends are really into them either (so I don't have anyone to play with), and there's never been any compelling reason for me to give MOBAs a try. Maybe someday.

I've been into music games for many years, ever since I was first introduced to Dance Dance Revolution. Over time I picked up many other games and series as well, though it's been a while since I last played one seriously. I should do something about that...

Dance Dance Revolution
I was a pretty hardcore DDR player for a while, though I'm a bit out of practice right now. While I wasn't as good as some of the people I've seen on Youtube, at my best I could get decent scores on the highest level songs. I've played a lot of different versions of DDR over the years, both US and Japanese. There are some I like a bit better than others based on games modes and song selections, but I don't know if I really have a favorite. Maybe the Japanese version of Supernova. I really wish they'd release a PS4 version with a massive collection of DLC songs but with the way Konami is these days, that's probably not happening. Anyway, DDR is a lot of fun and great exercise, though it takes plenty of practice to get good.

Project Diva F 2nd
A friend introduced me to Project Diva back in university. I picked up my own copy in Japan and got hooked, both on the games and on Vocaloid music in general. I've mostly kept up with the series ever since, though I haven't spent much time on the most recent versions yet. The gameplay has been steadily refined and improved over time and the music is great. When it comes to my favorite entry, Future Tone has pretty much all the songs from every other version combined, which is a big deal. However, it lacks most of the extra modes and features that the other games have and I personally prefer playing on a handheld. I spent so much time playing various Project Diva games on my PSP and Vita that trying to play with a regular controller on a big screen TV actually throws off my timing quite a bit so I go from an expert player to a rather mediocre one. I'm sure I could adjust with enough practice, but I haven't gotten around to that yet. So, for now, my favorite is probably F 2nd for both its gameplay and song list, though it's a tough choice between it and F.

Elite Beat Agents
EBA is a DS game based on the Japanese Ouendon series. They all feature fantastic touch screen gameplay and hilariously goofy story modes. I like both EBA and Ouendon. I want to say EBA is my favorite...though it's actually probably a tie between it and Ouendon 2. I just hope that maybe, someday, we'll get a sequel, as both series have been dormant for a long time.

Well, I've got some other things to work on so I'll stop here for today. Have a good weekend!


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4/1 More games

Happy(?) April Fools, I guess. Should have done something special for PV but I'm not really in that kind of mood. Not that things have been bad, per say, but there's still a lot of stuff going on that really annoys me. But I don't really want to talk more about that today either. So, let's get back to favorite video games.

First Person Shooter is a popular genre these days, but it's honestly never been one I've been especially into. One reason is that I'm rarely all that into competitive gaming (outside of a bit of Smash and Pokémon) and when I was growing up the FPS genre tended to lack any sort of decent stories, so it held little appeal for me. Over the years though, there has been the occasional FPS that got my attention.

Metroid Prime
The Metroid Prime trilogy successfully married the Metroidvania exploration elements of the 2D Metroid games with the action and gunplay of a FPS. There's a lot more exploration, platforming, and puzzle solving than a normal FPS (to the point where I could argue that they're more of a combo genre than a pure FPS) but they're fantastic games regardless and appeal to a lot of people who aren't really traditional FPS fans, like myself. While the entire trilogy is good, the first game is my favorite due to its focus on a single expansive planet to explore.

Portal 2
Portal is another game that isn't necessarily a true FPS (see a trend here?), it's more of a first person puzzle game where you use a gun of sorts. Anyway, the puzzles are clever and unique thanks to the portal gun mechanic and the humor takes everything to the next level. While the original Portal is a classic, Portal 2 is bigger and better with more diverse environments, more crazy characters, and additional puzzle mechanics.

Bioshock Infinite
The Bioshock series is unusual in the FPS space due to its focus on story and world building over combat (though there is plenty of that too) and single player over multiplayer. Both Bioshock and Infinite feature fantastically creative settings and thought provoking storylines. Of the two though, I strongly prefer Infinite for a number of reasons, especially the much more developed main characters and smoother combat. It also doesn't dip into full-on horror like the first Bioshock does at times, which is a plus for me (though perhaps not for everyone).

As previously discussed, I don't do a ton of multiplayer games. I've also never been a fan of monthly subscription fees, which were the norm for MMOs for quite a long time. Even today, with more and more of them going free to play, a lot of the best still use subscriptions. As such, while I've toyed around with various MMOs over the years, there's actually only one I ever spent a significant amount of time on. Hard to say if I'd truly call it a favorite, but it's worth listing here. I'll also note that Final Fantasy XIV interests me quite a bit so I may give it a shot sooner or later.

Guild Wars
I initially picked up Guild Wars because of the ways it shook up the traditional MMO model. For example, the lack of a monthly fee (or any serious micro-transactions, for that matter) and focus on strategy and build instead of grinding. It was a fun and refreshing change of pace. Unfortunately, I never really had a dedicated group of people to play with, but the game still kept me engaged enough that I played for hundreds of hours across multiple characters and campaigns. Even now, I'm still occasionally tempted to load it up again to finish that last campaign.



3/30/2020 Quick rest

I'm running a little late today and I've had a couple late nights so I'm gonna just keep it short today and continue talking about my favorite games next time.



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