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1/17/2020 Back home

We made it back home with no real problems. I've got a couple travelogue posts left to write, but I'm pretty worn out (an overnight flight with no sleep and a big time change) so I'm going to save them for next week. Actually, what I really need to focus on over the next few days is getting my classes ready for spring semester. Two of them will be fairly quick and easy. One requires some moderate updates, and the last could be a ton of work. There's a chance I'll have to skip Monday's update if I end up running really behind schedule, but hopefully it won't come to that.

Anyway, for now I'm going to get some sleep then get to work.

Have a good weekend!


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1/15/2020 Last day

It's our last day in Hawaii. Tonight, Connie, Zack, and I will be flying back home to Virginia. While I kind of hate to leave Hawaii and go back to the winter, it will be nice to get back home. Though I'll be pretty busy for the first few days getting everything ready for the start of spring semester. After that, things should calm down, at least for two or three weeks before the semester really kicks into gear. I'll note that Friday's update is a little iffy. On the one hand, if all goes well I should be home with a perfectly good internet connection. However, there's a chance I'll be too busy and/or tired after the flight, so we'll see.

And now, more travelogue.

January 3rd - 12th (Friday - Sunday): Back in Honolulu
Connie, Zack, and I left Maui on a Friday morning for a short flight back to Oahu. We spent most of the following week there on our own. The weather, unfortunately, wasn't nearly as good as it was at the start of the trip, but we still had fun going to the lagoons at Ko' Olina, visiting the zoo, and otherwise doing things in and around Honolulu.
The following Thursday, my mom and my brother's family came to join us. We went to the water park the next day (Zack, unfortunately, wasn't in the best mood) and the beach the day after that. On Sunday, the weather took a turn for the worse so we decided to take the kids to try out the Honolulu Children's Discovery Center. I wish I'd known about it last year. It's a huge (and very reasonably priced) children's museum. It's been around for a while so it's not quite as snazzy as some of the newer ones I've visited, but it's the largest one by far and has a huge variety of activities and play areas that are both fun and educational. There's even a little Asian village. Highly recommended if you have young children and need a way to pass the morning indoors.
That wasn't the end of the trip, but the following day's activities deserve a post of their own.

I think that's enough for today. I'll finish the travelogue back in Virginia.



1/13/2020 Dreamweaver sucks

Well, our time in Hawaii is almost over. The travelogue still has a few entries to go, but I need to get some photos sorted before I can write the next entry.

So today, I just want to say that I hate Dreamweaver. I learned how to use it years ago in a class, but I didn't have a copy of my own. Then I got the Adobe suite, which included a different professional web editor, GoLive, and I started using that. Eventually Adobe bought out Macromedia (creators of Dreamweaver) and started including both programs. Then, finally, they discontinued GoLive in favor of the more popular Dreamweaver. I thought about switching over to Dreamweaver, but it didn't work well with the drop down menus I use on Pebble Version, so I stuck with GoLive. And I still use GoLive today. Whenever I sit down to create a new web site, I think that maybe I should do it in Dreamweaver (since GoLive hasn't been updated in years and has a few issues in Windows 7). Well, finally I decided to do just that. And I really wish I've just stayed with GoLive. I'm willing to admit that some of my issues with Dreamweaver may be simply because I don't know where some of the different tools and options are. But that's only part of the problem. First off, it just seems to be missing a lot of tools that are front and center in GoLive so I've had to frequently resort to writing the html and css code directly. Even worse, the program is buggy. The preview interface sucks, the editor keeps adding extra spaces to my text, table cells aren't sizing properly for no apparent reason, etc. Sigh... I'm kinda committed to sticking with it for this one new web site, but unless there's some major improvements, I don't think I'll be switching my other sites to Dreamweaver so long as my copy of GoLive still runs.



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