5/4/2012 KA....I mean.....MERRRRRLLLIIIIIINNNNNN!!!!

Okay guys, here is the first of the batch of comics Merlin made me WAYYYYYY back when. I've been so behind it's taken me ages to actually use them. I've had to edit this comic a little to get it to fit with where the comic is up to, so I changed the date on the bottom to 2012.The rest were made in 2011 so if you notice the dates are random, its fine, I've just been really rubbish getting the comics up. They WERE made in 2011...nearly 5 months ago! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the next batch of comics, now featuring a 100% more Opal!


4/27/2012 Merlin wears her underpants on the outside!

Once again, due to my extreme case of lack of motivation and spare time, Merlin over at DHS Comix has stepped in to fill the gaping void that is ROM updates. She's made a nice comic for me that will link in to a few others she made for me a while ago, so until the end of May ROM should update weekly. Keep an eye out on the site for updates every Friday until the tail end of May. Thanks again Merlin for helping out, as as per your comic counter part, you seem to be doing all the work for me!


3/2/2012 ROM Status

Yeah, CP24 eh! I don’t even know anything about this channel…I did a search on Google for “Canada News Channel” and this was the first page.

I know people from Canada don’t say “eh” all the time, but it’s just to stress it’s a Canadian channel.

Man, Sutra is a bad egg! We knew about the murder and fraud, but shop lifting? Um, I mean those other things from the news!

ROM is on semi-hiatus at the moment. I have literally no spare time. It’s taken 3 weeks to make this comic, bit by bit! Having a social life is awesome but you just can’t find the time for comics!

Also, Merlin! Yay!


1/27/2012 The last year we have...according to the Mayans!

You ho y'all! Okay, sorry about that...I was trying to get everyone excited about the new comic, but I guess it's been that long since an update I should be apologising first!


Anyway, today's comic is the first for 2012, and as you can see, Merlin's Christmas comics were actually story comics! Sutra's own personal flash back sequence.

She is currently in her family holiday home in Boston. It may or may not be December there. I figure those cards on the selves are WAY old though myself.

Sutra needs to clean up more often!

Also, its probably obvious that Sutra is using an old phrase here, If your ears get hot, someone is talking about you. There is a similar one where if you sneeze it means someone is talking about you as well.

Hope you all have a nice weekend!


12/2/2011 Merlin Christmas and DHS Hanukkah!

And the Christmas/ Hanukkah / Winter Holidays invasion begins! Merlin over at DHS Comix has made this Christmas Arc this year, kinda like last year.

I know I'm bad for updates over Christmas, and for having Winter Holiday arcs running until Summer, but Josiah already has all of the comics, so it's all good!

The updates run until new year!

I hope you all have a wonderful Winter Holidays!

Merry Christmas

12/2/2011 Merlin Christmas and DHS Hanukkah!

And the Christmas/ Hanukkah / Winter Holidays invasion begins! Merlin over at DHS Comix has made this Christmas Arc this year, kinda like last year.

I know I'm bad for updates over Christmas, and for having Winter Holiday arcs running until Summer, but Josiah already has all of the comics, so it's all good!

The updates run until new year!

I hope you all have a wonderful Winter Holidays!

Merry Christmas

11/25/2011 Life on a fleeting wind, here one moment and gone the next

The sad news that stopped an update last week was that my 13 year old German Sheppard, Leah, passed away on Friday two weeks ago today. German Sheppard’s have a know weakness of the hips and only have a life expectancy of 9-11 years. Leah had a long and happy life, and brought so much joy into mine.... She will be missed always.

Anyway....thanks for being so patient with me over the last couple of weeks. I did my British Sign Language Exam on Tuesday and should have a little more free time until the next exam in a few months. This comic marks the end of Silver's mini arc in this current chapter, and Sutra will be moving onto Jeff and Opal after Christmas.

Next week will see the first Christmas invasion comic by Merlin over at DHS Comix I promised I wouldn't do a Christmas Arc this year, and like last year Merlin has taken it upon herself to do one instead!

It has come out very well, and we have worked together this year on the story line, and it is relevant to the current chapter...so please don't be disappointed about the change in direction, it isn't really a different story, but a foot note to the current one that might better help flesh some of the new characters out!

Also, all the comics are all already done! This arc will be over in little over a month! The updates start next week and will run until new year!

Also, Merlin has done an awesome drawing of the Dryads. You can see it here on the site under “ROM Fan Art” or here on her DA Account! Thanks you crazy lady!

Thank you to everyone that is still sticking with ROM through the lean updating months!

Lets hope new year will be a better outlook for ROM and everyone!


11/11/2011 Comic updates

Okay, first of all sorry about the missed updates, I have my collage exam in 2 weeks and I’ve been stressing about it trying to study in my spare time, that and a few other things involving real life knocked me off my updating streak. Check out what

As for next week, something has come up for next weeks update so there won’t be a comic next Friday. I don’t really want to talk about it now, but I’ll tell you after it happens...

Anyway, after I make one more comic at some point before the end of the month, I have 3 comics that Merlin made for me a while ago that are a part of this story line, I couldn’t use them until now because they were to far done the plot line to use, but now there not. Basically after one more update, there will be 3 weeks with comics in a row, so please regularly check the site again.

Also, like last year, Merlin didn’t take the news well that I wasn’t making a Christmas story arch, so she has made her own! They will be updating in the month of December, one a week, so December is covered as well.

Comic related stuff including the famous quote “Hasta la vista, baby


10/14/2011 ROM ROM GONE GONE

Okay, just a reminder in case you haven’t read the news, ROM updates are random at best because I’ve got a lot on with collage. Keep an eye out on this status thread on the forums for up to date information on updates of the comic until you hear otherwise from me!

Also, I PROMISE I’m not doing a Christmas arc this year, ROM comics will update as normal over the holidays, just to stop you worrying about a bonus arc taking over a year haha.

Check out Merlin’s comic for a bit of Shauni moonlighting action as well! Also, when I FINALLY do it, there will be one more guest comic I am making for Merlin. I’ve said it now so I have to do it! HA!


Bluebottle: UK, an archaic derogatory term for policeman that may have derived from Cockney rhyming slang and from the action of police when responding to a serious incident, as "swarming like Bluebottles", or blowflies.

Don’t forget to “like” my entry in the competition I’ve entered! PLEASE!



9/30/2011 Belayed, but your comic still needs you!

Hello all! Sorry there is no ROM comic yet, there will be one next week though, maybe on Wednesday so keep an eye out!

If you are on facebook, please vote for my entry in the "Ensorrowed Competition", just click that you "like" it!

Thanks in advance!


9/23/2011 ROM comics, move over, enter BSL!

I’m back at collage, part time, doing a British Sign Language Course. It takes up my Tuesday afternoons and a few extra hours during the week for homework, so I’m a little pushed to fit in doing ROM the comic as well as everything else that life throws at me! Updates should still be once a week, but the update day may change or the odd week skipped when things really get on top of me! That is why there was a missed update last week! Sorry!

Keep an eye out on this status thread on the forums for up to date information on updates of the comic!


9/9/2011 Merlin Missing-ham!

Merlin is currently travelling, so I’ve made her a few guest comics. Take a look! I’ve made 5 so it’s worth checking back a few times!

Comic related, APB is an “All-points bulletin”. It typically contains information about a wanted suspect who is to be arrested by police on site.

As you can see from the report, Sutra’s wanted status seems to have gone up a bit from “wanted in connection to” to outright “murder”…

Keep on trucking!


9/2/2011 Won’t waffle on

I love UK slang, but some people over seas might not get it, so here is the translation!

"won't be a mo” becomes “I will not be a moment”

That is all.

Haha, sorry, I just don’t have anything to write about really.

The fire truck and ambulance were based on a Google search for “Kansas Fire Engine” and “Kansas Ambulance”. If they are wrong I’m sorry in advance, but I did try!

I even tried to get the colour of the fire fighters uniform right!



8/26/2011 Fly my pretty!

Just a quick reference to “The Wizard of Oz” in the last panel there!

Just a nod to Merlin as well, as I’ve done a few comics for her while she’s travelling. They should be being used in the next few weeks or so, so keep an eye out for them!

If you want to help her out, why not make her a filler comic yourself?

Keep in touch

8/19/2011 Expletives are fun!

There is no word strong enough that I can put into a comic that would go uncensored here. I get the impression Sutra swears like a coal minor when something unexpected happens.

Silver's face here is the classic depiction that anime does of “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.

I just like the face that he is pulling. Sutra is just “wide mouthing” it.

Amy just isn’t bothered…she’d give Miser a run for her money on the greed side there…

Keep watching the skies!


8/12/2011 Riots in London and beyond

I’m worried about today’s comic and its content in relation to starting fires in shops being taken the wrong way, so let me put you at ease straight away.

The timing is really terrible. This comic is in no means a reference to the UK riots currently going on and is neither a comdemnation nor support of any action taken by anyone during these events. It just so happens that this point in the story has sadly fallen on a week where it could be considered a little controversial or close to the bone to UK residents.

I am horrified by the event of the last week which I shall discuss below, and would never make a reference to them in my comic for comedic value. The events in this comic are unrelated, and as you can tell, it is actually an accident in the ROM world story that will cause the shop to catch fire.

And now to the riots.

These riots are getting ridiculous...

Just a heads up to my friends and readers that are in other countries, I'm fine. The UK riots have only hit major inner city areas at the moment. I haven't seen so much as a burnt out car.

And it seems the British Weather has come to the rescue.

"A huge police operation and heavy rain in some areas appear to have prevented a fifth night of disorder."

The looting and vandalism seems to be under control now, at least the news didn’t report any more riots yesterday, just the aftermath of the last 5 days. I send my condolences to everyone affected by this terrible event.

I’d like to direct you to this website if you want more information on were exactly the riots have been taking place, just in case you have friends here and are worried about them.


8/5/2011 I hope we find you well

I hope this comic makes it to the main page on Friday. I sent it to Josiah on Wednesday in the hopes he will get it before he leaves and his internet becomes “a little iffy”. It all depends on the internet in his hotel.

Either way, I’d like to direct you to the gallery to see an alternative version of this comic I have done for Merlin’s birthday. It may be late, and it may be lazy, but that is meant to be a Vauxhall Mini to replace her broken car Douglas.

Also, don’t forget you can see textless ROM comics on the gallery as well!


7/29/2011 Happy Birthday Merlin!
We have Merlin to thank from DHS Comix for our brilliant guest comic today. Merlin sent me this while I was in Wales as a nice suprise filler, but I didn't get it until I came back last week, so I decided to use it here today and give myself time for a little bit of a buffer.

It was Merlin's birthday on Thursday but I didn't know until it was to late! I owe her some artwork!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



7/15/2011 Absent with Leave

I’ll get the bad bit out of the way first. I’m on holiday next week so there won’t be a ROM comic next Wednesday. Sorry! I’ve not had time to make another comic. I arranged some fillers, but I’m that slow at updating I can’t use them in the storyline yet.

Sutra’s little apology seems to have been rehashed from one she did before.

Just a note, in the real world a cigarette butt wouldn’t usually cause a fire that quick, unless the cereal was coated in petal (gas to our American readers).

I sure hope it isn’t…but still, weirder things have been added to food…

Hope to see you all not next week but the week after!


7/8/2011 Silver Savant

Sutra explains it a little in the comic, but a Savant is someone that is an expert or exceptionally gifted at one thing, Silver is a savant of monster games, which will be established a bit better during these comics. I’d like to think I got the message across with the amount of info he has on Pokémon, even ones he doesn’t like, available to him straight away.

It should do him well in the monster realm of Orca.

I wonder it that is why Sutra is targeting him…or maybe she attacks random people in the street.


6/24/2011 Continuity Error

Silver was holding 2 DS games and then suddenly he is still holding his Pidgeot Cereal…in the same comic…

I was actually done colouring when I noticed…at 23.43pm on Thursday…

I’m so lame…I just made that speech bubble and a shifty eyes Shauni head to cover my mistake…hope you guys don’t mind.

Comic side, seems Silver is a little more agile than Josiah…or just more naturally suspicious of strange women.

Either way, the Mokujin Substitution has been in two comics so far…doesn’t surprise me Sutra is mixing up one realty for another…

Hope to see you all next week


6/17/2011 Silver and Pebble Version
Just a little shout out to our wonderful host Pebble Version!!

Also, as I’ve tried to show here, the new Pokémon game “Pokémon White” is actually the old “classic” Pokémon game in the ROM world. As you can tell, ROM is set a little in the future, so I can take some liberties with the technology involved in ROM the comic and the games involved. It also means I can make relevant jokes about games that have just come out or haven’t come out yet! Haha!
The actual year won’t be stated, as it takes ages for progress, and say I said, 2014 was the year it was set, by 2014 we might be into the second week in the comic world!


6/10/2011 Sutra and Shadowman, one mind one dialogue box

Sutra’s little pro Swellow, anti Pidgeot speech came completely by surprise from Shadowman via a PM I read a few days ago, I was all ready to spend ages researching some facts for Sutra’s rebuttal when they were neatly provided for me. Sutra’s speech is not word for word what he wrote, but it’s basically the same thing.

Speaking of speech, finally have the transparency of the speech bubbles right, so that you can actually read what I’ve written!

Also, Flame orb relevance and why Sutra was about to mention it before she was interrupted.

6/3/2011 Silver’s Rant

This comic has caused me a lot of problems due to the text heavy content. I had to re-do the text boxes three times before I got them even a little bit right, and they still don’t look perfect.

I didn’t want to do three or four comics with this stack of information which helps establish Silver doesn’t hate Swellow just because he doesn’t like the way it looks. It establishes an intricate knowable of the mechanics behind Pokémon on Silver’s part, and it was important for his character development as a gifted monster handler in later comics.

If you are finding the comic hard to read, the below is the full content, with a few useful links.

“This Pokémon is “Pidgeot”. It’s is the most awesome flying Pokémon in the franchise, bar none. It has a solid set of stats, making it both a good attacker and defensive Pokémon. It learns some good moves like “Hurricane” levelling up and its natural abilities are some of the best. “Keen Eye” is an ability that prevents Pidgeot from getting lower accuracy. It also makes it less likely to encounter low-levelled wild Pokémon. “Tangled Feet” …not so good, but useful sometimes! Plus, it looks awesome! I mean, look at it! Its shiny form is even better; it is literally a golden Pokémon!

“Swellow” on the other hand is the WORST Pokémon ever made! Argue all you want about its speed being high and all that, but its rubbish at taking a hit and has a crappy move set…

8 moves from level up! Come on! “Guts” is a decent enough ability I guess, raises the “Attack” stat by 50% while affected by “Burn”, “Paralysis”, “Sleep” or “Poison”, but the dam thing isn’t around long enough to make a difference, and what’s the point if it’s paralysed or asleep?!

As for the ability “Scrappy” it’s picked up recently…don’t get me started! So it lets Ghost-type Pokémon be hit by “Normal” and Fighting-type moves…it only learns “Quick Attack”! Nothing else benefits from that ability! And esthetically…it’s just a rip off! Look at it; it has nothing going for it at all! No unique build, no fancy tail! It’s fail incarnate!”

5/27/2011 Enter Sutra, messing up updates!

Hopefully this comic finds you on Friday. Updates have been a little…unreliable this last few weeks (totally my fault becuase I keep putting off colouring them), so please refer to this updates thread until updates return to normal.

Also, Silver is totally right about the base stats of Pidgeot and Swellow. Check them out!


5/18/2011 Swellow Sucks!

To start, sorry this comic is late. The artwork was done on Thursday, but I didn’t get a chance to colour it until Saturday.

And here is the much anticipated human appearance of Silver Smith!

Most readers that have an account on the forums will know the real life Silver.

Some of you…well, all of you will know how much he hates the Pokemon Swellow.

You may also finally realise a reason that the Regal Talon and Moen look the way they do…might be giving away a future motive there LOL

Keep tuned for another comic on Friday


5/6/2011 The way the world should be

A lot has happened in the world this week that I could talk about...

I understand that the issue of Osama Bin Laden's death is probably the biggest news this year, and I could talk about how I feel on the issue, speculate on the various conspiracy theories that have already started to circulate or state my opinion on the man himself...but I'd rather talk about nice things in my news post....so I'll leave it at that.

The Royal Wedding took place last Friday and went of without a hitch in my opinion. Kate Middleton look beautiful in her wedding dress, all the bride's maids were ever cute and Prince Harry (The Best Man) suddenly looked very attractive in that uniform....ahum, anyway....

I't made me very proud to be British watching the gathered crowd proceed down towards the Palace to watch The Kiss. It made me realise, that even in the current economic and social unsteadiness of the recession, a nation can still come together and find something to celebrate.

On that note, I'd like to direct anyone interested to the Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton Charitable Gift Fund

Keep safe people, and tell the ones closest to you that you love them every day.

Also, Pokemon Cereal is very much real.


4/29/2011 A wedding, a wedding, we're going to have a wedding

Today marks the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton. It marks an unexpected but very much welcome Bank Holiday for the United Kingdom. I’m currently off work and intend to watch the big event on TV.

It’s a big deal for the UK and even though I don’t personally keep up to date with the Royal’s, I’m happy that they are getting married and wish them all the best on there big day. Lets hope it doesn’t rain! It’s been beautiful weather and awful weather all at the same time!

As far as I am aware the wedding should be being broadcast in a lot of different countries, so why not catch a bit of British pomp and glory!


4/15/2011 Jingoes mate!

Merlin is once again moonlighting here at ROM instead of making her own comics!

Here is some Australian slang for you! I may have assumed this information here is correct! Do not contradict me!

Jingoes - exclamation of surprise.
Go for broke - to risk all ones capital.

Also, Port Elgin, Ontario!

Also, it is my birthday on Saturday! Hurray! 26 already….


4/8/2011 Blimey! That’s Merlin!

It doesn’t say it in the comic yet, but the new lady riding the bus here is Merlin from DHS Comix!

In a few weeks you will see a few comics draw by Merlin for ROM. It is part of a character exchange ROM and DHS Comix have done!

Merlin is playing herself here, and in case you didn’t know, Merlin is Austrilian and currently living in Canada…wait, doesn’t another ROM character live in Canada…eh?


Blimey is British slang (I’m guessing that means it is Australian slang as well!) It is an exclamation of surprise or annoyance. Limey is an old slang nickname, often pejorative, for the English…which is not used in the United Kingdom at all…. 


Have a nice weekend!


4/1/2011 Walking Winging

Merlin is still hosting Feathey Shauni over at DHS Comix. Why not go and take a gander? Feathey Shauni has all sorts of wicked cool powers. Also, at the end of this chapter there will be some guest comics by Merlin here on ROM! If I ever get to the other characters you can look forward to seeing Opal and guest character Merlin having a similar kerfuffle like Sutra and Josiah have had!

Oh! My news post is full of English!

Hope you all have a good weekend!


3/26/2011 More More Merlin!

Hey! I’ve technically had 3 comic updates this week! Check out this comic and this comic over at Merlin’s Place! Seems Shauni has a new job!

Notes on today’s comic!

Yes that is THAT Sutra Éclair. 

This is the correct spelling of Éclair, not Leclair like in Project Sutra. The one in the comic is the correct spelling, like the pastry

Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport is apparently the biggest airport in Arizona. I can neither confirm nor deny this. I don’t even know how close it is to Tempe. I just wanted a real airport.

Also Interpol and CEO

Hope you enjoy the weekend!


3/11/2011 Da Da Dan Dan Dan Dan Da Da!

Not much to say really except Happy Birthday to my Dad! He is 49 today!

Now I must return to Pokemon Black and White…

Da Da Dan Da Da Dan Dan Dan!


3/4/2011 Pokemon White
Pokemon White came out in English today. You might not see much of me for the next few weeks
Also, comic related

Cramp Public Transport


2/25/2011 Pretty spunky short news!

Not much of a new post really! One more week to go till a UK release of Pokemon Black and White in English…so I though I’d direct you to Bulbapedia and it’s epic count down clock!

I’d also like to direct you to the gallery! Check out the textless ROM comics there!


2/18/2011 Nintendo 3DS Demo and Celebi event!

Just a few notes on the comic before the good part of the news ports. 

  • Varicose veins are veins that have become enlarged and tortuous. You can read more here.
  • IQ (intelligence quotient)  is a score derived from one of several different standardized tests designed to assess intelligence. 100 is the average, so saying the mall cop has an IQ less than 7 is a BIG insult. 
  • That’s a butterfly on the dogs nose…or it was supposed to be.

 Anyway, about the title of the news post! I just got to play with a Nintendo 3DS on Thrusday! I randomly went into Game Station to pre-order Pokemon White and I was watching a 3DS trailer they had on a TV and the guy behind the counter was like "Do you want to give one a try?" 

