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#3 Unloading
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Looking Back:
The third strip finally gets Brendan out of the moving truck. Aside from moving the plot along, my main goal with this, as well as many of the early strips, was to show the relationship between Brendan and his mom which builds up to why he eventually leaves with May. It's not like Brendan's mom hates him or anything, she just doesn't pay much attention to him. Too interested in other stuff.

It's also pretty obvious that the sizes of the characters, house, and van aren't really to scale. But that's how they were in the game so that's how they stayed. If you think the sound effects in panel three look weird, you're right. Paint isn't a very good program for text and back then I didn't know that making text on a white background and then dragging it onto a color background was a bad idea. Fortunately, I was a quick learner.

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