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My Favorite Web Comics (in no particular order)
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The first sprite comic I ever saw and still a favorite.  Now completed.
The original Mega Man comic and one of the first sprite comics. Now completed.
A sequal of sorts to the old Captain N show.  PG-13
A hillarious RPG spoof comic. A must for RPG fans.  Now completed.
A comedy/action comic by the guy behind Adventurers!

Home of A Modest Destiny and several other awesome comics. Updates sporadically.
An excellent animated and totally original sprite comic. Now completed.
Random video game humor...with cats!  Updates sporadically.

A great MMO parody comic.
An interesting monster catching comic.
A well written sometimes funny sometimes serious fantasy comic.
A fantasy adventure about a boy and an all knowing dragon.
An interesting fantasy web comic.
Adventures in an MMO.
An amusing comic about the seven not so deadly sins.
A comic about the world's biggest Apple fan.  On indefinite hiatus.
A young wolf girl joins forces with a bounty hunter, whether he wants her around or not.
A strange bunch of friends go dimension hopping to look for mystical artifacts.  On indefinite hiatus.
A pair of siblings fall into a different dimension and have to find their way home.  On indefinite hiatus.
An unlikely group of individuals teams up to find a way to remove their curses.
A well done and well drawn fantasy romance.  Now completed.
A comic about a modern girl and the American Revolution.
A job is a job, even if it means working for a mad scientist.
Not good enough for heaven or bad enough for hell?  It's the afterlife for the slightly damned.
Humor and adventure collide in a steampunk world.
One of the longest running comics on the internet.  You never know what will happen next.
Goblins, a D&D based comic.  Can be extremely violent at times.
A young man with amnesia joins with a cat girl to find his lost past.  PG-13 for adult content.
Hillarious if you're a computer geek, still amusing if you're not. One of the best web mangas out there. A cute comic about a young girl and her imaginary friend.  On indefinite hiatus. The current site of the creator of Mushroom Kingdom Hearts. Stuff of Legend, an original hand drawn Pokemon comic. The funniest random game humor comic I've ever seen.
A funny comic about furries (human like animals). 
A fantasy comic following the adventures of a idiotic adventurer.  On indefinite hiatus. A funny RPG spoof comic.  Now finished, though incomplete.
A hillarious comic focusing on Nintendo characters. A cute comic about a girl and her racoon. All the manliest video game characters hang out and do stuff.
This comic dungeon crawl may be based on D&D but there's plenty to like even for non-roleplayers. A comic fantasy adventure that parodies everything from MMOs to fantasy novels. Ctrl+Alt+Del, a comic about games and gamers. Magic, mutants, and anime style martial arts?  Just an ordinary day for EGS... Hard to describe, but amusing.
 A secret organization has been hiding the existance of magic but one girl is out to stop them...  R for violence and partial nudity. A lab accident creates a new super hero in this great comic.

Beings from across the universe are drawn into a war between gods.

A comic about a strategic genius pulled into a fantasy world.

Finders Keepers
A human and a mystical being are thrown together on a journey to change their fate. On indefinite hiatus.

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan
A group of ordinary people crash on a strange planet and discover that they're no longer human...

Ozy and Millie
A comic about growing up, philosophy, and amusing situations. Now complete.

Assorted Other Sites

The Realm of Gadigan
The Realm of Gadigan is a forums that's home to Battle Arena, a text based online RP/RPG where you can play just about any type of character imaginable, fight monsters, go on all sorts of strange quests, level up, and the like. It's lots of fun. Plus both Shauni and I have characters there so if you want to play with us, and prefer RPs a bit more stat based and structured than the ones on the PV Forums, why not give BA a try?

Stuck on a game? Can't find that last item? Want to know how to do that sub-quest? If you play video games you need this site.

The Mega Man Home Page
This is a Mega Man fan's dream come true. Mandi (the site's creator) probably knows more about Mega Man than anyone at Capcom. Be sure to also check out her original fan fiction series while you're there.

Pokemon and all related images and trademarks are copyrighted by Nintendo, one of my favorite games companies who would certainly never waste their time by trying to sue me. Especially since I'm protected under the Fair Use Rule of the United States Copyright Act of 1976. Aside from that the actual site content is copyrighted by me, Josiah Lebowitz 2003.