They didn't have any games, but they had the Blue 3DS with the installed software. I had a go of one of the inbuilt games that uses the camera and augmented reality technology. There was a card on the counter and when the game started I had to shot targets, but the 3DS kept messing with the picture, at one point making a huge bump bounce up and down on the desk. It works similar to the PSPs Invizimals but has the power to actually warp what you see. I didn't get a test the 3D features massively but the images didn't exactly pop out at me as I was expecting. I hope the actual games 3D engine is better. Then again, the 3D bar may have been on low, I can't really comment....it’s a neat little console though. Convinced me to get one when some more colours come out. The console was very shiny! Not matt plastic at all! Very nice looking in fact! 

While we are talking about Pokemon White, UK players will have the chance to obtain Celebi, as well as preview the forthcoming Pokémon Black and White, in a series of in-store events held by GAME on 19-20 and 26-27 February. Check out the Game website for details. 

Celebi activates a time-traveling encounter with an old adversary in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, and can also be used to catch Zorua when transferred to Pokémon Black and White! Two Pokemon for the price of one! Double the value!


2/11/2011 ROM invades Random Encounter!

He ya’ll! I made a guest comic for Merlin over at DHS Comix! Why not go take a look? 

Quick news update today, it’s rather late as I type this and I need to go to bed! 

Just a note on “Blobby Bobby”. The slang word “bobby” is a chiefly British term for a police offer. I’m not sating this directly anywhere, but with “mobile phone” and now “bobby”, you should begin to guess Sutra’s nationality. I wasn’t originally going to give Sutra a country of origin, but I decided I liked the idea of her being from where she is, so I can have the American characters misunderstand her a lot while also understanding her....basically having her speak English but not American English


2/2/2011 Sutra has really big-

ANYWAY! I’m kinda proud of the way today’s comic came out, so I uploaded a textless version to the gallery.

Anyway, I found out that Pokemon Black and White is coming out on the 4th March in the UK, and oddly enough I just finished my imported version from Japan! I got to the credits and now I’m playing post-game. What a wild ride that game was! It’s totally awesome. I can’t wait for the English version so I can enjoy the plot as well!

Keep an eye out for another comic on Friday (maybe!)

Also, a little late on my part, but Shauni and Silver are moonlighting again over at DHS Comix!



1/26/2011 Wednesday-Friday
Hi everyone!

This week is a Wednesday-Friday update to make up for the fact there wasn’t a comic on Friday.

Don’t forget to check the forums for up to date comic news!


1/14/2011 Happy New Year!

Hi y’all! Happy New Year! Hopefully this comic is seeing you on Friday! The first proper ROM comic this year! Today’s comic follows the story of the last chapter  I was working on before Christmas, Chapter 8: Origins. The last comic of that chapter is here

I’d like to thank Merlin one last time for the Christmas chapter.

Some notes on today’s comic for those not technically minded,

Mini USB and FireWire are different kinds of computer interfaces that allow data to transfer from one device to another. Is Sutra taking data from the phone or uploading it?

Now that’s the question…

Keep an eye out on the forums for information on updates. For the next few weeks they might be intermittent while I get back into the swing of things.


12/20/2010 Last news update until after Christmas

This is the last news update until after Christmas. After today there are only 2 more comics of this arch by Merlin to go. One should update on Christmas Eve, and the other will go up the Monday after Boxing Day (27th Dec). If they don’t appear on the sight for any reason, you can find them on the forums here as well as updates about when the normal ROM comics will begin to update after New Year!

Happy Holidays everyone!


12/17/2010 Missed Monday's Comic

Sorry about the little miss hap this week. A ROM comic uploaded on Wednesday instead of Monday this week due to me sending the comic to Josiah a day early. He didn't see the e-mail until after the update had already gone ahead. So if you missed Wednesday's update, go check it out, cos you don't want to miss any comics by the awesomeness that is Merlin.

Another ROM comic will be uploaded next Monday. If it isn't there Monday, check out the sight again on a Wednesday. There WILL be two comics a week up until Christmas!


12/15/2010 Merlin continues

As I’ve said since this time last week, these comics in the chapter “Another Season” have been made by the awesome Merlin over at DHS Comix

Stay tuned next Friday for another comic! 


12/10/2010 Just in case you missed it!

Just in case you missed Monday's update, ROM the comic is going to be running 6 guest comics made by the wonderful Merlin from over at DHS Comix up until Christmas eve. There will be two a week, one on Monday and one on Friday. The characters and plot in this bonus arch are created by Merlin and I have had no creative input into this chapter what so ever, meaning this is completely her work and she deserves all the credit. You can also consider it canon to the ROM main plot line in terms of the Dryad culture and way of life of Orca's hippy tree hugers.

Also of note is that Merlin is working as the artist for yet another web comic called "High School Changed me". It's only just started but it looks awesome.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


12/6/2010 Merlin Christmas invasion
As you can see from today’s comic, Merlin from DHS Comix has made us a wonderful Winter Holiday’s arc for us to enjoy. I told her I wasn’t going to do a Winter Solstice arc this year, so she made one herself! Anyway, there are maybe six pages or so, and I think I’ve timed it so all the comics will be uploaded by Christmas weekend. There are going to be two a week. One on Monday and one on Friday as normal!
Also, no need to fear a Christmas arch running to June or something! All six of the comics are already done!
On another DHS note, check out cat shauni! She now has lines and everything!
See you all on Friday!

11/26/2010 Super Effective

Sorry about today’s comic Josiah! I’d never do that to you for real! Nasty smokie lady! I spent 2 days trying to figure out how a pale, thin, and rather nasty lady would bring down a young, strapping man like Josiah….and I figured she’d just kick him in the nuts. 

Either way, it seems Smokie lady is a common thief…stealing Josiah’s cell phone like that! 

Anyway, don’t worry readers! He’s okay! 

I like the pokemon attack reference I’ve used here….it’s been done to death by other comics, but I couldn’t help it! 

Next month sees something special from Merlin over at DHS Comix. Keep tuned to find out what it is!



11/19/2010 No skin of what now?

The expression “No skin off my nose” is a fairly common one in the UK, but I’m not sure if it is world wide. It’s basically something that you say which means you do not care about something because it will not affect you. “I don’t care because I won’t be effected”.  I tried to find the origin of the phrase but the internet wouldn’t give me a straight answer. It either stems from 19th century theatrical circles, or boxing. If anyone if interested in looking up the origin, let me know!


11/5/2010 Wii Mii!
My faith in the shop were I got my Wii from has been restored, thought admittedly they are still kinda rubbish.

I got home Wednesday and a neighbour of mine brought a box over to me at around 9pm. The company couldn't fix my faulty Wii, so they had sent me a new one. The pros of this is that it was a brand new Wii, it came with Wii sports (which I now have two of) and it also came with Wii sports resorts and Wii Motion plus. All well and good. Actually, freaking amazing. I was made up...however, the company hadn't contacted me to let me know they had gotten my Wii, hadn't let me know they couldn't fix it, hadn't told me they were sending me a new one, addressed it to a "Ms S. Love" when my last name is "Lowe", sent it to my home address when I asked them to mail it to where I work as no one was in to sign for it AND left it with a neighbour without leaving me a note to tell me it had even arrived....good job I have nice neighbors otherwise I might not have EVER seen it again!

Also, lost all my game saves....but at least I have a Wii again! Hurray!
Also, Merlin totaly just finshed with our costumes! Hurray take two!

10/29/2010 A horse's butt

As sated in last weeks news post (below) ROM the comic and DHS Comix by Merlin have swapped costumes for Halloween related goodness. 

Merlin did a whole chapter using ROM costumes on her own cast, but as I’m only two comics into a chapter after a “Christmas” arc, I decided to do one comic to mark the occasion instead. 

To credit the costumes used in the comic, as there isn’t enough room in the comic itself for all of them:

Shauni is dressed as Loki Kiborn

Josiah is dressed as Bluff

And as stated in the comic, Silver is dressed as Drake Piperion, Jeff is dressed as Snatch and Ivy and Lilly are dressed as Delta Morningstar

As I said in the comic, Merlin totally came up with the costume swap. I think it’s a great idea, and I might do something similar again some time soon!

Have a happy Halloween!


10/22/2010 Pocket Monster White Version
Well, I did it again! I imported a Pokemon game that I can't understand. Did the same with Diamond back in the day haha. Anyway, it just arrived on Wednesday and I've only spent a few hours on it. but from what I've seen Game Freak and Nintendo have outdone themselves. I'll post updates in the news as I progress through the game and let you know how I'm doing. So far I've defeated the first gym leader and am making my way past the day care centre. So far so good!

An invaluable tool for importers is Marrilan's importers game guide. It's been so helpful with items, keeping up with the story and the moves pokemon are learning when they level up. if you are going to import the game like me, I highly recommend referring to this site as you play...

I find myself at a bit of a predicament however...there is an expression that goes "Good things are like buses, you wait for one for ages then three come at once". This has happened to me. I've got the DS game I've been waiting for all year, and today the new Fallout game comes out on Xbox 360, and the week after Fable 3, and I just bough the new Naruto game! No good games for ages, then all the ones I've been waiting for all year come out the same time my imported game arrives!

What's a girl to go?

Also, my Nintendo Wii broke....good job it was still in warranty...by 4 days! We dug the receipt out but noticed we'd been sold the wrong warranty with the console, it had been an Xbox 360 warranty! 3 days and 5 heated phone calls later, and the shop I'd bought it from changed the warranty from 360 to wii, and I've been promised return and repair. Hope it gets fixed soon...

Anyway, next week will see a Halloween special with a DHS twist!


10/15/2010 Merlin Missing….costumes!

You really need to go over to DHS Comix. I know I say that a lot, haha, but Merlin is currently running a Halloween story arch, and the characters may have “borrowed” some of ROMs costumes for the occasion!



10/1/2010 Josiah, Opal, Jeff AND Silver!

And Chapter minus one : origins, became Chapter 8: Origins!. Anyway, sorry about the purpleness of Opal and Josiah here, I decided to do the cover art in markers to ensure it was done on time. I originally intended to do this cover on the computer, and colour it electronically, but I found out that the 2GB RAM in my 3GB machine was what was causing all of my PC problems over the last year. A friend of mine who is more technical than me removed the faulty RAM, and I've ordered a new one, but for the time being my computer is SSLLLLOOOOWWWW and couldn't handle Paintshop Pro. I decided, "Hey, makers will look as bright and colourful as a computer coloured comic, and I've been waiting to try out my new set!", alas, as I began to colour, I noticed there was not peach, only a pink. "Ack!" I proclaimed. I coloured Josiah and Opal with the pink, but when I scanned it, it was freakin purple pink! Anyway, that being said, I think it came out well.

I called this chapter "Origins" after "Dragon Age Origins". I decided to do a parody of the game's cover/ box art. I love Silver's face here, and Jeff looks awesome. Ivy had to be there to be Morrigan because she is wearing a hood on the box art. Opal and Josiah were kind of an after thought. To be honest, when I came up with the idea I thought there were more than 3 characters on the cover, but there wasn't. Well, there were dead ones, but I figured Josiah and Opal's real life counterparts wouldn't like that (wink wink)

Tune in next week for some ROM Prequel goodness!


9/24/2010 That's all folks!

Andddddddddddd……the Christmas chapter is over…in September the year after…

All being well, next week will see that start of Chapter -1 Origins. The back story of Silver, Josiah, Opal and Jeff!

See you all next week!


9/17/2010 Hurray for nina-chan5202!

nina-chan5202 has drawn an awesome picture of Shauni-sama from the chapter "Where angels fear to tread"
You can also see it in the fan art section.

Also, next week is the last comic of the Evergreen arch! Then back to REAL comics!
Also, not bonus arch this year at Christmas! Promise!


9/3/2010 Cha cha!

Nothing to write really, just saying sorry about missing an update last week!

Also, don’t forget to visit Merlin and check out Shauni the Felimara!

Also, check it out! My guest comics made canon!

8/20/2010 Ride ze Shoopuf?

Most of you Final Fantasy Fans will know the reference, but for the people who haven’t picked up Final Fantasy 10, Lilly is essentially waiting for a walking monster bus. Maybe I should have used the Catbus!


8/13/2010 Let there be names!
And all the characters in this bonus arch have names! Hurray.

On on little interesting note, Juneberry bark is gray. Hence why the Silverwood tree is named after it.

I like this chapter because it shows a little more of how life was like for Lilly and her Mum Maple after Ivy had left. I am a firm believer that the families of criminals are the "silent victims of crime" as well as the families of victims of crime. There is a certain stigma attached to families that have vicious criminals in there immediate vicinity, and unfortunately they are sometimes judged "guilty by association".

I wanted people to see some of the reasons why Lilly is so insistent to bring Ivy home and clear her name. This kind of abuse is not uncommon for Maple and her daughter, which is why she is so bitter towards Ivy and what she has done.

Also, Shauni the Cat is making an appearance over at Merlin's comic!   Go check it out!


7/30/2010 Broken Sword nostalgia news post 
Yesterday was my sister's birthday, and I just wanted to give her a little shout out on the news post! Happy 23rd birthday! 

I've been playing a remake of the classic PlayStation 1 game "Broken Sword" recently on my Wii. It's a great remake and reminded me how much I loved point and click games. My resent download of another classic remake, "Monkey Island 2", got me feeling all retro. I picked up the Wii game I bought a few months ago reduced, and played it threw in 3 days. I was amazed at myself I remembered all of the puzzles from when I played it as a kid over ten years ago....the new puzzles frustrated me to no end however as they didn't so much require logic, as so much had you spinning things around with the wii remote. I'm not a big fan of the way most non-gimmicky wii games are controlled. I prefer a standard remote like on the Xbox 360, as opposed to  waving my arms around like a woman possessed, and these new, pointless additions frustrated me as I hate "turn this over and look for the TINY clue on the bottom" puzzles. At the moment I am actually playing a PlayStation 1 game I bought over a year ago for £1 from a charity shop. "Broken Sword 2". I had played this game once when I was younger as a loner from a friend...I couldn't even get out of the first room! It really made me think of how many times I must have played the original to remember all the puzzles in such detail! I'm just guessing here, but it may have been close to 7 times....that's almost as much as I played the original Pokemon Silver! I usually play games once threw, and maybe again if I really enjoyed them....it just shows how much I loved the original Broken Sword game...if you haven't played it, I seriously recommend buying the remake on the wii. Despite the crappy new additions, and maybe dated visuals, its a superb game you should add to your collection.

I recently just found out a new PC only version of Broken Sword has been released called "Angle of Death"....I really should buy that...


7/23/2010 All quiet on the western front
Well, so for so good with updates on my end of the pond. I'm getting comics done on by Wednesday night recently, which means even if I have Internet or computer problems at home, it gives me an extra day to make sure Josiah gets the comic by Friday.

I'm nearly done with this arch. I think I can get away with two or three more comics to get this chapter over, and return to the Origins chapter which will help flesh out the characters of Josiah, Silver, Opal and Jeff...as well as Simeon! I hope you are enjoy these last few hand coloured comics. When Origins starts, I should be doing them in full computer colours!

See you all next week!


7/16/2010 ROM returns again…again!
Hello readers! Thank you for believing in me enough to check the sight once again! Don’t adjust your television sets, ROM the comic has FINALLY returned after its LONG hiatus!

ROM updates return every Friday or Monday for as long as it takes to get this stupid bonus arch over and back to normal comic!

Keep watching the web! The comics ARE coming! The comics ARE coming!



7/12/2010 ROM: The return
Heya everyone! Shauni is back in business with a comic…not by her! Today’s comic is brought to us by the great and merciful Merlin over at DHS Comix. This follows on from the last “Evergreen” comic and is the first of four or five more to follow to end this arch before “Origins” begins. Things are now back on track in my personal life and ROM updates will once again be every Friday!

Keep tuned for more updates and FINALLY the fabled Origins of the main protagonists!

Also, go check out Merlin’s Cat Contest! She needs more contestants!



4/30/2010 Holy Merlin invasion!

Hello all my lovely readers! (The ones that are actually left!). ROMs most super-est friend Merlin has once again come to the rescue and done us a lovely little filler art! 

If this inspires you to help me out, please feel free to e-mail anything to shauni_san@hotmail.com. ROM returns mid-May, but that's still a few missed updates away!

Thanks in advance!

4/23/2010 Notice about updates

I'm so very sorry about update delays and not posting any news for so long...With persistent PC problems (I got one fixed then got another one!) and real life events (Easter, my Birthday and helping out family with different things, not to mention a full time job), plus a MAJOR creative flow blocking, I've decided to consed defeat and put ROM on hiatus (again...) until mid May. Now, there are a few reasons that the hiatus my last even longer that past May (my little sister is having a baby and is due in May!)but that is the date I'm setting for now.

I'll be returning from a weeks holiday in May and should have a bit more spare time by then. If anyone wants to help me out by sending me a guest comic, that would be great. ANYTHING is better than the gaping void that is ROM updates.

If you would like to submit a guest comic or filler art, my e-mail address is shaunI_san@hotmail.com. If you send them to the google mail account I've mentioned before, that's fine as well, but hotmail is the only one I've been checking regularly at the moment.

Again, sorry for the delays. This 'bonus holiday arch' (is April for Pete's sack!) has about 4 more comics and then I have a story arch with Josiah, Jeff, Silver and Opal as the center of attention (they are supposed to be the main characters after all!) The arch is a prequel to the ROM story line and is designed to help me get back into the swing of things, and also flesh out the main cast and re-establish the "Sucked into a computer game" theme of the comic. The arch will be called "Monster Age: Origins" 

I wish you all the best, and see you in a month or so!


3/19/2010 Yay for context!

As astute readers will know, Lilly’s mother Maple is referring to this event all the way back in chapter 2, where Lilly ran into Ivy again for the first time. Obviously “Evergreen” takes place after the Dark Edge Invasion mentioned in Chapter 4 and before the current story line. I like all the expressions the characters are showing in this comic. As depressing as they all are they were fun to draw. 

On another note, check out the guest comic I did for Merlin. As well as the sequel that hasn’t been used yet!

One more note. Here is the textless, full images from this week’s comic! 


3/5/2010 Naruto Shippoden and Merlin Missing!

Just wanted to link you to a Naruto Shippoden Fan animated I found on youtube. It’s been done wonderfully, and depicts "Hinata’s Confession" in the anime style. Don’t click either of the links if you don’t want Shippoden Spoilers. Just a note for people that actually speak Japanese, the voices were taken from Naruto and Bleach episodes and do NOT match the subtitles. It’s still been done very well.

Also, on a final note, I’ve done my guest comic for Merlin. Today is the last day to submit something so be quick!

See you all next week!

2/26/2010 Merlin Missingham, missing

Hey ya'll. My friend Merlin over at DHS Comix is going away and needs some guest comics. I'm going to be making one for her when I get a chance, so if you read Random Encounter or New Game, why not help her out? 

I'd also like to wish my Grandma and Grandad a Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary for this Saturday!

See you all next week.


2/19/2010 Google Mail

Hello readers! I have a new ROM related e-mail address for all comments about Realm of Monsters. The address is realmofmonsters@googlemail.com. For my online friends with my old e-mail address, I ask you to keep using the one you have, as that is now my personal inbox for non-ROM related mail. Any readers that wish to contact me should use the googlemail.com address. 

Things are going well on my end, but I will warn now I’m having a few major problems with my home laptop so I’m taking it to be looked at this weekend. Hopefully ROM updates won’t be interfered with, but just to pre-warn you if I go “online silent”. 



2/12/2010 Made it!

First real ROM comic of the year by yours truly!

Same time next week!


2/5/2010 A walk through the Birthing Forest
As you can see from Merlin’s last guest comic, the nursing forest is larger than you think!

Regular ROM comics should start up again next week. Check the news thread or the gallery for updates to the schedule.


1/29/2010 2010, look forward, not back
Hello ROM readers, Shauni here! I’m really sorry about all the delays, missed updates and broken promises…
This last month has…certainly been a month for me…I’m not going to get into details as its somewhat personal, but I’m refreshed, rested and ready to start the new year.

Merlin from DHS Comix has kindly made two guest comics for this Friday and next Friday to help during ROM’s downtime while I get back into it. I’d just like to say she is awesome for doing that BTW!

The characters in the bottom panel are Jake and his creature making a cameo appearance, but they do follow on her own story, so it’s more of a comic collision than a character cameo! Jake is so cool he is always welcome to Orca!

Another guest comic next week, then a few more from me before “Evergreen” is over. Normal comics return after that. I’ll promise one comic every Friday, but check on Mondays as I’ll try to do two!


12/23/2009 Dryad Terminology

Right gang! Let’s get our English to Dryad dictionary out!

“Silver Wood”: The female Dryad of Royal families turn an almost Silver colour when they turn into tree. It signifies them as important members of a group of pregnant women within a forest. The term was taken from the silverback gorilla. A silverback is an adult male gorilla, typically more than 12 years of age and named for the distinctive patch of silver hair on his back. A silverback gorilla has large canine teeth that come with maturity. Silverbacks are usually dominating males within a gorilla group.

