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5/20/2019 Family visit

My parents arrived yesterday for a two week visit. We'll probably do a bit of sightseeing while they're here (keep an eye out for travelogue updates), but mostly I think it'll just be hanging out, having fun with Zack, and the like. Not a bad way to kick of my summer break.



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5/17/2019 The break begins

Finals are graded (though I barely got them done on time thanks to that package mess), graduation is finished, and I'm on summer break. I'm not doing any teaching this summer, though I will have a little bit of work related stuff to do here and there. Mainly though, I'm hoping to relax, do things with my family, and make a lot of progress on Aurora's Nightmare. Though first, I need to take a half day or so to get my office back in shape now that the repairs and done and that water leak is hopefully sealed for good.

Have a great weekend!


5/13/2019 It begins UPDATE

UPDATE 5/15/2019: Sorry, no comic today. I'm in crunch time for grading finals and running behind thanks to some issues with a package delivery. See, it was supposed to come Monday but the tracking said that the delivery had failed because the driver didn't have access to our house. Except that made no sense seeing as our development isn't gated and Connie was at home at the time anyway. The tracking was also confusing in regards to which post office had the package. So on Tuesday I went to the nearby post office to check. They were confused as well, but told me that it would probably arrive later in the day. So I went back home to get back to work...or I tried. My car battery picked that moment to die on me. Conveniently, I had actually bought a little portable jumper pack a while back for just such an occasion. Unfortunately, the cable was too short to connect to the grounding bolt and I wasn't confident enough to my car knowledge to identify a different safe place to attach it. So I had to call AAA and wait for a technician. That ended up being a good thing anyway, since the entire battery actually needed to be replaced. Jumping probably would have only gotten me home and nothing more. Anyway, that took me away from my grading for a quite a while. A bit later in the day, after I'm home and back at work, we get a tracking update saying that the package had been delivered and signed for...except that it hadn't. Connie and I hadn't signed for it and it wasn't sitting around outside our house either. So I ended up running around the development to check with the neighbors and houses with similar addresses (which cause the occasional mixup) to see if it had been delivered to them by mistake. No luck. I finally gave up and headed home, worried that I've going to have to spend a bunch of time arguing with the post office, only to see a delivery guy drop the package off on my driveway just before I arrived. So in the end, we got the package, which is good. However, the delivery guy lied about being unnable to deliver it on Monday (just lazy, I guess, or maybe really lost), lied about getting a signature (he just stuck it by the garage), and updated the tracking to say that it had been delivered an hour or so before he actually delivered it. So thanks to all that, I wasted quite a lot of the afternoon and fell behind on my grading, which means I have to work even harder today to try and get it all done on time. Sigh... I really don't like the local post office here. This isn't the first time I've had issues with them and I've haven't even lived in this house for a year yet. Anyway, enough ranting. Back to work...

Finals are go!

So yeah, I'm off to work on that. Later!


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