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1/23/2017 Aurora's Nightmare

If you haven't seen it, I made a big post on the development blog for Aurora's Nightmare (the visual novel I'm writing and designing) yesterday, talking about its current status. You can read the details there but, to summarize, a lot of progress has been made lately. The demo really shouldn't be too far off and I'm fairly optimistic that the full game will be out later in the year as well.



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There's also the special long term bonus which will come when the mystery goal is reached.

1/19/2017 Again?

So, it's another Friday and another Blooper Reel comic up on the main site. Believe me, I don't intend this to become a regular thing. But I'm still having issues with putting the new Blooper Reel comics on TWC and I'm still running a bit behind on regular PV strips, since these big battle strips take a lot longer to make. Anyway, hopefully this won't happen again any time soon. For now though, enjoy the Blooper Reel and have a great weekend!


1/18/2016 Zack!

Here we go, a photo of Zack at one month old. Well, technically, this photo was taken the day before he turned one month old, but close enough. I really should take more photos of him when he's awake. Looking for a good one for today, I realized that quite a lot of the photos of him are when he's asleep. Probably cause it's much easier to take photos when he's quiet and not moving...

Well, anyway, see you Friday!


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