Drift Wood: Dryad women that are not from any given family group. They move from location to location with the seasons. Driftwood is wood that has been washed onto a shore or beach of a sea or river by the action of winds, tides, waves or man. It is a form of marine debris.

Brass Wood: An unflattering nickname for Upper-class Dryad. Taken from the term “top brass”. It is an informal name for the most important or high-ranking officials or leaders in any given industry.

Barking: The process in which a Dryad’s skin hardens during the last stages of pregnancy to protect the mother.
Rooting: The process in which a Drays roots to the ground and takes in there needed substances from the ground in the last stages of pregnancy.

Well, with all that out of the way, it’s time to remind you there is no comic Friday, seeing as it is Christmas day!
If I don’t see you before New Year…
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


12/18/2009 Tell a tree joke
You know, there aren’t many jokes about trees that aren’t beyond stupid. This was the website I got the below joke from.

Riddle: Which tree is always scared?

Answer: A trembling aspen

I wanted a joke that would be a common phrase among tree people, but at the same time would be something stupid to say to a pregnant Dryad turning into a tree.

I had never actual heard of a trembling aspen, but apparently it is a common name used for a tree called “Populus tremuloides” which is a deciduous tree native to cooler areas of North America. The species is referred to as “Quaking Aspen”, “Trembling Aspen”, and “Quakies”. The names deriving from its leaves which flutter in the breeze. To my American readers, this joke is for you, because even I didn’t get it!

See you all next week! There will be a comic on Monday, but no comic Friday, being it is Christmas day! Updates will be a bit of hit and miss until New Year. I’ll try to get a few up in between then and New Year, but the holiday is always busy for me!


12/11/2009 Make like a tree and leave

Azalea’s little comment here refers to the old pun “Make like a tree and leave”, obviously the actual tree lady has never heard it before.

The name Azalea was chosen due to the plant like most Dryad names are. I chose the name because all parts of the plant are poisonous and cause nausea, vomiting, depression and breathing difficulties, but it is rarely fatal. This reminded me of her personality 100% She is a…shall we say, not a very nice person. There is a word for her that I’m thinking of, but it isn’t very polite.

The next comic will be Monday, not Wednesday, so keep watching!


12/9/2009 Evergreen story line

Sorry for the sudden interruption in the story line, but I needed to get my Christmas story arc going, and with all the delays caused by me moving house, it interrupted the comic story line.

There will be a ROM comic Christmas special story line running from this week to New Year. This year’s bonus arc is called “Evergreen”, and is another Dryad centred arc. I love the Dryad race; they are my favourite in all of Orca, but unlike last year this story line takes place a little closer to the cast characters. It is actually a character origin story line, so in the long run is relevant to the main story.

An update every Monday and Friday every week until the Christmas comics are done, then a hiatus until after New Year. This comic was actually ready for a Monday update, as the schedule said it would be, but Josiah found himself “spending most of last night in a dangerous battle against the forces of evil” Thankfully he was victorious, but forgot to check his e-mail, he goes “now to undertake the dark and dangerous task of updating this ROM comic on Wednesday! Fear not comrades, for I shall triumph!!!” If you are reading this he did. Although, I think I’ve seen that excuse somewhere before...

I hope you like the story!


11/13/2009 Mitosis is...

Haku’s attack name may give away what he is about to do, but just in case you are thinking “mitosis what?”, here is a quick explanation. It’s to do with cell division!

Mitosis is the name for the way that a cell duplicates itself so that each daughter cell receives an identical copy of its genetic material. At the end of mitosis, there will be two cells instead of one. They will be identical to each other.

Just in case you still don’t understand what mitosis is, here is a little song I found on youtube

If you still don’t get it, nothing to worry about, all will be shown next week.

I remember one episode of Sabrina the teenage witch called “The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie” were her boyfriend Harvey walked around most of the episode trying to study Mitosis.

Mitosis is...Mitosis is...

If I remember right, they don’t actually get any further…



11/6/2009 Suck a lemon, Guy

Gah...I drew and coloured this comic on Wednesday night. All I had to do was scanning it and add the text and speech bubbles...so I went to my Mum’s to enjoy Bonfire Night with my family.

That was a bad idea!

It has been raining in England on and off for 4 days now. Major floods and everything. We couldn’t get a fire going for ages, and my Mum had a ton of garden waste she needed to burn. You see, Bonfire night is very popular with younger people who enjoy a night out and some fireworks, for older people, it presents a rare opportunity to burn rubbish legally without a permit and in “smoke free zones” like the one where she lives. This means she can’t burn rubbish EXCEPT for Bonfire night, were it is perfectly okay. We spent the best part of an hour burning anything paper-ish to keep the VERY wet wood and branches burning. We even ended up burning Christmas catalogues.

In the end, we needed my Dad to use petrel (Gasoline to the rest of the world) to get it really going. Nearly lost my eyebrows but spectacular none the less.

We got most of it burned, I went inside, and promptly fell asleep on my Mum’s sofa, only to wake up at 10.30pm. I rush home and got working straight on ROM, getting finished at about 11.30pm.

I smell rather like smoke now, my cough has been rather aggravated and I’m dead tired

Also, here is me at Halloween.



10/16/2009 Putting the monsters back in realm of monsters
Hello readers! This comic was ready VERY late on Tuesday, but I missed the update deadline, so you will get a comic on Monday as well. As you can see, the bottom panel here is epic for ROM. It has the most characters on screen in a ROM comic EVER. It was also a PAIN to colour.
All the monsters you see here have been in the Onett holy grounds battle before. All except The Earth Mother, Coldy, and Manticore. Coldy is cradling Yomikko, the earth mother is pinned to the ground, and I…forgot Manticore.
Also, the gallery got updated!


10/2/2009 It is art really

As I have hardly updated the gallery, I’ve decided I’ll start uploading textless versions of ROM comics as speech bubbles do obscure the artwork. Here is the first one.

Also, random link! Bear Nuts the comic deals with a few teen themes in a cute way with psychotic bears!

See you all next week!


9/18/2009 Moonlighting!

I’d like to thank Merlin  for the awesome guest comic. I liked it so much I decided to make it canon! She’s taking over! LOL

Also, I’d like to point your attention towards some familiar dudes that are doing a bit of moonlighting over at Random Encounter. I direct your attention to the middle panel down on the third row. I can make out, in order from left to right, Shauni, Silver, Jeff, Josiah and Opal!

Thanks for the wonderful presents this week Merlin!



8/28/2009 Three comics for the price of one!

Hello their children, this is Shauni, live from my living room! Today we have the promised bonus comic for DoodleShark who won the Fallout 3 quote question  a few weeks ago. 

Also, as most of you may remember, Merlin over at DHS Comix was asking for guest comics. I’ve made her one, but I don’t know if and when she will use it, so for now you can see it on the gallery.  

That’s all she wrote children!

Until next time, this is Shauni, over and out!

8/21/2009 Doodleshark!

Congratulations to Doodleshark for winning the competition last week!

Not much to report, so I’ll see you next week!



8/14/2009 Hello Children!
My friend Merlin still needs guest comics! Hint hint!
JUST in case you are not a Pokémon fan (you do know ROM is hosted on Pebble Version, a Pokémon fan comic right?) Silver is a Pidgeot anthropomorph. That is the joke LOL. He is commanding himself.
ROM will update next Friday as usual.
Thanks for listing children! This is Shauni,  oww! For ROM the comic, telling you the true, no matter how bad it hurts!
(First person to name the game this quote is from gets to be in a bonus comic.)

8/10/2009 Scribbles and odd ends

Hey everyone! There hasn’t been an update on a Monday for a very long time!

Just three things worth mentioning today. ROM should be updating on Friday, which means that’s two comics this week.

The gallery has a new series called the Scribble Theatre. There little more than doodles really, but they are a prep work for future projects I’m working on.

Last but not least, Merlin over at DHS Comix needs some filler guest art and comics. I’m helping her out, so if you can you should too!


7/31/2009 Silver winging it!

I'm glad I used Silver's catch phrase here. I nearly forgot! 


7/17/2009 Cooking with Shauni

I made my first ever batch of Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes for my friend’s birthday yesterday. I know it isn’t really cooking but I was proud of how they came out.

I started a thread to post any cooking recipes or post pictures of things you make. It is a useful and fun reference!


7/10/2009 Little by little

I’ve found a new way to resize my images that lets me keep a better picture quality after I reduce the image size so it will fit in the frame. It isn’t much but I think it makes the comic look more standardised, giving it a slightly more professional look.



7/3/2009 Michael Jackson R.I.P.

Most of you should know by now that pop sensation Michael Jackson died last week. There is a forum thread here B.T.W if you want to comment or you can go to the official website

I grew up listing to this man, watching him at his height, then watching the media rip him to shreds, watched him go threw wave after wave of allegations, saw him become a media joke, descend into nothing but speculation, controversy and indecent allegations. I lost my faith in a lot of things after seeing him fall. I thought to myself I didn’t care anymore, that I’d left my fondness for him with my childhood, but when I heard he’d died, I felt like my heart had been ripped out. 

I want to remember him like this

Also, on a related note, the best Final Fantasy, Thriller cross over EVER.  

And just because it is cute.

Should be a comic next week.



6/26/2009 One month absence

And……we are back!! An update. I almost forgot what those looked like!

I’ve just moved out within the last month from my parents and in with my boyfriend Rowie! There has been a lot of work gone into moving and setting up our first home together, and I’ve just not had the time to think about updates with trying to get everything sorted.

Things happened so quickly! I found a place, and within two days I had the keys! There wasn’t even time to make fillers!

Things seem to be a lot more settled now and I can get into some kind of schedule. If all goes well, we will be back to weekly updates!

Loving living with my lovely Rowie XxX

Same time next week!


5/8/2009 Two comics for the price of one
I did manage to make you two comics. One regular comic as seen above and one under Orca Mystery Dungeon in the archive (please add link when you upload)
This comic is a part of the Orca Mystery Dungeon bonus comics. I normally only update this bonus comic if the donation gage reaches $30, but due to all the delays recently I thought I’d treat you all. If the donation gage reaches $30 before the end of the month, you can see some more. Please feel free to donate using the PayPal button on the left!
See you all next week!

5/1/2009 Sticking to it

I managed another story comic on time…things are looking good for updates. Next week I have lots of time off work so I might push for two comics…maybe even an extra comic for “Orca Mystery Dungeonas a thanks to all the readers for putting up with so many delays!

See you next week!



4/24/2009 Back to the Onett battle
This comic follows on from here so we are back to the story line! It is a miracle. The next few comics will be Elder Codo reviewing what has been happening in this battle, just to refresh everyone’s memory.
One note on this comic, “shanked” is prison slang for “to be stabbed with a homemade knife.”
Elder Codo trying to be hip while Yomikko bleeds to death…heheh

4/10/2009 Christmas over just in time for Easter!

FINALY! I never thought we would see the last Christmas comic! this was supposed to run over December and mid January at most, but thanks to a few different things here and there I only got it done mid April! GAH!

Just a final note for this comic series, the Winter Solstice isn’t a religious holiday here or in Orca.  The seasonal significance of the winter solstice is in the reversal of the gradually lengthening nights and shortening days. Basically, the coming of spring.

Thank you for everyone patience….I can proudly say, next week return to the Onett holy ground for the conclusion of that battle that’s been going on for years!



3/27/2009 Bambi and Cyan
One more comic left and then we return to the story line!

So, the two characters from the intermission story line finally have names! A few readers I know will be glad.
Just a footnote though, the Dryad “Bambi” got her name both from the cartoon character and the plant Bamboo.


3/20/2009 Shauni’s gone Wild!
Okay, last news post I was watching Disney’s “The Wild” when I was writing it, and I said I’d review it next news post, so here it is.
The movie started off very well and I found myself really enjoying it, I liked the characters, the graphics were pretty good and the pace of the film was decent…however, when the plot kicked in I felt very let down.
The movie’s plot is remarkably similar to “Madagascar” that came out a while before it, it wasn’t very complicated and a lot of the “plot twists” were obvious. The humour was lacking later in the film and a lot of the characters didn’t get much screen time. For the studio that brought us The Lion King and more recently Bolt, I was very disappointed with the story line and almost obvious outcome.

I’d give it, maybe 5 out of 10. Not terrible, but it could have been done a heck of a lot better.

3/13/2009 Shauni of the lack of real news updates

I finally got "The Wild" on DVD and I'm watching it while I write the news update, so its gunna be brief…I will say this however, Nigel the English koala is awesome! 

Also, the lion is called "Sam" ^_^ 

I'll have a review of the movie next week!


3/9/2009 ROM comic delays due to bomb scare related stress
Last week I posted on the ROM Comic announcements thread about an incident that took place where I work last Thursday.  A 35-year-old man believed to be from central Africa walked into the building at half 11 with a “suspicious package.”
He proceeded to take members of staff hostage while the rest of us were evacuated to the club down the road. A 6 hour stand off soon followed as the man held the building.  Armed police, bomb squad officers and dozens of emergency crews surrounded the building on Thursday. The man surrendered to police at 5pm. No one was hurt during the exchange, and we were able to return to work the day after, but the ordeal and worry had left me emotionally drained and exhausted. I came home, watched for updates on news 24 and eventually had to go to bed as I was worn out, so that is why there is a comic today and will be a comic on Friday.
I'm fine now, it all seems to have been a dream…but my thoughts go out to my friends who were directly affected by this horrible event.
For full details of this event and a clip from BBC News 24, check out this link.

2/27/2009 Naruto fancomic link

Heya there people. For a while on Deviant Art, which hosts the galley, I was reading a naruto fan comic called  “Naruto Tensei”. I’ve read a lot of Naruto fancomics since I got into the series but this one is the best. The artwork looks like its come straight from the anime and the story line is compelling and well told. The fact it has a living 4th Hokage helps as I love that guy! Also check out their other Naruto fancomics hosted here.“Captured” is a very well told, dark look at how the Naruto series could pan out, there other work “Henge” in contrast is very light hearted, but also as good as both the other comics. A must read!

Nothing else much to add really except I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


1/20/2009 Merlin stole my cast!

It seems the Dryad who stole Christmas has been stolen herself by Merlin! They seem to be doing a little moon lighting! 

Nothing else much to say except I’m sorry the comic isn’t fully shaded, but I’ve been swamped since last week.

See you this time next week. Check in on Wednesday, there may be a comic!


2/6/2009 Guild Wars!
Hello everyone! Just to remind everyone about the surprise on the gallery for Merlin who kindly made last weeks comic and gave us a shout out on her website!
The fan comic was inspired by this particular comic by Merlin.

Anyway, as the news title implies, I’ve just purchased Guild Wars. I’m currently only up to level 7 so I’m not exactly a veteran, but if you want to go questing together or just /wave, my character is a Ranger/ Monk named Shauni Moonflower. I’m also a member of the Pebble Version Guild “Guardians of Orca”. Our crest is a dragon head on an orange/ yellow background and I’m clad in purple.

Come and play with us!


1/30/2009 Hello Merlin!

Today's comic comes from my old friend Merlin over at DHS Comix who sent it to me last week. I liked it so much, a decided to make it an actual part of "The Dryad who stole Christmas" story line. Keep an eye out for a gallery update for a return present to Merlin.
Have a good weekend everyone!


1/23/2009 Keeping up appearances

Hello! As you can see, I’ve managed to update again. I’m really enjoying using this new laptop, it’s a god send! It’s so much better than my old PC. It doesn’t freeze up mid comic making, and it can run music at the same time, so I’m not bored!
See you all next week everyone!


1/16/2009 Happy New Tablet
Hello everyone...if anyone is still here LOL
I know I’ve not updated for well over two weeks but I’ve finally gotten myself a new laptop! As you can understand it’s taken me a while to get used to using it, and I’ve been playing around with the new software I had to get to work with Vista. I’ve finally figured out a way to use my scanner without removing it from my old computer...and I’ve finally bought a Computer Tablet!

This allows me to draw images straight into the computer allot easier than before, as you might see from the backgrounds in this comic and some of the shading effects on the characters.

The holiday comics won’t be much longer, I should have it finished before the end of the month. It’s worked out well because I can use them to test out all of my new hardware before I go back to working on the proper ROM comics.

Happy New Year!


12/19/2008 Not much of a news post
There may or may not be a comic next week, as it is Christmas week and I normally only have Thursday night to make a comic. This year Christmas Day and Boxing day fall on my usual update schedule, so if I don’t update Monday or Wednesday I’ll wish you “Happy Holidays” now!


12/12/2008 Hello Wriggle Nightsparrow!

The two character in the bottom of the comic here are Lili and her golem. They are characters of Wriggle Nightsparrow who is a forum member I know from “The Realm of Gadigan

It’s an RP forum that Josiah and I both play. I recommend you check it out! Next week is looking good for a comic update, so I’ll see you all then!


11/28/2008 The three year project.

I’ve been planning to do ‘The Dryad who stole Christmas’ for three years. The idea originally came to me in 2006, but it came to late in the year and I’d already done a competition for a guest writer. Last year I went with ‘The Snowbird’ because I wanted to have another competition, in which readers designed snowmen that would appear in the special comics.
This year I am in a rather ‘old sage’ mood, so I decided to tell my very carefully planed holiday special.

I hope you enjoy it, and just so you know, the story is actually one told in Orca for the ‘Winter Solstice’ that was celebrated in ‘The Season
I’m going to try an update twice a week, but I’m out 2 days and 3 nights a week, so it may be a push.

Feedback is welcome!

11/21/2008 Happy Birthday Mum!

I’d like to wish my Mum a Happy 44th Birthday, which is actually today! I actually got her the present as well! What? NO! Not the biro! The flowers!
Anyway, sorry there was no comic last week and I didn’t get two done to make up for it, but I actually have some news, as of next week, the ‘ROM Holiday special’ story arch is about to begin! Up until after Christmas, ROM is going to be doing a holiday themed story line like we have done before!

This year shall be ‘The Dryad that Stole Christmas’

Enjoy the weekend!


11/7/2008 Yomikko is snot dead
And just to annoy all the reader, I cut away to anther group of people as things just start to get interesting again.
Because it has been such a long time, let me remind you who everyone is. The person who’s perspective you are seeing this from is Yomikko. This is her monster Coldy. Both can be seen here, in this strategically restored ROM comic. Convenient that isn’t it?
There reason for Yomikko’s current predicament? Well, lets just say she got shot in the back.
Another comic due next week.

10/31/2008 Happy Halloween!
As I’ve said before, Halloween isn’t really a big holiday over here, but I do like dressing my characters up in cosplay outfits, so its all good.
Shauni is ‘Kurenai Yuhi’ from Naruto. Silver, obviously, is the pokemon ‘Pidgeot’. How original of me LOL.
Ivy is just that lazy she drew black lines down a brown dress and called it a costume.
Also, congratulations to Josiah for reaching 800 strips. It is a milestone!

10/17/2008 Hit the ground running

This is the first time in a while I’ve actually got two comics out in one week. I admit, last Wednesdays comic was a bit of a cop out, being only one image, but it was originally going to be one last Friday, so I’m rather pleased with my effort.

The dialog….lines that refer to ‘The Forest of Death’ arch of the Naruto anime. The Ino-Shika-Cho trio http://en.narutopedia.eu/wiki/Team_Ino-Shika-Cho are trying to decided if they should risk there lives to save one of there friends, or use the fact they haven’t gotten involved yet to get away. If you think about it, Josiah, Opal, Silver and Jeff are way in over there heads. I personally don’t know what I’d do in there situation either. Wade in, run away or just stand there and watch.

Silver was originally going to refer to ‘The Battle against Gara’ from Naruto here, but it felt too forced and I wanted all of our readers that haven’t discovered anime to understand Silver’s point. There isn’t going to be much of a graveyard left after this battle.

See you all next week!


10/15/2008 Hello from Wednesday!
Wow, I actually managed to get this comic done, if not as I originally intended. When I first developed the idea of this comic, it was actually going to have wrath’s claws bursting out of the outline frames, but it didn’t work in practice, so, meh.
Check out ROM on Friday as well for another comic. This one will be more than one frame LOL.

