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6/17/2019 Monday, Monday

Actually, when I'm on summer break, there really isn't that much difference between weekdays and weekends. Other than traffic patterns and things that happen on specific days of the week. Anyway, we had a fairly nice weekend. So what's on the schedule for this week? Not entirely sure since we've been mostly playing things by ear. The inconsistant weather we've been having here lately doesn't really lend itself well to advance planning either. So yeah, probably another week of doing things with Zack, working on various projects, and maybe a day of sightseeing or something.

Anyway, two weeks to go before our vacation in Washington, so I just want to enjoy our time here and get lots of stuff done before then. Of course, there'll still be plenty of summer left afterwards as well. And after how busy and stressful spring semester was, I'm going to do my best to take advantage of the time I have before classes start up again.



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6/14/2019 Moving along

Between home and family stuff and my work on Aurora's Nightmare, this month has been moving along pretty quickly. But Zack is having fun and learning some new skills and I'm making good progress on Aurora's Nightmare so that's fine. Right now, there's a little under three weeks to go until we're off to Washington to visit my family. Then back here for more summer fun in Virginia and the surrounding area.

The one issue lately is that, about a week ago, Zack decided that he wanted to start waking up early. Which, of course, means Connie and I have to get up early as well. That...hasn't been much fun. Fortunately, he seems to be improving a bit, though I'm still trying to catch up on sleep. Hopefully once the weekend is finished I'll have all my energy back. Unless he starts waking up earlier again... Raising a toddler certainly has its ups and downs.

Have a good weekend!


6/12/2019 E3

I really need to get back to E3 one of these years, it's been a long time. Actually, I haven't been to GDC in a while either. Not quite as fun as E3, but much more educational. Anyway, I've only been skimming E3 news so far, though I plan to catch up on everything later in the week. So far though, there's been some pretty cool stuff. Nintendo's direct (not at E3, but still) had a lot of great announcements. Commander Keen, a favorite of mine as a kid, is getting a revival of sorts. And then there's Square Enix with some good ports and, of course, the FFVII remake. But yeah, while catching up on everything online is convenient, I really do miss being there in-person, crowds, long lines, and all.

Anyway, I've been more focused this week on family stuff and Aurora's Nightmare. My goal is to get all the scenes for the demo built in engine by the time proof reading of the script is done. Then its just a matter of revisions and playtesting before the demo will be ready for launch. At this point, I'd say there's a very good chance of it launching towards the end of summer or, at absolute latest, early fall. Not quite sure how long it'll take after that to finish the full game, but it should actually be relatively quick compared to how long it took to get to this point. Next year, hopefully.

See you Friday!


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