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2/21/2020 Legos

On the bright side, my sore throat faded away. But I mostly lost my voice in the process (having to lecture with a sore throat tends to do that), which also left my throat feeling annoyingly scratchy. I still feel a tiny bit sick as well, though not too much. Fortunately, I don't have any meetings or anything today so I can probably get through the weekend without doing much talking if I need to.

In other news... Um, not much I guess. Other than trying a new Chinese restaurant, it hasn't been a particularly exciting week. Let's see, what else? I've been watching Lego Masters, a new game show which challenges teams of two to build all sorts of elaborate LEGO creations. I loved Legos as a kid. Still do, for that matter, though I haven't really had the time and space to do much with them for quite a while, beyond making some little Duplo (kids' Legos) builds with Zack. I'm kinda looking forward to when he's a bit older and can play with all the regular bricks. Anyway, Lego Masters is fun to watch. It also makes me wonder if I could have gotten to that level of building skill if I'd really stuck with it through university. Well, maybe someday...

Have a good week!


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2/19/2020 A bit too much

I might have been pushing myself a bit too hard over the past week or so and now I've got a cold. So far, it's not much more than a sore throat, and hopefully it won't get any worse than that. Hopefully...


2/17/2020 Recharge

Well, I had a fairly nice weekend so I'm more or less rested and caught up on things. Now for a new, and less busy week. Hopefully I can make some serious progress on Death Stranding as well. With Persona 5 Royal and the Final Fantasy VII remake coming out next month, I really need to get it finished. It's an unusual game, but I really am enjoying it. Maybe I'll write more about it later in the week. For now, I'm going play a bit and then get some rest before work.



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