9/26/2008 Dionaea muscipula!
Ivy’s ‘earth mother’ monster takes its name from the genus name for the Venus Flytrap. The genus name refers to Dione. A goddess from Greek mythology. I was originally going to call it ‘Snap Dragon’, but after I did a little reading about the plant it was based on, the genus name seemed more appropriate as Dionaea is almost invincible, very much like ‘The End
Also, as promised, a mini review of Azumanga Daioh!
I bought the series on a whim when it was on offer at a local Blockbusters. Rowie_me and I sat down, only going off the odd clips we had seen on some anime AMV’s on youtube to guide us. It looked random and funny enough, so we gave it a try.
There wasn’t much of an actual plot to Azumanga Daioh , but the series follows the lives of a few girls going threw there 3 years of high school. The series presents us with defining moments in the characters lives such as exams, festivals and outings together. The events are very well strung together, well told and often very heart warming. Characters are characterised very well and obvious growth to the characters can be seen during the course of the anime.
The humour in AMD is very funny but a lot of it requires at least some knowledge of Japanese culture as in the English translation, equivalent jobs are not used. Instead the original dialogue in translated almost word for word. If you buy the DVD box sets, they come with a little leaflet explaining some of the references (at least they did in the UK). It sometimes becomes a little off putting when you don’t understand the joke, but most of the time you can find humour in the fact someone else in the scene may not get the joke either.
Some of the most original characters can be seen in this anime. A personal favourite is Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga. She has a mind that works differently than other people and sometimes her day dreams are almost unbelievable. Her sense of humour is also a little weird.
My favourite character of all is Sakaki. She at first glance appears to be an unapproachable, ‘cool’ and mysterious character. However, threw views of her daily life we see she is uncomfortable with her height and busty physique and who holds a secret longing for cute things. She is often jealous of younger characters because she wishes she could be cute to. She has a particular fondness of cats, unfortunately, they don’t have a fondness of her. One of the running gags threw the series is every time she tries to pet a cat, it bites her. One goes as far as she attack her head on with a head butt to the gut.
All in all I’d say the anime is excellent and well worth a watch. It is suitable for most ages, but a little knowledge of Japanese culture is advised in order to get the full experience and enjoyment from this series.
Same time next week!

9/19/2008 Flight of the feckless fire fly!
Just to remind you a kunai is a type of ninja weapon used in some types of anime and manga.
I’d also like to link this cool website that turns your name into a weapon. Check out SHAUNI sword! Type my name in as shown and have a look!
Also, check out the galley (linked left) for new pokemon themed artwork that was created for a forum competition.
Well, I bought the new DS Final Fantasy 4. I just can’t seem to say no to Square, even when I’ve lost all interest at the moment in the series of FF. I just can’t seem to sit down and play any happily any more. I got Core Crises and played it for all of 2 hours.

I went to go to truckfest this year, but they cancelled it because the visitor’s car park was considered unsafe due to the weather from last weekend saturating the ground. Officially gutted.
Next week will see a review of a new anime I’ve been watching called Azumanga Daioh ((Well, not exactly new seeing as I've had the DVD box set for years and it came out a while before that, but new for Shauni I guess. - Josiah))
See you all next week!

8/29/2008 Son of the gah!
Sorry about Wednesday. I did have a restored ROM comic ready for the update, but I think Josiah might have missed it, which actually worked out for the better, because despite a big edit job, there were still loads of typos. It’s here in the archives!

I’d like to take this moment to remind everyone how awesome Josiah is for hosting ROM for free! If you want to support ROM, please donate to Pebble Version using the pay pal button on the left!

Thanks in advance!


8/22/2008 Sorry everyone!
I'm really sorry about subjecting you all to a restoration comic that fits in the archives here but I did the inking for the real comic, started to colour but then realised I’d made a horrible autonomy error in one of the characters stances. Surfaced to say I needed to start from scratch. I'm in work early tomorrow and can't afford a late night, so you will have to wait till Wednesday for the new comic. I'm sorry!
But, good news, two comics next week! Yatta!

8/15/2008 Ninja 101

Just a quick news update today. Since her creation, I have been planning on having Ivy be a trained Kunoichi (female ninja). Some may have noticed her costume and some of her fighting styles can be take straight from the pages of a ninja manga. In the comic linked, she replaces the Neko-te with her own poison claws. I’ve been using a lot reference material from ‘How to Draw Manga: Samurai and Ninja’ for her battling style, but over the next few comics it is going to be a…rather unique battling style, one which I fondly call ‘Wood-fu’. The weapon in her mouth is called a kunai, and you will see in a bit why she has put it in her mouth. Just in case you forgot, can’t tell, or don’t like pokemon (why are you on a site with a pokmon comic??) Silver is a pidgeot.


8/8/2008 Calling all UK pokemon fans!
This month marks Woolworth's ‘Pokemon Live’ event to celebrate the release of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Two. Selected stores will be giving away Darkrai for the first time in the UK for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Depending on what I get up to, I might be attending the Liverpool event of Sunday the 11th. I hope I see you there!

8/1/2008 Shauni no baka neko…um what’s that about a cat?
For starters, ‘baka’ is a Japanese’s word that means moron or idiot. Also, a kinda cameo here for Rowie_me (my boyfriend) and his sister Dawn. “haha Milk’ is a quote from the Naruto Abridged episodes that can be found on youtube. For some reason Rowie likes to say that at the moment LOL. ‘Dawn of the dead’ simply uses Dawns' name with the appropriate movie title.

You all remember the Mokujin substitution spell right? That’s the move based on the Substitution jutsu from Naruto. You can see Sakura do that jutsu here. It seems this Shauni might remember a few things after all!
Okay, on with the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Darkness review!
If you have played the original Mystery Dungeon game ‘Blue/ Red rescue team’ for DS and SP, you will know this game inside and out already. The game engine is almost exactly the same as it ancestor. That’s not to say there isn’t anything new. There is a brand new plot and all the new pokemon from the Diamond and Pearl games. The new options of splitting the map and the game screen from each other on the two screens is a big improvement. There are also large improvements on the online aspect of the ‘rescue’ options on the game. If you were fan of the original, you will find the same addictive game play here. If you don’t like pokemon at all, what are you even doing on this site?


7/11/2008 I’m back baby!
Sorry about the lack of update last week. I wasn’t well for most of that week and on Thursday it hit me worst of all. I’m a lot better now, as you can see from the hand coloured comics. They take longer to do, but are more fun to make as you can see the end result of the comic before you even scan it.
A note about the last comic. The last panel was supposed to be Haku’s looming show over Shauni. Some people didn’t get that, so I’m going to redo that panel when I get the time.
As for this weeks comic, the dialogue is taken from here. It was said to him by the last maiden. I’m sensing a bit a resentment here over the fact she DIED before she kept her promise.
Anyway, enjoy the weekend, and next week I’ll have a review of the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game.
Later potatoes!

6/20/2008 Just in case you don’t know anything about anime and manga

You should know this if you have ever watched anime what I mean when I say an excited nose bleed It is a visual symbol for attraction and lust, generally by a male. Predominantly used as a gag.

In anime females blush prettily when they are romantically touched by the situation. What do males do? Well, one answer is that they become so aroused that they bleed from the nose. This may range from a drop to a literal gout, which certainly looks weird the first time you see it. Silver isn’t actually attracted to Shauni in this case, but as the avid anime fan he is, he concluded the situation needed an explosive nose bleed. Even if it was tomato sauce in a sashay.

6/13/2008 Let’s talk kimono!
Straight from Wiki:
“The kimono is the national costume of Japan. Originally the word 'kimono' literally meant thing to wear but now has come to denote a particular type of traditional full-length garment.
Kimono are T-shaped, straight-lined robes that fall to the ankle, with collars and wide, full-length sleeves. Kimono are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right (except when dressing the dead for burial)and secured by a wide sash called an obi, which is usually tied at the back. Kimono are generally worn with traditional footwear split-toe socks.”
The kimono’s design only allows dainty movements, thus preventing large strides which Shauni is reminded of in the first panel. Shauni has commented on her displeasure of the constricting garment before.
The following series of actions that follow panel two here are traditional scenes leading up to an action sequence with a fighter wearing a kimono. It is all in aid of quickly freeing a hand for combat as the nature of a kimono isn’t really suited for combat as it’s traditionally warn.
To quickly free there hand, the wearer pulls his hand through the sleeve of the kimono. This requires considerable pressure to force the arm threw if it is a woman performing the move as the sash is located higher than on a man. The freed arm is then brought around underneath the underarm. The wearer inserts his hand threw the space between the chest and the kimono, finally pushing his arm forward and thrusting off the kimono in one deft move. The empty shoulder hangs limply over the sash. Here is a clip of Auron from FF 10 doing the exact same thing, except his arm is already free from the sleeve.
Shauni is wearing chest binding over her bra as Yomikko’s kimono is a little to small for her. Also, instead of all the traditional layers to a kimono, Shauni is just wearing shorts. I don’t blame her either, theses about three or four layers to a kimono, and it looks like it’s warm in Onett.
Enjoy the comic, and I hope I see you all next week!

6/11/2008 You remember Opal right?
Okay guys, this comic follows on directly from where we left off at the Onett Holy Ground. We are finally back to the main characters after nearly 2 years! Yay! Hopefully this chapter will see the end of the battle that’s been going on for THREE years. Okay, that’s enough self loathing about my crappy updating schedule over the last year…now, onto randomness!
Seeing as how there's no topic on my mind today that would make for interesting reading, I've decided instead to finally do the movie review I promised ages ago, in an effort to ensure you don’t die of boredom, or god forbid, stop reading the ravings of a mad woman.

I’ve been promising a review of the movie Ironman for a while.
Ironman is an okay movie. Wait, what...? You were expecting more than that? But that involves effort....okay, okay fine, stop throwing things at me.

What first drew me to the film was my friend John Goth. He likes Marvel and apparently the movies sound track was by a band he loved, so, with nothing else on and no good weather to speck of, we went to the cinema. I was kind of excited to see it since I had heard good reviews...however, after watching the firm I was left tarn on my opinion. On the one side, the film had excellent CGI, a decent premise and a good few laughs that completely caught me off guard (i.e I burst out laughing from sheer surprise). On the other hand, the story telling was sub par, most of the characters except Tony didn't really DO anything and the whole thing left me thinking 'was that it?'. All in all, a solid action/ super hero movie, but if you are after any level of depth, you'll be disappointed. Then again, sometimes you want to see two giant robot men battling it out. It’s what kind of mode you are in I guess. Watch it one rainy afternoon on DVD.


5/23/2008 The weight of the world
As is now summary comic tradition Simeon and Shauni are dressed up as characters from an anime. Shauni is ‘Sakura Haruno’ and Simon is ‘Kakashi Hatake’. Both these character are from ‘Naruto‘. ‘Ryoga Hibiki’ from Ranma ½ makes a random appearance at the end.
Fans of both Ranma and Naruto should get this joke, but if you don’t, let me explain. The character Akane from Ranma ½ had her hair cut of by Ryoga during a battle. Similarly, Sakura in Naruto had to cut her own hair of in order to escape from an enemy during a battle. I’ve always found the similarly interesting, and thought I’d make a little joke about it. As for the question ‘why is Ryoga even there in the first place?’, that’s easy. He gets lost…a lot. It wouldn’t surprise me if he randomly appeared in summary comics.
Next week will see a chapter cover for the next chapter. “Chapter Eight: Small Acorns”. The promised review of Iron Man will also go up. I’ve not finished it yet!


5/16/2008 IT’S FINALY OVER!!
w00t! Last comic of the chapter! Finally!! It’s finally over! The mammoth task has finally come to an end! Chapter Six started way back in 2006 http://www.pebbleversion.com/ROM/ROMArchives/ROMCover6.html . With slow plot progress, a delayed updating schedule, and a reduced number of comics a week have dragged this chapter on and on and on (etc). The next comic will be a crappy summary comic, and then we will finally move back to the battle at the Onett Holy lands.
You remember these guys right? http://www.pebbleversion.com/ROM/ROMArchives/ROMStrip149.html
Anyway, I’ll be reviewing the new Iron Man movie next week. Stay tuned.

5/7/2008 An evil loom
This comic was kinda fun to make. It might look like it would take a few minutes to make, but it took me a while to decided what exactly Sloth would say and do. I love working with the character of Sloth. She’s the anti-Shauni after all, but that doesn’t make her ‘evil’ in every way. I think if I’d been chained up in a cell for god knows how long, the first thing I’d want is chocolate too!

Also, just a quick link as to way I used a gecko http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gecko reference in the last panel, just in case you didn’t get it, Gecko’s can climb walls.

Also, I’d like to congratulate my mother and father! It was there 25th wedding anniversary! All the best, from your loving daughter!


4/25/2008 King of the Iron Rail!
The Mokujin substitution spell’ takes it’s name from a fictional character from the Tekken Games. Mokujin is a wooden training dummy who comes to life at the presence of powerful evil. The image of the wooden substitute in the intended victims clothing is a clear homage to the ‘Body Transfer’ technique some of the characters use in the anime Ranma ½. It’s also a homage to the anime Naruto’s “Substitution Jutsu”, which always leaves a log in place of the intended victim. Sloth uses it here as her actual distraction. After all, one should ‘look underneath the underneath’
On that not, I’ve been watching WAY too much Naruto recently. Been catching the Japanese fan translated dub of Naruto Shippuden on the web. It’s about 20 times more awesome than the first part!

On a different note, I went to Alton Towers last Saturday for my birthday, and I survived Oblivion (the world's first vertical drop roller coaster). I was at the front! I will post a picture soon!

Thanks for reading!

4/11/2008 It's moving 20 foot and it's messing with my life!!
Going to steal a line from Josiah's rant on Wednesday.
'Sorry, really wanted to get a normal comic done for today but I just didn't have the time.'
This is true, but what was holding me up was moving my computer!
My sister has resently moved out to her own place, and her room is going spare. To give me a bit more space, I've been moving my desk and computer into her room. I started at 8pm Thrusday night thinking 'Ha, I have the ROM artwork done already. I'll have this thing set up before 10 then i'll have a few hours to colour the comic.'
This was not the case. I've got the computer set up, but the scanner is another issue. The whole thing took me three hours to move and it's still not working!!
I had to take the desk to pieces before I could move it, THAT took me an hour and a half, then another hour to reassemble it, THEN there's the computer itself.
I'm just happy I had SOMETHING to upload for you.
Look out for the comic on Wednesday!! HA! That will be my 23rd birthday too!!
THAT WAS NOT A HINT....yes it was....
Have a nice weekend everyone!

3/22/2008 My, what a month
To start with, I’d like to thank everyone who donated last month. Thanks to all the donations, the donation gauge has hit the $100 mark! Josiah has his own set of donation incentives and I have some too, but mine change from month to month. Usually anyone who donates $10 or more gets a first look at the newest Orca Mystery Dungeon comic, but due to my slow comic updating schedule, it’s likely I wouldn’t have new comics for a person who donated a few times and has already seen everything on offer, and that’s not very fair. So I decided on a new scheme, I’m hoping this one works out.

If the donation gauge reaches $30, I will produce one OMD comic for everyone to read! If we reach $100 I will produce three.

As the donation gauge reached over $100 last month, that means everyone will get to see the next three comics of the OMD comics! One is there for you to look at right now! Check it out!! There will be another one to look at on Friday as well!

Sorry about last Friday…Half way threw the comic colouring on Thursday, and my computer crashed. In retrospect, I'll save the comic 'in-progress' from now on so I don't lose the WHOLE thing.

See you Friday!


3/21/2008 Happy Easter!
Easter has come early this year, and not landed on my birthday as it did in 2006

No comments really today, except that I apologise for a little bit of a cop out comic.
Also, Moen’s bunny costume is actually a cos play of the bunny costume from the ‘Ouran High School host club’ anime that Josiah has reviewed before. I got into the series after he recommended it and wanted to draw one of my bad characters as the bunny. More for my amusement than anything else.

Have a nice Easter, or whatever you celebrate.


3/7/2008 Going to be a quick one
Hi there everyone! Sorry my rant is so short, but I’m in a bit of a hurry. Just a note to let you know I’m designing ROM T-shirts for the up and coming Pebble Version store (like the Grass Kid T-shirt I was working on). Input at this point is more than welcome! (please, I’m REALLY stuck on what you guys would like!!!!)


2/29/2008 Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

Before I start today, I’d like to direct you to this news article about an earthquake in the UK. Some of our American readers my not be impressed with the 5.3 magnitude quake, but I’d like to reminded them it’s the biggest earthquake in the UK for nearly 25 years. I was awakened just before 1am by the tremor, wondering why the hell my BED was moving. It didn’t occur to me it was an earth quake as in England the GROUND isn’t SUPPOSED to MOVE. I only found out on Thursday what it was. It was all very confusing.

Okay, now that that is out of the way, I’ll return to ROM comic news.

Last weeks comic needed some explanation and I failed/ forgot to provide it, so here it is.

Firstly, the word 'valkyrie' comes from the Old Norse valkyrja (plural 'valkyrur'), from the words 'val' (slain) and 'kyrja' (choose). Literally the term means choosers of the slain. In Norse mythology the valkyries are minor female deities, who served Odin. Although he is named after warrior women, Valkyrie is very much male. His name was chosen as Moen’s life literally rest in his hands. Let him be slain, or face the wrath of the outraged crowed so he can have a trail.

Secondly, Fable in the second panel is making an obvious Phoenix Wright reference here. I’ve yet to play the Nintendo DS game myself yet, but the image and slogan have become interrogated in pop culture, and it’s kinda obvious what it’s referring to. Come on, she’s even wearing his suit!

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about TODAYS comic!

Some of the lines spoken by Fable here are from the famous Edgar Allan Poe poem ‘The Raven’. 'The Raven' is a narrative poem first published in January 1845, by American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe. It tells of a talking raven's mysterious visit to a distraught lover, tracing the latter's slow descent into madness. The lover is lamenting the loss of his love, Lenore. The raven, sitting on a bust of Pallas, seems to further instigate his distress with its constant repetition of the word, 'Nevermore.' Throughout the poem. If you are having trouble understanding the events in the poem due to the use of old English, it’s ‘translated’ on wikipedia.

Also, as a forewarning, I’m having internet trouble at home, and it’s is probably going to effect ROM updates. Keep a check on this thread for updates on the issue.


2/22/2008 T-Shirts and stuff
Almost 6 months ago I started working on a few T-shirt designs for Josiah. I put the project on hold when he went of to Japan as I assumed he wouldn’t need them. About 2 months ago he told me that he was still actually waiting for me to get off my butt and DO something and that he hadn’t given up the idea of T-shirts while he was away. The delays are my entire fault, and for that I’m sorry.

To make up for my terrible neglect of this project, I’m putting ROM comics on the backburner as I really need to concentrate on this T-shirt and get the designs sorted. There is currently two versions of the 'grass kid' t-shirt uploaded on the galley!

Question: Why is it taking so long to finish the T-shirts? You’ve had months!

Answer: I had an attack of Real Life, which includes, but is not limited to: Dating, courtship, work, redecorating, holidays and the like. I’ve only had time for one ROM comic a week as is for four months now...and I’ll be honest, I put the project on hold for so long I forgot until Josiah mentioned it in a forum post yesterday.

In other news I fell on my arse ice skating and banged the base of my spin. Because it was a spinal injury they (the first aiders that work there) wouldn’t let me walk of the ice, I had to wait for a gurney. It was all very embarrassing and now my back/ bum hurts like hell.

Also, on a happy note, I uploaded a picture of the flowers Rowie_me got me!

Have a nice weekend!

2/15/2008 Back into the swing of things
Well, here we are, back to story comics. They take longer than the Holiday comics did to make because the drawings are more technical and require longer to draw and colour. For the foreseeable future they will be updated every Friday. If these is going to be more than one comic a week it will be uploaded on Wednesday. Comics on a Monday seem to be a pipe dream at this point.

Anyway, on a personal note, I’d like to give a shout out to my Boyfriend Rowie_me. He bought me the most beautiful collection of flowers for Valentines Day. I’ll upload a picture to the gallery at some point next week! Keep any eye out for it!

Also, happy birthday to John Goth and Cory!


That’s it! Its done! This is the last ‘The Snowbird’ comic. Next week will take us back to regular comics, and maybe I can finally finish that chapter LOL. It seems I have trouble getting chapters done. The Snowbird was supposed to be 5 comics, not eleven lol.
We have fan art today of Opal by Silver. You can find it in the fan art section that is under the archives, or you can look at in on his Deviant Art website.
Specking of DA, check out the gallery. There are new drawings.
Keep in touch!


2/1/2008 Blame Eternal Sonata
Sorry folks, but there isn't going to be a ROM comic. I started playing a new Xbox 360 game today and I didn't realise it had gone past 9.30pm before I got off it. I'll get to work on it on Friday, so you'll have a comic on Monday and Friday next week. Also of note is the fact they will be the LAST two of the season arch,
Back to story comics after next week.

1/25/2008 Playing on Stereotypes, part two
Cedric the snowman looked so stereotypically English, I played on that stereotype. As an English person myself, this proved very amusing.
Earl Grey is a popular tea in England, but I personally don’t have a great love of tea. I prefer hot chocolate and soft drinks.
Florence takes after her creator Connie. She just has to look at you a particular way and you just can’t seem to say no. LOL

Shauni-sama employed the same technique here and Simeon openly admitted he couldn’t say ‘no’ to that face. Maybe Florence is a regular reader.
Enjoy your weekend!


