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#132 The amazing loamy soil
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Looking Back:
Yep, berries grow that fast. Just stick on in the ground, maybe water it once or twice, and in a couple of days you'll have a six foot tall tree complete with ripe berries. What? Real berries don't grow like that? Seriously though, if you had to wait a year or more for your berry plants to grow to full size you'd probably be done with the game long before your first harvest. I've also got to wonder why they decided to call it loamy soil. The Pokémon games have always had a few questionable translations and loamy is definitely one of them. It actually is a real word and makes sense...if you know the definition. But until I played Ruby I'd never seen the word loamy before and considering how much I read and all the extra vocabulary books I studied in school, that's saying something. Which makes me wonder why the translator used it. Apparently someone at Nintendo agrees and in the later games you see that they no longer call it "loamy soil".

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