1/23/2008 Some more fandom references
Since the snowman playing with Simeon’s face is a fan boy, I decided to have him talk like a stereotypical one.
A furry refers to furry fandom
Kawaii is simply the Japanese word meaning ‘cute
OMG simply stands for ‘Oh my good’.
The last sound effect is really just a homage to VG Cat’s Inuyasha comic
Enjoy your week, and see you Friday!


1/18/2008 Polka Dot underpants
Seeing your father in his underwear would be a traumatic experience for anyone…

If anyone can suggest a good psychologist for Mahri, please let her know.

As said previously, Cedric © Rowie_me, One Piece Fanboy © Silver and Florence © Connie. Florence is the snow lady with the major blush. I wouldn’t have thought snowmen could blush.

Also, Root beer is a beverage also known as Sarsparilla outside of North America. Root beer, comes in two forms: alcoholic and soft drink. The type that’s being drunk here is the soft drink. The soft drink version of root beer is non-alcoholic and is generally made using root beer extract or other flavoured syrups diluted into carbonated water.

A keg is a cylindrical container, usually constructed of aluminium, steel or wood. It is commonly used to store, transport, and serve beer.

On a final note, check out the gallery for some artwork.

Same time next week!


1/11/2008 Little Girl Sleepy
This comic was done at 11pm on Thursday night….this new post was written at 23:55 pm on Thursday night…that means it’s a short on.
As said in the comic Cedric © Rowie_me, One Piece Fanboy © Silver and Florence © Connie. These are the Snowmen from the forum contest before New Year. This little bonus arch has two or three more comics before it ends, so if I manage to again make 2 comics a week, we will see the return of regular comics the week after.
For people who are clueless about One Piece (as I shamefully admit I am) you can read about it here (This link is overloaded with spoilers. Read at your own risk.).

Have a good weekend!

1/9/2008 I will distract you with the power of alchemy! *Claps* *Runs*
Yeah…I’m sorry about my crummy time keeping…I did have a comic done for Wednesday last week, but Josiah missed the e-mail when he updated so it only went up on Friday. I was SUPPOSED to then have the intended comic for Friday posted on Monday…but I kinda…okay, I forgot to upload it on Sunday night. *blush*…so here it is, and next Friday will see a comic as usual.
As for distracting you with Alchemy, here is a link to a Full metal Alchemist the Abridged Series on youtube. It’s a funny fan parady. I got into Full Metal Alchemist last year after a lot of readers pointed out that some of the manga’s themes and concepts were very similar to ROM. Over Christmas there was a Full Metal marathon on Anime Central. Lets just say I fell in love with the series even more and its now in my top three best anime ever.
Anyway, I’ll review the real Full Metal Alchemist series some other time.
Gotta go!

12/26/2007 Holiday Delays
Wasn't the entire point of a random schedule NOT having to post stuff like this? Anyway, the point is that the Snowbird comics had some SEVERE delays because of the holidays and everything. I’m going to try to make two comics next week and the week after that. This little festive interlude should finish mid January.

Happy Holidays!


12/21/2007 Shauni VS Motorway barrier
Um....I had a thing happen to me last Saturday...

Not to be dramatic, but I was in a car accident in my boyfriends car. Don't worry, I got hurt but it was only a minor injury. My boyfriend and I were on a three lane motorway going around 70 miles an hour in the over taking lane when a tire blew out on the left side. In a word, we ended up hitting the metal barrier in the middle of the road then ended up on the hard shoulder.

We are both okay, and I have mentioned this on the forums before, but I wanted to publicly thank everyone who has wished Paul and I well after our accident.

The completion that was running on the forum has now ended. Lucky participants will see there Snowmen brought to life before the end of this holiday themed chapter.

On that note, I’d like to mention two things.

One, the snowman is Silver, if it wasn’t obvious.
Secondly, the full image of Mahri here can be seen on the gallery.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I got a PSP. Yay for me.

Also x2, hello to Merlin! She’s still hosting Shauni over at Random Encounter.
Happy Holidays Merlin!

Keep smiling!


12/7/2007 It’s that time again…tis the season to be festive! La la la la la…ect
Last year we celebrated the holiday season with Ryan Antonio’s ‘The Season’. This year I decided the do a similar thing again to mark the occasion. The whole of this month will see ROM’s take on the classic story ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs.

The Snowman animated film was adapted from Raymond Briggs beautiful book which was organically published in 1978 by Hamish Hamilton.
The film was made by TVC London who had been commissioned by Channel 4 when it was just launched. No-one knew the film would be such a success. It won a BAFTA for Best Children’s Drama and was OSCARTM nominated.
This year The Snowman celebrates 25 years on Film. As part of the celebrations, I’ve decided to make this little parody staring the ROM cast. ‘The Snowbird will run up until the beginning of January.

There is currently a chance to get YOUR snowman IN this little festive parody. Click here to see details

I hope you enjoy it!

The film has been broadcast all over the world. It has always been successful in the UK, but it has also been very popular in Japan, Korea and in Europe. It has achieved a ‘cult’ status in America. Anyone who has not seen this wonderful firm can watch the whole thing on youtube here. If your interested in the book, you can find it here.

11/30/2007 Late night again
I got the comic done just on time, as I’m writing this its 12:25 am on Friday morning. ROM the comic will be back to Friday updates as usual as of this week. If you want to see more Orca Mystery Dungeon comics, please get the monthly donation gage up to $25 and the next three comics will be uploaded to the site. Alternatively, a single donation of $10 will put you on the e-mailing list to be sent the comics to you personally, regardless of monthly donation results.

Keep reading!


11/24/2007 The return of: Part 12
Yeah, I know, I'm sorry there isn't a ROM comic today. I was at a concert on Wednesday night till stupid a clock, so I had to do the artwork for today's comic on Thursday, everything was ready for me to make a comic at 8pm when my computer decided to play up. I got it working at about 10pm, but at this point I really needed to start getting all my things ready for work and wash my hair. I'm in work at 8am today, so I didn't really have time to make the comic AND go to bed at a reasonable hour....
So am asking you to bear with me, the comic above is a nice little filler from the Orca Mystery dungeon comics I’ve been making as donation incentives. You'll get one on Monday and Wednesday next week, then a standard ROM comic on the Friday. This is my way of apologising. Keep an eye on this thread for more updates on the comic status, and an upcoming competition.

11/16/2007 Stevenson!
Hello everyone! To start today I have a shout out for our editor Stevenson. I’d like to wish him luck in this school year. Heck, if my adoring fans were to wish him luck I’m sure he’d appreciate a PM on the forum.

I’d like to remind readers that if donations reach the required $25, I will make ALL of the current OMD comics available to everyone, AND make three new ones! ((Remember, donations towards ROM also count as donations towards Pebble Version and vice versa so you'll get two sets of donation bonuses! - Josiah))

On one last note, keep a look out on this forum for a FREE competition I’m going to be starting this month. Keep checking for more details

Tune in next week for more ROM good ness.


11/9/2007 Gun powder, treason and hot pot
Well hello readers of ROM the comic! I’ve had a very boring week on the most part, except for Monday when I nearly died twice.

* enter sounds of crickets here *

I thought that would grab you attention LOL!

Last Monday I was attending my Auntie’s yearly Bon Fire celebration when two fireworks misfired. No one got hurt, but they could have been…so this week I would like to make you all aware of the dangers of fireworks

Anyway, for our readers unaware of what Bonfire is, allow me to give you a brief over view ^_^

Bonfire Night is an annual celebration on the evening of the 5th of November. It celebrates the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot of the 5th of November 1605 in which a number of Roman Catholic conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament situated in the UK.

It is primarily marked in the United Kingdom, but also in former British colonies including New Zealand, parts of Canada, and parts of the British Caribbean. Bonfire Night was also common in Australia until the 1980s.

Festivities are centred around the use of fireworks and the lighting of bonfires

In the UK, several foods that are traditionally consumed on Bonfire night are:

* black treacle goods such as bonfire toffee and parkin
* toffee apples
* baked potatoes, which are wrapped in foil and cooked in the bonfire or its embers
* black peas with vinegar

Well, that’s it for now really. Please donate to Pebble Version this month. You could win a prize! I’ve also decided to add my own donation incentive. If we reach the required $25, I will make ALL of the current OMD comics available to everyone, AND make three new ones!

Please donate!


11/2/2007 Happy belated Halloween!
I know it’s a little late, but I had the artwork for this comic done on Monday, and I was going to make it on Tuesday, but I got back a lot later from a works do that I expected, so here it is today!
I’ll have a longer news post for you next week!
Enjoy the weekend!

10/26/2007 Hounds and bowls of soups
I went to a concert on Wednesday night. A gig at the Manchester Apollo to watch a band called ‘Bowling For Soup’. That’s basically why there weren’t two comics as promised. I spent Tuesday night getting travelling information for the trip down there. Not much of an excuse, but it is the real reason. The gig was awesome anyway!!
I got the chance to hear a band called ZebraHead for the first time. They were good.
The Bloodhound gang followed them. They preformed some of my favourite songs on stage
. ((Apologies to Shauni, but I decided that the music video link she wanted here just isn't appropriate for this site. Older readers can look up the band's videos on their own if they want to. - Josiah))
Bowling for Soup were awesome again. I saw them live at the Download Festival at the beginning of the year.
Anyway, this is Shauni, signing off!

10/19/2007 Scenes from the cutting room floor
Hello all! I managed to make another comic! The artwork you see here was the original drawings for ROM 3, however, at the time, I lost the artwork and had to make a quick filler. After this comic I started getting a feel for making the comics, and they started to come out okay.
That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoy your weekend.
I’m not making any promises, but there is a SLIGHT chance there will be two ROM comics next week!

10/17/2007 A trip down memory lane!
This weekend I trawled through a bunch of my old ROM comic sketches, and found some artwork from Chapter Zero. For those not in the know I’ve been doing it because of the ROM Restoration Project. This basically means remaking the old ROM comics. Friday’s comic will be a RRP Comic. I won’t spoil the surprise about which comic in the archive is going to be replaced with a sparkling new one! Look out for it!

Enjoy your double update week to make up for my major fail last week. (If you didn’t notice, I didn’t update last week ^_^’ )

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your week…and see you Friday!

10/5/2007 Wale…? As in an Orca whale…? NO
I spent two days this week hiking in Wales. I spent the time staying in a static caravan in Towyn.
A forum member named Gardialvoir asked me “what's Wales like?”
I found that an interesting question, so, I decided to answer it here ^_^

Wales is a strange place to describe really…think the mountains of Scotland…right next to the ocean with a million caravans on the flat plains…with Blackpool style attractions…that no one goes to…that is what Wales is like. I stayed in an area called Towyn, near Ryle. It’s not really been done up since the 60s by the looks of it, and because it was off season, everything was closed. The scenery is fantastic though. Within walking distance of each other is a pebble beach that’s dwarfed by really high mountains. The whole place is breath taking, if a little dated amusements wise. Worth a visit if you like hiking, if you want arcade gaming…go somewhere else. Also, the place names inland are IMPOSSIBLE to pronounce.


9/28/2007 The king of the jungle
Disney fans may notice that the first panel of the comic looks like Scar from the Lion King
After I'd finished drawing Simeon, I remembered the battle at the end of the movie when Scar comes charging forward surrounded by fire. It is an image that still makes me shiver, much like another one Final Fantasy Fans will know
Anyway, just though i'd point it out...
That's it from me this week. Going to Wales agon on Monday so won't be around for most of the week, but should still be a ROM comic on Friday.

9/21/2007 Final Fantasy 3...wait, shouln't there be a '1' before that?

Yes, I have finaly bought FF 3 for my DS from e-bay. Here is a little youtube clip that shows you the game play and also has a nice little voice over review that I mostly agree with.
Anyway, this marks an important event for your artist. As some of you know, the FF games are my second fav series (only just beaten to the post by pokemon) and the fact I finally have FF 3 in my hand marks the fact I have every FF game between 1-12. I have a few of the spin off as well, like legends 1 and 2, Dirge of Cerberus, tatics advanced ((She really need the original FF Tactics, which is getting a PSP port in a couple week. It's awesome. Way better than FFTA which was pretty good anyway. - Josiah)) and the Kingdom Heart Series (cameo's, but meh...the FF cast are in there) as well as both movies.

((If you're curious: Legends 1-3 and Adventure are all old games for the original Gameboy and actually aren't FF games. Legends 1-3 are Saga games and Adventure is a Mana game but the names got changed for the US releases in an attempt to sell more copies. Also, in addition to the movies, there are two FF anime series Legend of the Crystals (an OAV very very loosely based off FFV) and Unlimited (which has some familiar monster and music but otherwise is a little kids show) neither of which are really worth watching. In addition, there any many spin off games and cameo games that Shauni didn't mentioned. A few of them got released in the US but most never made it out of Japan. - Josiah))

To mark the occasion, lets have a little look at the future FF.
Please refer to this link for regular ROM news.

9/17/2007 ROM Restoration Project takes off!

Behold! The first ROM comic ever! These are the original artworks for the first ROM comic, draw back in September 2004, redone to fit with the current format. The first version of the comic used real photographic backgrounds, because at the time, I thought they looked better…but I’ve come to believe that the original hand drawn backgrounds fit in much better with the cruder artwork. The text hasn’t changed significantly in this comic. The only real difference is it’s been ‘gleamed up’ and the text ‘Of hardship and of sorrow’ has been added to reflect the true nature of the comic as it is today.
In case you didn't know, this was originally a Role Playing game on the Pebble Version forums.
The topic was originally started by a forum member called Golden_Sun, and follows the misadventures of 5 gamers after getting sucked into a computer game. ((Although, aside from the basic premis, the comic's story line is significantly different than the original RP story. - Josiah))
The title ROM actually stands for "Realm of Monsters", and the game world they have been drawn into is the magical land of Orca.
If you want to make a contribution to the comic, please use the paypal button on the left of this message.
Please refer to this link for regular ROM news.


9/14/2007 A link and the past!
I’ve had a very good few weeks recently. ROM comics are still behind sequel…but I DID find some very EARLY material from ROM’s first year of development while I was tidying some old paper work I had. I’ll be uploading a few of them now and then as fillers if I need to. The very first ROM comic will be posted on Monday in all its re-edited glory. The original comic, which can be seen here, was in fact fully pencil drawn and coloured. At the time I thought the real backgrounds looked better, but thanks to a better scanner and paintshop pro 8, the original artwork with current techniques looks rather nice.

I’d officially like to state the RRP (ROM restoration project) has begun! Expect to see some of my older comics with edits and modifications to be uploaded over the next few weeks. These included the first 10-20 comics being edited to fit into the current standard format and size, as well as some of the crappier comics being removed completely. You may also find some of the earlier dialogued changed, but I will have a full walkthrough for these comics to explain the changes…so don’t worry.

I have a new link for you!

Black Tapestries is a long term fav of mine. It’s got some scenes not suitable for younger readers, so beware. The story follows the life of a Were Fox named Lorelei, and believe me, she’s has it rather tough…well, actually, her life would make grown men cry.

Brilliant artwork, wonderful story telling, and a strong female lead.

In a word: Excellent


9/7/2007 Please, take a moment
Legendary Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, who brought opera to the masses, died on Thursday after a battle with cancer. He was 71. My deepest sympathies go out to his friends and family. Pavarotti brought Opera to the common people, and preformed with the grace and passion only the Italian’s posses. You are in my thoughts and priers.
Thursday also marked the funeral of Rhys Jones. Rhys was shot as he walked home from football practice in Croxteth, Liverpool, on August 22. Gun crime in the UK was almost unheard of 20 years ago, but I am more and more disturbed with the number of reports documenting knife and gun shot victims, people being beaten by gangs and needless deaths. My thoughts and priers also go out to victims of violent crime.
It has to stop.
It HAS to stop.

8/31/2007 Paro-paro-parodie!
Recently I’ve found myself addicted to Weird Al If you don’t know who that is, you should be ashamed. He’s even been on the Simpsons.
ANYWAY, my personal favourites include the Virus Alert and the E-bay songs.
My point being, I love parodies. If you know of any songs that are parodies of existing songs, or just funny ones like the beer song, send me a PM on the forum. I’ll be happy to hear from you.
Make sure to refer to this thread for news on ROM updates.

8/24/2007 Ranma! I kill!

I am such a shameful fan girl. Today’s comic takes a classic quote from Ranma ½. The last panel is a blatant homage to Shampoo’s entrance into the series. I just couldn’t resist LOL. Shampoo’s influence can also be seen in Opal.
No news is good news as they say, so I have good new. I have no bad news.
Please refer to the news subject below for information and links that will effect the comics update seclude for a while.


8/17/2007 ROM the Comic

Hello guys.
I'm not exactly sure on how the updates for ROM are going to be effected by Josiah's move to Japan, but stay tuned to this thread for live updates about the topic. ROM comics will continue to update every Friday on that thread, when they can be uploaded by Josiah is anther issue.

One last not, take a look at Rowie_me's video over at Youtube. Rowie_me (a.k.a Paul) plays the part of 'The Fonz'. This was a video he made a while ago advertising venture scouts. Please post your comments on his web page. He really wants some feedback.


8/3/2007 Gone Theme-parkin

I’ve headed off to Blackpool for the weekend with Paul (a.k.a Rowie_me if you’ve been playing The Darkness online for PS3 recently). I’ll be back in a few days. Be good kiddies.


7/27/2007 She's now 21...and I feel old.

My kid sister is now 21. Not so much of a kid anymore LOL.



7/20/2007 Old news is new news!

Anyone remember these two from WAY back when? Isn't that odd? Two of the 7 sins were at the scene were Moen went nuts. I'm thinking indirect plot implications!

Anyway, today's comic does not have typos. It's casual talking. There teens. I know, it's kinda sad to do casual text for talking, but I felt like doing it.

Also, I misspelt Stevenson in last weeks news post. Sorry about that ^_^'


7/13/2007 It's only happy friday!

Okay peeps, from a while there may only be one comic a week on a Friday. I've been finding it hard to fit in making one comic, never mind three over the last few weeks, so I'm setting the updates back to the way they were when ROM first started for a while. I'll make a few extra comics until I have a steady buffer. Once i'm happy i'm ahead, i'll start updating twice a week.

Today's comic is the third cameo from the 'Be the mob' contest. Thid character belongs to Steveson. Those who know the ins ands outs will know that Steveson is our editor. Hi Steveson!

Now I only owe Shadowman one ^_^'


7/6/2007 Full Metal Alchemist

I've been watching an Anime series called Full Metal alchemist recently because a few readers have pointed out a potent similarity with some of the idea's I've used in ROM. I was surprised myself how similar some of my ideas are to ones present within the anime and manga. Anyway, here is a link to the cutest little clip from the series. I believe it was the original ending to the Japanese version of the movie, but it was cut out from the American version. Don't watch it if you don't want to spoil the plot. I'll write more on the series later.


6/29/2007 Kami and Shikigami 101

Some people have been asking me what exactly Kasumi and Fable are. I’ve explained it in the comic, but I guess a more detailed explanation of the ins and outs here won’t hurt. I’ll start with Fable.

Fable is a shikigami http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shikigami , much like a western familiar. In real world mythology, shikigami can take a variety of human or animal forms, possess or bewitch people. Within the world of Orca, shikigami are a type of parasitic familiar that ‘live’ within their masters. Usually dormant, they can be summoned by their host and take on a separate physical form to carry out bewitching or possessions like there real world counterparts. They take an aspect of their host's body, usually a hand or a part of their face, which is why only Kami are able to use shikigami as a live master would be killed when the parasite was brought out of hibernation. This is not to say shikigami do not dwell within living hosts, they just can’t take on a separate physical form. In these instances, they are considered a parasitic infection and are treated with medication.

Kasumi is a kami http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kami which is often mistranslated as ‘god’ or ‘deity’. The world in Japanese refers to any supernatural spirit or forces of nature. The word ‘kami’ also means ‘paper’. In the comic, Kasumi is described by Shauni as a ‘soulless paper golem’, a being reanimated. Kami are created using Necromancy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necromancer . Within the world of Orca, it is possible to call back a spirit from the realm of the dead and place it within the flesh it once inhabited. The flesh of the dead person is rapped in special magic paper in a similar fashion to the Egyptian mummification http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mummy . The spirit of the dead person sparks life back into the body, and spells written on the paper allow the spirit to attach itself back to the flesh. The process does not revive the body; it merely allows it to be moved by the spirit again. This results in Kami having dead and rotting flesh held in place by paper. Many kami sustain their body with more and more magic paper, gaining them the nick name ‘paper golems’. Not many people know that Kami were once living people, or the horrible fact that they are working corpses. The church's official line is that they are merely soulless puppets, created by priests in order to communicate with the dead. The truth is they are slaves used by the church for their former knowledge and abilities. The kami continue to serve the church as only they can provide the paper they need to stay alive. Without it, the kami would slowly rot into dust, and never be able to detach themselves from their flesh to return to the world of the dead.

Due to there undead nature, kami can sustain a shikigami symbiotic without dying when they summon it. This is a useful skill that kami employ in order to carry out their own agendas without the church finding out.

When a kami ‘regenerates’ they rebuild parts of their body using magic paper. This can result in some horrible mutations to their flesh, but it is necessary if they want to avoid rotting into nothing.

Burning a kami is the only way to kill it as it destroys the magic paper that binds their body and soul together.

I hope that clears a few things up. I’d also like to point out that Kasumi isn’t the first Kami you have seen. There are two other ‘undead’ kami that have already appeared. I’ll let you guess who these two are.

Ta ta!


6/27/2007 Made it!

I actually had a comic made for Wednesday like I said! Let's hope I make Friday as well and thats three in one week! A normal update week! OMG!


6/25/2007 Hello!

Yeah! I made a Monday update! Sorry there was only one comic last week. My Dad spent Thrusday afternoon on Google Maps looking at photos of our house. He spent 3 hours on the thing. It's sad but true.

There will be a comic to view on Friday this week. I'm trying to have an update for Wednesday as well, but lets just wait and see.


6/15/2007 Download Festival 2007 review

Download...the destination for all those who love their rock music loud.
But were the bands any good? Below I review some of them:

IRON MAIDEN - The legends that are Iron Maiden closed the weekend as the headlining band on Sunday night.

They put on a crowd-pleasing set which had the whole place singing along with Bruce to classics like The Trooper, Run To The Hills, Two Minutes To Midnight and Hallowed Be Thy Name.

There were even entertaining appearances from their mascot Eddie, as Maiden once again showed why there is no better metal band on the planet.

KORN - Fans were bulging out of the Dimebag Darrell stage, going as far back as the eye could see to listen to a rocking hour and a half set from Korn.

They played a few songs from their forthcoming album, plus classics such as Falling Away From Me, Clown and Blind.

Korn put on an excellent performance, let's just hope next time they are on the main stage where they deserve to be.

MARILYN MANSON - I HATE MANSON...but I do like his songs.Thankfully he kept his interaction with the crowd to a minimum, choosing instead to plough through his crowd pleasing play list.

SLAYER - Slayer put on an amazing battering performance, which left the crowd hungry for more.

The mosh pit went crazy as they headbanged along and joined in with their roaring songs like Raining Blood and Mandatory Suicide.

EVANESCENCE: Best band ever.

"Yes we've got a grand piano onstage, so what? I'm one of the only chicks singing melodies up here."

Enough said.

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE - As soon as Gerard Way's band were announced for this festival the complaints started from the true metal fans.
At the event they were met with worse than just words. As the band played, they were pelted with bottles, apples and urine.

Gerard even joked: "It's great to be back in the UK."

The music was good, when you could hear it over the boos, but this one will always be remembered as a massive mistake on the part of the organisers.

Shauni rates this with five stars
I'm going again next year!

6/13/2007 I’m back baby!

I have returned from the Download Festival! And as you can see, I actually made a comic when I said I would! Hazer!
Anyway, just a heads up, my new internet set up at home has gone down again. The wireless router we bought for the PC is broken so I don’t have access at home.
I’ll keep you updated on this thread with news on comics. Friday’s update is looking secure at the moment though.

I’ll review Download next Friday XX

Hurray for alternative internet access!

6/6/2007 Change to updates....again

((Monday's comic was posted correctly in the archices but accidently didn't get put on the main page. It's there now. - Josiah))

I know I promised comics for Monday/ Wednesday this week, but it's not going to happen...again. The updates now are Monday this week and Wednesday/ Friday next week. I was going to make today's comic yesterday, but there were a few things for my trip I needed to pic up and it ended up taking me all afternoon. I'm going to have to produce the Download comics when I get back.

Sorry to be such a pain ^_^'

See you when I get back!

6/4/2007 Change to updates

I know I promised a comic Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday this week, but it's not going to happen. The updates now are Monday/ Wednesday this week and Wednesday/ Friday next week. I thought I would have time before I headed out to the festival to make three comics, but with getting everthing ready and shopping for essentials, i've not had the time...

Today is the first comic of three to chronical my trip to Download 2007. I've been planning this trip since Febuary and i'm really looking forward to my first rock festival. I'll be leaving for the gig on Wednesday and will be camping out for five days, returning on Suday night. This means i'm not going to be online at all during that period. I'll be sending Wednesday's comic to Josiah before I leave and making one on the Monday after I get back.

Here's praying it's going to be a blast!

And yes, I will have purple hair.

6/1/2007 Small Holiday

Hello People, next week i'm going to a music festival called the 'Download Festival'. I'll write more about it on Monday. There will be three comics that chronical my trip. They will go up Monday, Wednesday and Friday ^_^

Check back for more info! For British readers, theres the chance i'll see you there!

5/31/2007 Updates

Sorry for lack of news updates. ROM comics will be two a week for a while. Check here to find out what days comics will be coming.


5/16/2007 Updates for the week

There will be a comic on Friday as well. People who want to be kept updated on my progress should check here.

See you all on Friday ^_^


5/7/2007 Short and Sweet

The updates for this week will include today and Friday. Next week should also see two comics.


5/4/2007 Hello everyone. Welcome to the way things are.

A few of the ROM comics may be done in pencil. I can get them done on time and I think they look good. Don't worry, normal comic methods will remain the norm, but I must admit I enjoy making the comics this way.

Revelation! Haku and Shinmaru are brothers!! This should also help you guess how many years ago the flashbacks are taking place. This is not the 'Great War' from ten years ago, but it is getting closer to current events.


5/2/2007 Sorry Folks

I'm really sorry about the lack of consistent updates recently. New games, course work (I’ve been doing some training at work that also demands revision in my free time), inconsistent home internet connections, computer problems and general 'me having a life' have stopped me from making comics regularly. I'm not going to put ROM on hiatus...I won't, but this means you'll have to forgive me for missing lots of updates. Hopefully with my new broadband internet from sky going active later this week, I won't have a problem any more.

Today’s comic has the second winner of the 'be the mob' contest. Olivia Stevens entered a fan character named Deslaya before the contest; I decided to enter it for her. Congrats.

I am suspending my donation incentives for now. I just don't have time to make any extra comics. If you donate $10 or more this month, when I eventually make the comics, I will send them to you. Please make a note to Josiah that you want the comics and I will e-mail them to you when they are done.

Regards and apologies


4/23/2007 Cassius © Celebifly

Today’s character is named Cassius and belongs to Celebifly. It is the first winner from the ‘Be the Mob’ contest I ran a month ago. The next few comics will have some more winners in them.

I will be missing Wednesday’s comic this week, but there will be a comic on Friday.


4/20/2007 Getting back on track

Two updates a week seems to be working for me at the moment. I should be able to keep up with this pace, so please bear with me for a while until I can get back to three comics.

New OMD bonus comics for donations will be available at the end of the month for $10 for three comics.


4/16/2007 Happy Birthday to me!
Like the comic says, it’s my birthday again! As a present to you from me, I’m giving you a sneak peak at things to come between Shauni and Jeff. Enjoy the shy blushes!

4/13/2007 One shot

This is not a crappy filler comic, but more like a 'ROM Moment' comic. When I don't have time to make a full action comic, I will make a 'buffer' comic like this one. Its a scene stretcher, and lets me work on the next full comic at my own pace. In other words, its not necessary for the story, but it gives me time to make the next comic without messing the archive up with inconsistent fillers.



BTW, next Monday is my birthday, so there will be a special comic done by me to mark the occasion!

4/11/2007 How could I forget about Easter?

I’m getting back on tracks with the comics, so I’m almost 99.9% sure there will be at least two ROM comics a week for a while. I did intend to do something special for Easter…but I forgot…luckily Celebifly didn’t! Go read her ROM Easter Fan Fiction!

Random link time! I’d like to link you to Silver’s gallery over at the Deviant Art sight (my gallery is also hosted there). Silver (creator of Silver…obviously) has some nice art on his site, including some ROM fan art, which you can also found here on our site.

4/6/2007 Where ROM Stands

((Sorry about the weird update schedule lately. For some reason a lot of Shauni's e-mails to me have been getting lost in transit recently. - Josiah))

In the interest of quality over quantity and possibly FINALLY getting ahead with comics, story comics will be on either Monday and Friday or Wednesday and Friday. My intent is for this to be temporary, as I definitely prefer three comics a week. A lot of computer problems have plagued me recently, even more so than usual. Even when I’ve had a working computer, I’ve little to no time to work on the comic. It’s hard to find 5 hours in a week to work on a comic. I don’t want to put the comic on hiatus, so please bear with the delays just a little longer. There were no donations worthy of three OMD comics for March, so I’ve decided to make three new ones when we get a donation of $10 or more from one person. They just take too long for me to make a set, only to have no one see them anyway. In other words, your not missing out on anything anyway.

3/26/2007 No new ROM comic. Why?
As you can see, there is no new ROM comic today. Readers should refer to the forum for updates on the ROM comic. I've been having a hard time keeping up with the time table resently. I may have to switch to two a week for a while. Please stay tuned.

3/23/2007 Pokemon Diamond

Before we begin, Ryan Antonio has a new gallery on DA and commission service for artwork. Keen readers will remember Ryan wrote the script for ‘The Season’ at Christmas, and he also created Simeon and is a forum mod. Go give him a visit. He has contributed a lot to what ROM is today. Random shout out to Stevenson to, just for the hell of it!

I believe I promised you a review of the Japanese import of Pokemon Diamond, did I not? Diamond and Pearl won't materialize on shelves in English until April 22, so I decided to do the one thing I have never done. Import a game in a different language.

I figured a combination of fan translations from the internet, and a general understanding of the game mechanics from the previous games would get me through the title. I was right! I am currently training my team to take on the Elite four. I beat three of them without much concern, but then I was absolutely thrashed by the fourth trainer. My level 50+ team didn't stand a chance against the fire might of level 60s. Anyway, the review.

Pokemon Diamond take's place in a new region named Sinnoh. The entire game looks considerably better than the last canon Game Boy Advance games due to the dual-screen advantage. Colors are more vibrant, character sprites have been enhanced and buildings no longer look like flat structures. Battle scenes still take place in that 2D sequence, but also benefit from the higher color palette that helps the game boast superior shading. It also has some of the most impressive cut scenes of any pokemon title.

The appearance of characters has been improved, but the process in which you play as a rookie Pokemon trainer hasn’t been disturbed. As either a boy or a girl, players begin their quest to the Pokemon League Championship by meeting a new Professor, picking between three initial creatures and collecting hundreds more to completely fill out a Pokedex. The game’s Pokedex has a whopping 493 pokemon this time round. Players can recapture creatures in the new game or upload previously captured Pokemon from an old GBA Pokemon game by sticking it into DS’ second slot (I have not yet tried this to see if an English language version works with the import). While there are no new monster types in Pokemon Diamond, there are allot of new type combinations. One of the most interesting I found was ice/ grass.

Brand new in-game technology is also fun to play around with like the wristwatch that helps you find hidden treasure or find out how to navigate Sinnoh with maps. Of course, it can tell time, too, which is another cool and important function of the game. You see, the game’s time is set in real time and certain creatures only come out at night (this involves night cycles that have not been scene since Gold and Silver), while others only appear during the day.

Besides filling out your Pokedex and advancing to the League Championship, there are a lot of diversions along the way. There are eight gym bosses with badges and an always pesky rival. There are nearly 100 TMs and 8 HMs to collect and a new team of villains to defeat. There are also pokemon contests to put your Pokemon through. All old news to avid pokemon fans, but still fantastic none the less.

Despite the language barrier, I found this game refreshing and allot of fun. I'd have to give the game 10 out of 10.

Gamers who are thinking to purchase the import should refer to this game guide and this pokedex. ((Or you could just wait a month for the the US release. - Josiah)) I found them very useful during my gaming.

3/16/2007 75% of people who read today’s comic will try to lick their elbow.

I am full of useless facts like this one. I needed Kasumi to think something odd and random like that in order to get Kevin’s attention. He is psychic after all, but he doesn’t actively read everyone’s minds around him. It’s like there are conversations going on around him, and when something is said that relates to him or is completely off the wall, he suddenly pays attention. Kasumi knew this and used the ‘lick your elbow’ line to perk his interest. Of note, Kevin’s eyes turn black when he is using his powers to read other people’s minds. I haven’t made a mistake. It was intentional.

BTW, we have fan art from Silver. It was submitted a while ago, but I kept forgetting. It has given me the evil idea of doing a few Crossplay images for the Gallery

And now, a quick review of donation incentives.

Personal donations of $10 will get you access to 3 exclusive Orca Mystery Dungeon comics that will not be available to the general public. If Josiah's group donation gauge reaches $50 or more, a wallpaper will become available to everyone. $75 will get you a new chapter of Project Sutra which has been on hold due to the time involved in writing chapters that are so big! If we get a $100, the Orca Mystery Dungeon comics for Febuary will be made available to everyone. Over $100 will get everyone a bonus mini arch involving Yomikko’s childhood.

Have a nice weekend everyone!



3/14/2007 Seeing Red

Today's comic says more with images than with words. The blurred images of Sumada and the mob of villagers indicate what Moen is 'seeing' in a sense. Each respective image becomes more blurred and a greater haze of red falls over the image. This represents Moen's growing hatred literally 'clouding' his view of the world.

Actions resulting from anger have negative consequences, because the neurotransmitters/hormones released during anger intensify impulsive action and cloud rational thought processes. This comic's coloring and flow indicate Moen's increasing anger literally clouding his rational mind. As Kasumi said, "A crimson fury will be unleashed'. Things aren’t looking good for the heckling villagers.

If you want to be one of the villagers, I’m offering a one of cameo. Post a picture of what you want to look like here on the forums, or a VERY detailed description and you can be in the next few comics as a heckling villager! All cameo winners will not be named in the comic, and may not have dialogue, but they will be mentioned in a news post on the day they win to indicate which villager they are to the world! Forum members who have characters in the comic can not enter this contest with those characters. Feel free to submit another one of your characters though. The first five to submit a character correctly will win! The contest will be open at 9am GMT


3/12/2007 “Shauni probably decided not to do once since she wasn't sure if I'd be able to put it on the site...”

As Josiah explained on Friday, he was under the impression that he would not be unable to update Pebble Version (therefore ROM) last Friday, but he was able to do so at the last minute. I only had one ROM comic ready and it was looking more and more likely I might miss Monday’s update, so I took a gamble that missing Friday wouldn’t matter as Josiah wouldn’t have been able to update anyway, but alas, it was wrong. Sorry about the missed update.

Today’s comic is paying blatant homage to Ranma ½. The reference in question is the character Genma (Ranma’s ‘cursed to turn into a panda’ father). There is no deeper reference than for the fact the two poses with Sumada mimic some of Genma’s famous scenes in the manga. The first is him charging towards Ranma with a kettle during Ranma’s first battle with Kuno. The second is when he takes a ‘sucker punch’ at his son when he was looking the other way. This comic was pure self indulgence on my part, but I hope fans of Ranma ½ will find it a fitting tribute.

See you on Wednesday.



3/5/2007 Shauni is dead, long live the Shauni

Welcome readers to my crappy filler rant. This will be the last update I miss. It’s because of a prolonged case of the flu that suddenly struck me last week and has only just released me from its grip. The Orca Mystery Dungeon comics for February have not even been drawn, but as no one donated after December anyway, no one has seen the comics for January, so the delay isn’t really that much of a problem. It just means two sets of three OMD comics will be made available this month. The first set on the 12th, the second set on the 26th.

I have recently perched FF12. It was finally released in the UK about a week or so ag0, and frankly, I’m very disappointed. However, I am very impressed with the HARDBACK game guide. I will review the game at a later date, as I have another review for you right now.

For the first time in Pebble Version history, I have a pokemon game before Josiah!! I perched a copy of Pokemon Diamond from e-bay last week, which has helped ease the pain of illness the last couple of days. Admittedly I have no idea what is going on in the game, being as it is all in Japanese, but I care not. The game has been a joy to play so far, and even thought it’s in another language, I am finding it really fun to play. I do not recommend that people unfamiliar with the Pokemon series start with the import, as half the reason I can even play it is by memory and guess work that playing the other games has provided me. To help you guys who opted to get the import to enjoy it to the full, I here by provide you with some links that have made the language barrier a little easier to blur.

A complete list of pokemon in the new game, what type they are and where to catch them. This site has a walkthrough that translates some of the dialog and provides tips and hints to puzzles and gym battles.

To end this spectacular rant, I will answer a few questions I have been asked recently by some of the readers.

What does baka mean? ‘

Baka’ means ‘idiot’ in Japanese. It was an appropriate response when the subject being discussed was Anime. In my opinion, the word ‘baka’ is used the most of all Japanese words in Ranma 1/2

What is that huge drop of water on this characters head?

This is what is often called a sweatdrop. This is when a large drop of sweat form on one's head. It occurs in Anime and Manga to signify that the character finds someone else's actions silly or embarrassing. It can also be used when referring to there own actions as silly or embarrassing, such as in this case when Shauni-sama’s answer is pathetic.


Shauni *cough*

2/21/2007 Who the heck are you!?

Allow me to introduce the last major player in this chapter, Kasumi. This character is almost as significant as Moen and Shauni-sama in the events which would change the future into what it is in modern Orca. She doesn’t look like much, does she? What does this mean for you? That this monster chapter will be finishing in ten to twenty comics, dependent on how I work out the last major event in Moen’s young life. That’s right! Soon I will finish the stupid battle at the Onett holy ground, which has been going on for OVER A YEAR!!

Of interest, ‘Kami’ is a Japanese word that has two meanings. It’s most commonly known to mean ‘God’ or ‘Spirits’. A title given to the celestial gods of the first mythical dynasty of Japan and extended to the demigods of the second dynasty, and then to the long line of spiritual princes still represented by the mikado.

It also means ‘paper’ when written differently. The two meanings are both used in the description of what Kasumi is. She is a spirit within a paper body. It will make more sense soon. (Notice how she has some interesting skin disorder? A little bit like the modern Sloth, don’t you think?)

Personal donations of $10 will get you access to 3 exclusive Orca Mystery Dungeon comics that will not be available to the general public. If Josiah's group donation gauge reaches $50 or more, a wallpaper will become available to everyone. $75 will get you a new chapter of Project Sutra which has been on hold due to the time involved in writing chapters that are so big! If we get a $100, the Orca Mystery Dungeon comics for January will be made available to everyone. Over $100 will get everyone a bonus mini arch involving Yomikko’s childhood.



2/16/2007 All the hurt…feel sorry for me!

I am sorry for this short message, but I’ve not really got the time to chat. There won’t be a ROM comic on Monday because I’ve caught the flu. I’m very sorry.



2/14/2007 Donation News (That means no NEW news)

Personal donations of $10 will get you access to 3 exclusive Orca Mystery Dungeon comics that will not be available to the general public. If Josiah's group donation gauge reaches $50 or more, a wallpaper will become available to everyone. $75 will get you a new chapter of Project Sutra which has been on hold due to the time involved in writing chapters that are so big! If we get a $100, the Orca Mystery Dungeon comics for January will be made available to everyone. Over $100 will get everyone a bonus mini arch involving



2/12/2007 News Headline: 1969 - Man walks on the moon. 1971 - Man walks on the moon... again. Then, for a long time, nothing happened. Then Merlin updated her comic.

Get this, Merlin has actually updated DHS Comix!

I’m just kidding Merlin, I’m glad you got your new drawing tablet. I know how much it sucks making a comic with pen and mouse….wait a minute…that’s how I do ROM! I have been after a tablet myself forever, but I lack funds or student discount *grumbles*

ANYWAY, don’t forget to check out this thread for ROM comic announcements. I’m just going to throw that link on here every now an then, don’t worry, there’s not a planned delay.

Check out last Friday’s news post below for donation incentives.

I hope you all have a good week, and I’ll catch you Wednesday!



2/9/2007 Pyrogoth hasn’t even been IN the comic!

Our good friend Celebfly has produced us some nice Poison Pyrogoth fan art! Poison Pyrogoth has not been in the comic yet, but will be before the end of the year.

Here is today’s comic, complete with a drawing of my left hand! I even included my scar on the index finger! Yeah, you guessed it; I just drew around my hand, but why not?  I don't really like Shauni's face in the third panel, and I may have overdone it with the fire. At some point in the future I may add a 'crackling' sound effect. I do really like Moen's face in this one again. I've only been drawing him with a destitute expression the last few weeks. I really enjoy drawing him wide eyed.

There are new donation incentives!!

Personal donations of $10 will get you access to 3 exclusive Orca Mystery Dungeon comics that will not be available to the general public. If Josiah's group donation gauge reaches $50 or more, a wallpaper will become available to everyone. $75 will get you a new chapter of Project Sutra which has been on hold due to the time involved in writing chapters that are so big! If we get a $100, the Orca Mystery Dungeon comics for January will be made available to everyone. Over $100 will get everyone a bonus mini arch involving

Yomikko’s childhood!



2/7/2007 Snatch, don’t do it., don’t pick your nose and chew it!

Well, the forums http://forums.pebbleversion.com/ weren’t working for me all Tuesday, so today’s comic is the unedited version not checked by Stevenson. Apologies for any typos. Today’s comic sees the return of cameo Snatch from DHS Comix http://www.dhscomix.com/ by Merlin. Today’s news title refers to this comic

The events taking place here follow on from Merlin’s last comic. This should tell you that the current events take us back to the present and the ‘here and now’.  I love Moen’s face in the last panel, but I wasn’t so pleased with the way the ‘bang’ effect came out. It needs redoing at some point in the future.

There are new donation incentives!!

Personal donations of $10 will get you access to 3 exclusive Orca Mystery Dungeon comics that will not be available to the general public. If Josiah's group donation gage reaches $50 or more, a wallpaper will become available to everyone. $75 will get you a new chapter of Project Sutra http://www.pebbleversion.com/ROM/ROMhtml/ProjectSutra.htm  which has been on hold due to the time involved in writing chapters that are so big! If we get a $100, the Orca Mystery Dungeon comics for January will be made available to everyone. Over $100 will get everyone a bonus mini arch involving Yomikko’s childhood!

Well, that’s all from me today.



2/5/2007 Retraction of the Son of Shauni sucks.

I’m so melodramatic. I didn’t end up going to the gym on Thursday, and it’s a good thing to. My dial up at home isn’t working full stop! As you can see however, I didn’t miss an update, but I do apologies if there are any typos. I didn’t have time to get it to Stevenson, our editor, before it went out.

I hope you all had a good weekend, and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. For those of you interested, you can see a textless version of the bottom panel of todays comic here.

For those of you who also read DHS Comix, tune in next Wednesday for the return of Snatch

Take a look at last weeks news entry for donation incentives.



2/2/2007 The son of Shauni sucks!

Well, that didn't take long. I've just had a week’s hiatus and already I've broken my resolution to not miss an update. Ah, well it was a lofty goal at best. I've started to attend a gym this week. I left myself one day to do a comic for Monday, and I ended up going out with some friends. I'm going to try and get a comic out over the weekend, but my dodgy dial up connection at home might let me down. Hopefully there will be a comic, and all this is just hot air, but please be prepared for the worst.

Personal donations of $10 will get you access to 3 exclusive Orca Mystery Dungeon comics that will not be available to the general public. If Josiah's group donation gage reaches $50 or more, a wallpaper will become available to everyone.

How a nice weekend everyone.



1/31/2007 I'm back but stuck in first gear!

Hello everyone! Sorry about the lack of Shauniness this last few days. I'm finally getting back into the swing of things, but the updates maybe a little rocky until I got to were I should have been a week ago. I have about two weeks worth of artwork done, but I’m already falling behind on the coloring. I've really let slip the ROM work ethic the last couple of weeks, and as a result, I’ve completely lost my 'buffer' of comics. I haven't even had time to have Stevenson grammar check this on; it’s had to go out as is.

I promise everything will return to normal soon. I PROMISE.

Personal donations of $10 will get you access to 3 exclusive Orca Mystery Dungeon comics that will not be available to the general public. If Josiah's group donation gage reaches $50 or more, a wallpaper will become available to everyone.

Please feel free to donate. The donation button is on the left hand side of this paragraph. When you do donate, please request which group of comics you want. Currently only the January set is available. December comics can be found for free here



1/26/2007 Shauni sucks

I have absolutely no reason for the comic delays. I've been watching too much anime and reading too much manga, which is my only reason. I haven't had time to work on the comics over the weekend because of personal commitments, and any time during the week I've been to busy watching R.O.D The TV (for those interested, our own 'Yomikko Gothard' was inspired by 'Yomiko Readman' from this anime series). I'm really sorry everyone, but I only realized yesterday I didn't actually have any artwork done. I've been that consumed by this anime series that I actually FORGOT about the comic. Check the announcements thread here for progress reports on the comic. I'm looking to update again next Wednesday, if all goes well. I promise this will never happen again (this month ^_^')


1/22/2007 Alaska copout rant

Aargh. Very sorry guys. This is a pretty lame copout rant. I've had a total of 10 minutes to write this rant. I'm only bothering to type anything at all as I need to inform you the Orca Mystery Dungeon comics are now available. $10 for the new set of three comics.

Let's hope the rest of the week hits me with writing inspiration!

Also, I'm shouting out to my poor friend Connie-oneen, who has ended up in Alaska on busyness! OH NOES!
Enjoy the Aura! I here you can see it from there! I miss you!!!


1/19/2007 Windy Miller

Well I'll be dammed. The last two days have seen some of the worst winds in my known life! We've had trees fall over, lights flicker out and roof tiles going missing! My company's building has been around for over two hundred years, but even it shuck a little in the wind!

For our American readers, this might seem very mild. The weather conditions over the Atlantic are bigger and more extreme (like you freakishly cars! Seriously, I have a Daewoo Matiz that's HALF the size of the average America car). The weather does not go well for the UK. We aren't prepared for extreme weather.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


1/17/2007 Panto time again!

I went to the panto again this year with my Nan. It seems to be coming some what of a tradition. I've not got much else to write about really except to mention that the OMD comics aren't ready yet. The December OMD comics can be seen here

The comics will be ready by Monday, but if you donate, I'll add you to the mailing list and send them to you as soon as they are ready ($10 per three comics).

There is some more artwork available to view at the gallery, including
some production sketches of Kasumi Sanderson, Kasumi is going to be a character in the ROM comics eventually. I'm not reveling any more information about her at this point.

Have a good week everyone, and see you on Friday!



Merlin has stolen Shauni and Chobi! Haha! Not really. The characters are still at the festival as part of there on going cameo over at Random Encounters. I love the way Shauni is just slumped over the stall, it's a mannerisms I actually have when I'm board or waiting for customers ^_^'
Also, the idea of Shauni fleecing money from Saturn for a Chobi teddy is really cute ^_^

Merlin's character Snatch will be appearing again as her cameo in ROM before the end of this chapter. Over all, this has been a beneficial and criminally fun comic exchange. I really like doing these, so if any comic artists out there are interested in doing a comic exchange, drop me an e-mail at Shauni_san@hotmail.com

I really love webcomics, and I find it is the most fun and productive way of promoting a comic!

I'd also like to give a big shout out to our editor Stevenson, who is feeling a little neglected. Due to a tight time frame recently, ROM comics have been coming out last minute, with no time for me to wait for Stevenson to check them. He hasn't worked on a comic since 2006. I also forgot to mention him in my year end summary, as I've been relying on him for so long, I thought he'd been staff since 2005. Sorry Stevenson, old buddy, old pal! I want you to feel appreciated!

Have a nice week everyone!


1/12/2007 ... =^_^='

Yeah.I'm out of inspiration for a news entry. Nothing much has been going on this week. I suppose I could write a review or something equally informative, but I can't really be bothered XP

There's new art on the gallery. There's one of Lilly and another of Moen-chan.

Personal donations of $10 will get you access to 3 exclusive Orca Mystery Dungeon comics that will not be available to the general public. If Josiah's group donation gage reaches $50 or more, a wallpaper will become available to everyone.

Please feel free to donate. The donation button is on the left hand side of this paragraph.

Have a good weekend everyone.


1/10/2007 So long Celebifly
Our favorite art contributor, Celebifly, has left us for love apparently. I'm not sure of why this would take her away from our community, but it seems she won't be on the forums anymore. I'm very sad to see her leave. Celebifly was the original creator of 'Opal' in the ROM RP on the forum. I wish her and her new love all the best in there greatest adventure. New love!

Celebifly has left us with some lovely fan art as a fond farewell! We'll miss you sugar!

Today I'd like to add a link to a comic called Inverloch. The comic is a very well drawn and interesting adventure in a magical land filled with mythical beings. The archive spans over 600 pages and the story is well written and character beautifully portrayed.

Well worth a read!

Today's comic continues on from this comic. That's right. The 'snap' was Moen crushing Royakan's neck. Just in case you didn't get it.


1/8/2007 So long Season
Well, this marks the end of 'The Season' holiday special. I hope you all had a good one. As of next week, the normal comics will continue from Merlin's last comic

Personal donations of $10 will get you access to 3 exclusive Orca Mystery Dungeon comics that will not be available to the general public. If Josiah's group donation gauge reaches $50 or more, a wallpaper will become available to everyone!

1/5/2007 Merlin = win once more and wallpaper!
One of my favorite people, Merlin over at DHS Comix, has kindly produced some Christmas art of Chobi. I'd like to thank her for this kind gift. It was a very pleasant surprise to see it indeed. Thank you very much!

On to the subject of donations, I'd like to thank everyone who donated this past month...and heck...for this past year. A part of me feels guilty that I never seem to have anything to offer as a thanks other than three small Mystery Dungeon comics while Josiah is slugging his guts out with extras. Last months donations were very impressive, and for one month only I have decided to give Mystery Dungeon comics to everyone. The Mystery Dungeon comics for December will be available to view for free after the 15th of January. After that, only donators of $10 or more will have access to the comics. However, as of the 15th of January, if the donation gage reaches $50 or more, I will make some ROM wallpapers available to everyone! This is my group donation incentive for 2007!

Let's review. Personal donations of $10 will get you access to 3 exclusive Orca Mystery Dungeon comics that will not be available to the general public. If Josiah's group donation guage reaches $50 or more, a wallpaper will become available to everyone!

Please feel free to donate. The donation button is on the left hand side of this paragraph.

Have a good weekend everyone.


1/3/2007 Here she is..Miss 2007!
Today's comic is the last comic made in 2006. After today, another figure will weigh down the right hand side of my comic. I'd better get a book or something so the comic doesn't tip over from the extra weight ^_^'

Happy New Year everyone! 2006 has come and gone, and here we are, finally in 2007. As my first New Years resolution, I vow to update every week.... no more Crappy Filler comic. Please, no angry emails if I do though. After all, aren't New Years' resolutions meant to be broken?

Thanks, everyone, for supporting Realm of Monsters and Pebble Version in 2006, I look forward to a good 2007.

Just so everyone knows, the ROM part of the comic exchange with Random Encounter went up over Christmas. It also seems that Shauni's cameo is an on going one ^_^

I forgot to mention last year that Silver, Ivy and Rose also had a cameo appearance as well. Please go and enjoy Merlin's comics. Merlin equals win.

On a final note, more Orca Mystery Dungeon bonus comics will be available with a $10 donation after the 15th of January. Until then, only the first three comics are available.

Here is hoping we have a successful 2007!

12/22/2006 Reflections of a memorable year
From now until after the New Year, the bonus chapter "The Season" written by Ryan Antonio (a.k.a Simeon) will be appearing instead of your usual ROM comics. Although the comics are appearing out of sink with the current Time Line, the story can be considered canon. You should think of it as the thoughts of the characters at this particular time of year in the world of Orca.
I love the story and Ryan has captured the spirit of the season, and the spirit of the characters themselves.

I will now return to my personal feelings of 2006.

As most of you know I am a catholic which means soon I will be celebrating Christmas, but I am fully aware of many other holidays taking place within the month, so I just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays, what ever you are celebrating.

It is a tradition amongst my family to reflect on the year previous at this time of year. 2006 was one of the most memorable years of my life. I turned 21, got my first decent car, finally got to go to America and gained and lost an important person in my life. I've not mentioned this fact to anyone yet, but Andy-ku and I broke up just after Halloween. I wish Andy-ku and his family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

ROM itself has under gone many changes this year. The comic seems to have settled into a nice place, and the ideas aren't forced. I finally found what type of comic ROM was meant to be. It isn't a shinny; upbeat romp threw an imaginary world. After reviewing the original source martial, and relating the characters back stories with there destined paths, I realized that this world I have created is a dark one, and tails of people braking threw this darkness are what are told. No matter what trials I set before my creations, I know they will find a way thought it. Each and every character I have created for ROM has much potential for development, and thus that didn't have had major reworking. The New Year will bring the conclusion of the first real challenged Josiah and his new friends must face. Can they work together? There is also the issue of Moen. What made the innocent child we have seen this year become the twisted, obsessed megalomaniac we see before us today?
What is Simeon's true purpose? What does he mean when he says he was once human? Why can't Shauni remember her past now all the hero's have been summand? Is Yomikko dead? Will the Onett battle EVER end? When will Neo actually have a part?

All these question will be answer next year.

Make sure you check this sub forum regularly over Christmas for ROM updates.

I thank you all for reading my comic. I wish you all the best for your new year.
This is Shauni, signing off for 2006.

12/20/2006 Last of the summer Merlin
This comic marks the end of Merlin's contribution of the comic exchange. The Random Encounter comics made by me will probably appear soon.

A big thanks goes out for Merlin for agreeing to the exchange.

I'd also like to welcome any of Merlin's readers who have visited ROM because of her generous front page think. Please enjoy ROM the Comic, and also Josiah's Pebble Version comic.

Today I'd like to shout out to some readers. The first being Yakko Warner who generously linked ROM the comic and Pebble Version on there Deviant Art Gallery. Secondly I'd like to shout out Simeon, the winner of the Holiday script competition. I'd like to let you all know that the regular ROM comics now stop over Christmas and the New Year, replaced by the bonus Chapter written by Simeon.

Don't forget! People who donate $10 will receive 3 bonus comics from ROM. The comics are inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The cast of ROM the comic suddenly find themselves turned into Pokemon...watch there misadventures unfold. When you donate $10 to Josiah, mention you also want the three ROM comics. Provide an e-mail address, and I will send them to you.
There is currently only one set of comics available. Midway threw January, three more will become available for donation.

Make sure you check this sub forum regularly over Christmas for ROM updates.

Final thought: Merlin = Win


12/18/2006 Thanks Merlin! Take two
Seems there was some sort of accident with last Friday's update. Hopefully you have two comics to read today instead of one, so make sure you flip back in the archive to see Merlin's first comic.
Have no idea what I'm talking about? Make sure you check this sub forum regularly to ensure your kept in the loop about ROM updates.

Today's comic is the second of three by Merlin Missingham. She is the creator of DHS Comix and this is her part of a Comic exchange! Please go over to Merlin's comic to see the ROM part of the exchange. The recent "Random Encounter" comics' story line indicates they will be available soon. The next comic after this one will also be Merlin's.

Don't forget! People who donate $10 will receive 3 bonus comics from ROM. The comics are inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The cast of ROM the comic suddenly find themselves turned into Pokemon...watch there misadventures unfold. When you donate $10 to Josiah, mention you also want the three ROM comics. Provide an e-mail address, and I will send them to you when the first batch is done ^_^


12/13/2006 Tie a red ribbon round the old oak tree
Well hello!
Good morning all you happy people! This upbeat message is just to counter the very depressing content of the comic <.<'

Yes, I do realize the comic above me contains Moen snapping someone's neck, but it's also off screen. I'd rather not draw the actual image if you don't mind ^_^

Anyway, enough dithering.

Today I have a link to add to the link page for an online comic/manga called Red String

The story revolves around the lives of a few young Japanese teenagers and there romantical relationships. The story follows the standard plot devices of manga including arranged marriages, bullying, sexuality and fate. The story and characters are well portrayed, and it is obvious the artist and writer have put a lot of love into this project, as it radiates atmosphere and personality. This story my be a bore for male readers or fans of action and drama, but if you enjoy reading about young love and finding your place in a world, even when it seems your path is chosen for you, this is the comic for you. It also helps that the writer has added nice little comments about the individual comic to help people understand what's going on if there not familiar with the Japanese culture. There is also a HUGE archive of comics!

I give it 100% of my recommendation.


12/11/2006 Failure to launch
Due to the missed update on Wednesday, the news update for last week no longer aplies. The Festive comics will now go up as of the 22nd, which means there may be a delay in there update over the holiday period. Everything else will remain the same. The season themed arch will continue to update in place of the regular comics until the entered script is completed in early 2007. The reason behind the update schedule can not be reviled at this point, but it will be exciting.
Don't forget! People who donate $10 will receive 3 bonus comics from ROM. The comics are inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The cast of ROM the comic suddenly find themselves turned into Pokemon...wat there misadventures unfold. When you donate $10 to Josiah, mention you also want the three ROM comics. Provide an e-mail address, and I will send them to you when the first batch is done ^_^

12/8/2006 And the winner is..
((Sorry about the lack of an update on wednesday. Although Shauni is the who makes the comics, I'm the one that updates the site and for unexpected reasons beyond my control (see the Pebble Version news for more details) I was unable to update the website on wednesday. - Josiah)).

The winner of the 2006 ROM Holiday Script contest is.. "The Season" by Ryan Antonio (a.k.a Simeon) The comics will start taking the place of regular ROM comics on the 20th of December, and run on into the New Year until the scripts completion in January.

Congratulations Simeon, and commiserations to everyone else that entered a script.

Don't forget! People who donate $10 will receive 3 bonus comics from ROM. The comics are inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The cast of ROM the comic suddenly find themselves turned into Pokemon...watch there misadventures unfold. When you donate $10 to Josiah, mention you also want the three ROM comics. Provide an e-mail address, and I will send them to you when the first batch is done ^_^


12/4/2006 That's all folks!
I am no longer excepting entries for the Christmas competition. There were quite a few excellent entries, and it's going to be very difficult to select a winner. I will announce the winner on Wednesday and the date in which the holiday comics will go up.

Don't forget! People who donate $10 will receive 3 bonus comics from ROM. The comics are inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The cast of ROM the comic suddenly find themselves turned into Pokemon...watch there misadventures unfold. When you donate $10 to Josiah, mention you also want the three ROM comics. Provide an e-mail address, and I will send them to you when the first batch is done ^_^

As I am boring and have nothing else to say, here are a few random links! DNS Comix, Fox's Shadow, The Very First Haibane and Zap in Space

Have a great week everyone!


12/1/2006 The last days of Shauni
There are only four days left for the Christmas contest (details below).

Today is a fine day. People who donate $10 as of today will receive 3 bonus comics from ROM. The comics are inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The cast of ROM the comic suddenly find themselves turned into Pokemon...watch there misadventures unfold. When you donate $10 to Josiah, mention you also want the three ROM comics. Provide an e-mail address, and I will send them to you when the first batch is done ^_^

Please enjoy your weekend everyone, and happy December!

w00t! 25 days to Christmas!


11/29/2006 Forgoing the boring summary
When I thought over my experience of Saturday last, I decided that the retelling here would be a rather boring story. You guys don't know anyone I work with, and none of the anecdotes are particularly entreating. This basically means I won't be boring you to death with a summary of my Christmas do which I threatened to do on Monday.

Instead, I will simply remind you about the Holiday contest I am running. Theirs still 6 days to enter a Holiday inspired script for the ROM cast to perform. The winner will have theirs made into a series of comics over December. PM me on the forum or e-mail me at shauni_san@hotmail.com.

Entries must be submitted by the 4th of December.

Don't forget the new donation incentive. $10 will get you three bonus comics inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon starting at the beginning of December.


11/27/2006 A walking Chocolate bar
There is a new, wonderful Fan Fic on the forums called Reminiscence& highlight By Ryan Antonio (aka Simeon) The story is his prediction of events that take place further in this chapter, and Simeon's lamenting in the process. The story is nice and very well written, and a lot of it is in character and would fit well in the cannon story line.

I went to the Christmas party this weekend (25th of November is a little early for a Christmas party, but I can't complain as we had free beer and food). I'll write more about it on Wednesday. I ended up spending £70+ on a new outfit ((Money I don't really have)), and I personally think I looked nice. I looked like a walking bar of Cadburys Caramel chocolate. I feel sorry for America; you don't really have Cadburys do you? It's the best chocolate in the WHOLE world. Far nicer than what was available when I was in America. Isn't it funny what thoughts suddenly pop into your head?

Anyway, I've rambled on enough.

Just a reminder about the Holiday contest I am running. There's still 9 days to enter a Holiday inspired script for the ROM cast to perform. The winner will have theirs made into a series of comics over December. PM me on the forum or e-mail me at shauni_san@hotmail.com.

Entries must be submitted by the 4th of December.

Don't forget the new donation incentive. $10 will get you three bonus comics inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon starting at the beginning of December.


11/24/2006 Let there be light
I am frequently the first one into the office in the morning, so I often have endless (well, maybe about three minutes) fun walking up and down in the car park so that the movement detectors turn the lights on. It's a sad case really that the best part of my day is already behind me when I finally get to my desk.

I love winter. Driving in the dark is a whole different experience than daytime driving. It feels a little exciting as you drive into the dark void in your craft...or maybe that is just my over active imagination trying to keep me from driving my car of the road and into a street sign because I fell asleep from boredom. When I think about it, driving really is overrated, but necessary.

The main reason I love winter is because of the holidays taking place, though I have to admit, by Christmas day the endless loop of 'Jingle Bells' from our companies Christmas lights has become grating.

The office looks fantastic when we finally get the decorations up, and I absolutely adore putting them up with my friends at work. There are some miserable sods that think Christmas can be offensive, and we shouldn't put to much empathies on the Holiday....but it is a very important holiday to the Christian faith, and the same people complaining about OUR holiday, wouldn't DREAM of telling other religions NOT to celebration there holidays.

It's this kind of double standard I can't stand. Everyone should be allowed to celebrate there religious holidays in the way they want to. I won't be told NOT to sing Silent Night if I want to. I would never dream of telling someone not to sing a song from there faith.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the love between families and friends (as apposed to getting presents, which is what most people think it's about). I for one will not hold back on my celebrations this year, and neither will I think about restraining anyone celebrating any other holiday that is not Christian in origin. This time of year is important to almost every faith, and I hope that you will all celebration your holidays with pride, as I will.

Please look in the rant below this one for information regarding the current ROM competition, and a new donation incentive.


Just a reminder about the Holiday contest I am running. Theirs still 12 days to enter a Holiday inspired script for the ROM cast to perform. The winner will have theirs made into a series of comics over December. PM me on the forum or e-mail me at shauni_san@hotmail.com.

Entries must be submitted by the 4th of December.

Don't forget the new donation incentive. $10 will get you three bonus comics inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon starting at the beginning of December.

We're just giving it way this year!

Also, Happy Birthday to my Mum! She's 42 years old as of yesterday!
Happy Birthday!!!


11/20/2006 A sudden change of heart
Yes, on Saturday I will be kidnapped by friends to go on an unexpected Christmas Party. I was going to be a miserable sod and miss the party because hanging out with your bosses and members of your board doesn't exactly sound like a good time, but I've been assured that this particular Christmas do is "Plebs only". As a Pleb myself, I feel the party will be my element, and I have decided to go. I need a new outfit.

Please read the rants below for resent donation incentives and competitions.


11/17/2006 Art Howe Honey Pot
A large part of what got Art Howe and his Oakland Athletics to three consecutive American League Series playoffs in the early 2000s was accountability.

After his reign with the A's had ended, he told reporters about a reward system he used to motivate the players and spur friendly competition. It went something like this: Each player had a jar marked with his name on it. Every time a player went over and above the call of duty-for example, running from first to third base on a single or legging out a single into a double-money went into his jar.

As the year progressed and certain jars filled up and others didn't, a rivalry developed that goaded players into making more of their opportunities. This was the management strategy of Art Howe.

I am now employing strategy 'Art Howe Honey Pot'

Anyone who donates $10 will receive three comics from a ROM mini series called ' Orca Mystery Dungeon'. I probably don't need to tell you that this is a donation incentive inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I won't go into details yet, but when you donate $10 to Josiah, request the 'Art Howe Honey Pot' incentive, and provide an e-mail address. I will then e-mail you the three comics. Every month, 3 more comics will become available.

This series will start in December onwards. Donations before this date will go towards existing donation incentives offered by Josiah.

Also, don't forget the Holiday Competition (details in the last rant below)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

11/15/2006 The Three "Rs". Reminder, Review and Rant.
Just a reminder about the Holiday contest I am running. Theirs still 20 days to enter a Holiday inspired script for the ROM cast to perform. The winner will have theirs made into a series of comics over December. PM me on the forum or e-mail me at the address in the rant below. Entries must be submitted by the 4th of December.

Now I've got the waffle out of the way, let's get started with my review of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

Below is a summary of the games main concept from IGN

"Based off he long-running series of Mysterious Dungeon games by Chunsoft, this multi-title release (Red Rescue Force for the GBA, Blue Rescue Force for the DS) is an adventure game with semi-turnbased exploration of dungeons featuring characters from the Pokemon universe. It's up to the Rescue Force to save Pokemon who've found themselves in trouble. While one of your goals is to figure out what exactly turned you into a Pokemon, you've also got to help Pokemon as part of the Rescue Force. You start off serving your duties with your original partner Pokemon at your side, but as you progress, more Pokemon join the Rescue Force and become selectable."

The game is entertaining and the vast number of dungeons provides a longer life span, but after a few hours of play the game play soon becomes repetitive. The idea of Mystery dungeon seems to focus on short spans of play as apposed to longer periods that some avid gamers such as me prefer. Goals are given for each mission, and the completion of these goals unlocks new things. The concept is more focused on short bursts of play and players looking for anything deeper will be disappointed. The novelty of playing a pokemon also quickly wares of as you only have direct control over one of your crew, and the team member A.I is laughable.

The graphics, from the GBA point of view are quite nice, but when you take into account the same graphics are used on the DS with very few noticeable changes, one becomes a little annoyed that more development was not put in for the DS version.

Over all P:MD is an enjoyable if flawed addition to the Pokemon universe, and at least tries to do something different with the series. I give it 3 out of 5.

11/13/2006 Which Pokemon are you?
To took the Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon quiz, legitimately at first to see which pokemon I would be. I ended up as a Chikorita. I never actual imagined myself as a Chikorita before, I thought I'd be a be a fire type like Torchic, but I guess my so called 'Docile' nature isn't 'fiery' enough. I wasn't so bothered. I like Chikorita, but I took the test again until I got a Torchic. I just had to play a fire pokemon.

ANYWAY! I found out Final Fantasy 7: Degree of Cerberus is out on the 17th of November, so I'm excited. Two decent games in two weeks. I'm spoilt.
Also, don't forget our Holiday Contest.

Submit a Holiday inspired script for the ROM cast to perform over the holidays. The winner will get there script made into a series of comics.

Submit entries via e-mail to Shauni_san@hotmail.com or PM me on the forums when they are working again. Contest ends early December, so get cracking!


11/10/2006 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Blue rescue team)
What's this? Shauni is talking about Pokemon? Is it a miracle? Erm, no, of course not. I got to know Josiah because of a Pokemon webcomic didn't I?
Its no secret I love pokemon, in fact, I actively encourage you ALL to play it. Alas though, I'm only preaching to the converted, as if you're reading this, you're probably already a big pokemon fan. I went and bought myself Blue Rescue Team today, so I haven't played it enough to give a review yet.

I'll do a full review on Wednesday when I've played it a little more.

Also, congratulations to Josiah for reaching 500 comics. I forgot to mention it in my last rant! Well done!

Specking of my last rant, don't forget the Holiday competition I'm running! The details are below!


11/8/2006 In the spirit of the season.
I was peering anxiously at the calendar this week and realized that the so-called festive season is upon us again.

Whatever you celebrate this time of the year, its set to take place in the next few weeks, and the shops and television seem to be getting ready for it earlier every year.

So in the spirit of our 'lets draw it out as long as possible' culture, I've decided to run a little Holiday contest. Last year Matrix Kirby won the right to chose which comic characters appeared in the Holiday Special 2005 in the archives

This year I'm running things a little different. The person to come up with the best season inspired mini plot involving the ROM comic cast will win there script being used for a 'Holiday Special' type story arch.

Entries must be submitted by December the 4th. Please e-mail all entries to Shauni_san@hotmail.com Alternatively, PM me on the forums when we get them working again.


11/6/2006 Shauni falls down a well
Inspiration has been somewhat difficult to find the last three weeks. I've been drained of all my creative juices, and it feels like I'm forcing out ROM comics. This has happened a few times before, and I normally just drag myself threw it until I get inspired again, so don't worry too much. This merely represents the fact that the gallery probably won't have any art for a LONG time.

Here's hoping I fall down an inspiration well

Regards Shauni

Yea, I actually did something halloweenie this year. I went and watched The Grudge 2 (don't look at this link if you scare easy)

This movie wasn't so scary, but it left me with a very paranoid feeling after it. The movie is the direct sequel to The Grudge (obviously) and vaguely follows the events of the first. The Grudge is synonymous for not leaving survivors so most of the cast in the second movie weren't in the first one.

The movie seems to take heavy influences from 'The Shinning'. Allot of the famous 'corridor shots' are reflected in The Grudge 2 as well as the general unease of the music score, as well as forcing a small boy to face horrors alone. I also saw allot of what made 'Gothica' and 'The Ring' great in this movie as well (creepy dead girls haunting the living in very terrifying and intrusive manners).

Some of the scenes are laughable horror which remind me of very old movies such as Psycho and Scream. I don't know if this implies these parts aren't scary or the rest of it is just that dame creepy you acutely relax at these parts of 'classic horror'.

The move plays an interesting technique I have not seen in allot of movies before. Allot of the shots show the ghost/ monster so close it's only there eyes or a part of there body, but at the cinema, on such a big screen, these scenes are very intense. It's almost like the ghost is look AT YOU, and there's nothing else to look at but those...eyes.

Let it be said I was looking over my shoulder for about a day afterwards. The movies images really burn into your mind...and you can't help but see them...in the corner of your eye.


11/1/2006 That's MR Tanuki to you.
A Tenki has already been in the comic once before, but you may have missed it. It was in ROM 134

Tenki is an uninspired rip off. It's based on the old stories from Japan about a creature called a Tanuki

At the time of ROM 134 I had just watched Pom Poko for the first time, and really wanted a Tanuki in my comic. I stuck Tenki in ROM 134 but dropped his supposed involvement in chapter four for a different approach. I had quite a few e-mails asking me about the unidentified raccoon dog, and just decided to use him somewhere else, to answer all the questions. It seemed appropriate that he would really louse Moen up, like he did with a few of our more inquisitive readers.


10/30/2006 The worlds longest story arch.
I thought that Chapter Two of my comic was long.it seems like Moen's story is taking WAY longer than I planned.I even started to tell some of Simeon here, which was never intended to be reviled until much later. I guess its all relative as I'm telling the same story, but it feels odd how my most carefully laid out chapter of all has blossomed into an uncontrollable rose bush.


10/27/2006 Ouran High School Host Club
Josiah recommended an anime/ manga series called "Ouran High School Host Club" last Wednesday. The story revolves around a transfer student named Haruhi Fujioka who accidently breaks an exprensive varse belonging to Ouran High School Host Club.
As Josiah explains, this is basically a club for young women from the school to hang out with very handsome men. Each member of the club represents a stereotype from girl's manga. These include the cute kid, cool guy, tough guy, smart guy and a some what confusing relationship between twins. Haruhi Fujioka is prompty posted as the clubs 'dog' in order to pay for the broken varse, but the members soon relaise Haruhi's potential as a 'host' and Haruhi is promtly promoted.

I love this anime and I think the drawnings and charcterisation of its cast is well thought out and original. There are lots of humarus moments that are also follwed with sad and touching ones. You can see all the episodes for free on youtube which is how I've manged to watch 14 of the episodes already.

There is a very interesting twist at the end of the first episdoe. Did I mention Haruhi was a girl?

I hope you take the time to watch the anime, its well worth a look.

Have a nice weekend!


10/25/2006 The forum is what?
Don't look at me. I didn't know our forum was down over the weekend. As a temporary measure, ROM comic announcements will be made on the gallery if something is wrong with the updates or I am locked out of e-mail. Check out the gallery if the comic hasn't been updated and there isn't a reason why in the blog.

Here's hoping the forum will be up and running in no time, if it already isn�t when you read this.


10/23/2006 A little over reacted
Sorry about Fridays Rant. It seems by worries were unfounded. The reinstallation only took 4 hours and I had a new operating system to work with. It's a little hard to get used to XP on my work computer after having spent so long on 2000. I soon released however it was exactly the same as my home PC, so I'm picking it up quickly. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.


10/20/2006 A little Announcement
There might be trouble with ROMs update after today. My computer needs a complete reinstallation. I'll keep you updated.

10/18/2006 The Computer is dead. Long live doing nothing!
My work computer died at 10am on Tuesday morning, and was still in intensive care at 3pm. I have not been able to get on the forum or e-mail for most of the day , which sucks.

I managed to send Josiah a comic yesterday, but it was very touch and go for a moment if he would get it or not....

Here's hoping my work computer has a quick recovery...

There is also a bonus 4am comic with Shadowman in it. Feel free to take a look.


10/16/2006 Pith and balderdash
Nothing really new to report on the Shauni front. I went to Andy-ku's dad's birthday party on Saturday, I always enjoy getting together with Andy-ku's family. I always have a great time ^_^

Comics are looking to be kept updated on time, and your 4am comic will be available on Friday.

Currently Playing: Kingdom Hearts 2 on the PS2
Currently Reading: Vulnerable By Kyokukou
Currently Watching: Desperado
Currently Drawing: Simeon production sketches
Currently Hearing: My Chemical Romance

10/13/2006 Who be ye?
It's like that TV show 'Lost'. Your dyeing to find out what's behind the door, but you only get more questions, no answers. Who on earth is that in the last panel? Is it a deadly sin of sloth? Is it Shauni-sama? Is it an evil clone? Is it even a girl? I'm not telling you!
That last panel was a nightmare to make. I made the mistake of hand colouring allot of the shading, and it took forever to do. I was afraid of mis-colouring the shading on the zoomed in version, so I had to do all the black by hand.
I hope you all have a great weekend. I'm going to Andy-ku's dad's birthday party this Saturday, and a good friend of my mother's is getting married on Saturday as well.
I'd like to wish them both a great day, and many happy returns.

Next week will see a 4am comic starting Shadowman. I promise!

Regards and gummy bears

10/11/2006 errrrr.....chicken?
Yea, this is a great blog today, isn't it?
Please feel free to see the gallery for some new artwork The link is on the navigation bar to the left.
I hope you are all having a good week, I am.


10/9/2006 What was that odd little comment?
Last Friday's comic had a little comment on the bottom that some of you might have missed. I got three e-mail asking me had I forgotten to remove some dialogue from the empty white space that usually sits between the logo and my name and url on the bottom of every comic. I will alleviate your questioning now. The comment was left there on purpose as a little note from me, the author. I'm going to be putting Simeon, Rose and Kevin threw a lot of nastiness this chapter, and I wanted to apologise to them in advance. I didn't think anyone would actually notice, and the comment was for my own sense of smug satisfaction (I'm the only one that knows what's happening next!) I guess the comment confused the readers though as it looked allot like what was being said in frame....this was bad planing on my part. So, just to put any more question to rest. The comment on the bottom of Friday's comic was a note from the author, but for the author.  Basically, you can ignore it if you wont...or you can spend hours wondering what I'm apologising for.



10/6/2006 Please give a warm welcome!
Kevin Dravis is (c) to Shadowman

You all know Simeon, but why he is in this timeline, I'm not going to tell you here! Please also give a nice hello to our new Dryad friend Rose. Her name and hair style are designed to reflect an over looked manga/anime character from Full Metal Alchemist. Obviously her name is 'Rose' <.<'

10/4/2006 Salutations!
Hey everyone! I FINALLY got a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 on Friday, and I've spent over 20 hours on it already, which surprised even me. Being a PAL zone player, I have to wait almost 2 or 3 months AFTER the American realise date to get my game. I can understand delays from the Japanese realise date to the American one, they have to translate all the dialogue and all, but why do I have to wait three months? The games already IN English!

Anyway, I'm having allot of fun with the game, but I've been going to bed at a ridicules hour each night because I can't put the controller down...I'm starting to feel a little tired...

On another note, I went to Wales over the weekend and had some fun with my parents who are up there until Friday. I actually WON a go cart race for the first time ever! I'm so proud ^_^

I'd like to link to Fan Fiction.net http://www.fanfiction.net/ today. I've had a few good Fan fics of here, and its a good source of well written stories. Admittedly, some of them are lame, but most of the ones I've read are pretty good. Go check it out.

9/29/2006 Credit when credits due
I was just reading Black Tapestries when I came upon this article about Character theft. I must admit, I agree with Jakkal whole heatedly on this subject. I wouldn't like the idea of someone using my character designs to make money (especially when I don't make money on them myself). Character theft is the worst thing that can happen to someone's creations. Although I use
characters from forum members, all of them are used with permission from the original owner, and like I said, I'm not making money out of it.

Below is a list of characters that were not originally created by me, and a link to the original members profile on the forum. Please note that the monsters these characters have are also their original creations as well.
Josiah Lebowitz (c) Josiah
Jeffery Gallo (c) Ibun
Silver Smith (c) Silver
Opal Grey (c) Celebilfy
Neo Zanther (c) Neo Zanther
Simeon (c) Simeon
Mahri (c) Simeon

9/27/2006 Impending doom
Not much to say really, but the next few comics will be leading to what's behind the chained door.

Later People

9/25/2006 Don't expect a phoenix when all you offer is bird seed.
At the time of writing this, my brain if fried from lack of sleep and boardness...and I just squished a Fly on my keyboard...I never thought I'd actually HIT it....ewww...

I'll write more on Wednesday, as for now, please enjoy the first comic of the new chapter.

Steveson, our typo checker said something really funny about this comic, which I feel I should share with you

"Yay for crazy villain font."


9/22/2006 New Ranma 1/2 stuff!
There aren't many Ranma 1/2 related things I haven't seen or heard in my year long fascination with this series. I own all the Anime, both the movies and I have read all of the manga, owning half of the volumes myself. I felt the series ended abruptly, in both the anime and the manga, despite the fact they both ran for a every long time, and I got depressed once I realised I'd seen it all...however, I was wrong.
It seems that the girls from Ranma 1/2 were quite a musical hit in Japan, which I already knew, and I have heard some of there work, but I was delighted to find out some of there music video's are Ranma 1/2 original animated shorts which never made it to the USA or UK! I was delighted to have some new martial to watch like this one which features mostly girl-type Ranma and this one with seemingly everyone and THIS one which is mostly Shampoo and my favourite of all of them, this one! The Christmas ending! I own the OVA but this ending was not after the Tendo Christmas party...it made me kinda sad that Ranma's mother never got an invitation...but here she is!
Some of you may have seen this clip if you own the OVA's

I also found this clip and this clip and THIS clip from the Ranma 1/2 fighting game (which I am yet to own <.<) which was rather suggestive of a little kiss between our two fav mismatched pair!

There are more clips below,
Ranma and his rivals
Akane's concert
Girl Ranma alone
Another vid with all the cast
The Golden Pair (very funny!)
And last but not least, if you can handle it, 'The Black Rose'

I found these clips on youtube after typing in 'Ranma' in the search engine. If you like what you hear in the clips, the groups music can be found on Amazon. If I find anymore clips you'd be interest to see, I'll let you know. Also, I'm
sorry ROM was the 'Red x of doom' most of the day on Wednesday for you European readers...^_^'

Also, I found out Kingdom Hearts Two is out on the 29th of September! YAY! FINALLY! A
realise date!


9/20/2006 Mr Panda!
Yes, I know, I'm technically dressed as a male character in today's summary comic, but I'm also a giant panda, and giant panda's kick ass.
Anyway, there are allot of new pictures on the gallery so why not take a look?

Tune in next time for a longer blog!


9/18/2006 End of Chapter Five
I was going to make this chapter longer, but it felt like a good place to stop. I felt like I was dragging this battle on long enough and wanted to move on to another important event that was happening at the same time. Wednesday will see the summary comic, officially marking the end of 'Blasphemy'. Friday will see the cover art for chapter six 'Where Angels fear to tread'.

Today's comic is basically the pivotal moment for the Holy Ground battle. The Other worldly maiden leading the hero's from another world into the battle

ALSO! Don't forget Opal doesn't know Haku is really a guy. Hence her "Guy...?" comment. ^_^

9/15/2006 Explaining the events
Shauni is having her own series of flashbacks to what Yomikko has told her since she woke up that morning. The first panel of today's comic and the last panel of Wednesday's comic refer to this conversation which took place in 2005 (WOW. That was a long time ago. And yet the comic is still technically on the same day...). The next panel with Opal references to this discovery by Shauni. The next panel refers to Yomikko's rejection of Shauni here after an unintended insult by Shauni. The last panel is kinda obvious.

The whole point of this was to show why Yomikko lost confidence in Shauni after her expectations of a 'hero' were dashed by the reality. This ultimately lead to Shauni doubting herself and inevitable staying out of the battle

Have a nice weekend everyone, especially Andy-ku who is in Blackpool! I miss youuuu!

9/13/2006 Okay, lets try this again. Can anyone tell me what 'trust' means?
Checked your mobile phone lately?

I've just found out a firm called Vervata is selling spy software for mobiles called 'Flexispy'. It security records every SMS message, call history and much more on the bugged phone. I was appalled when I found this out.

There promotional martial even has a testimonial from a man who caught out his cheating wife using this software.

This invasion of privacy is amoral, intrusive and above all an insult.

I also found out recently my local council has been bugging our bins...the microchips is supposedly there to weight how much rubbish we are dumping and if we are throwing away what we shouldn't. I am enraged by the fact I'm living in a crappy version of The Truman Show!

I leave you with this question. "Can anyone tell me what 'trust' means?" It seems that the definition has become a little...distorted over the last 10 years.

9/11/2006 So little to talk about.
There's more artwork in the gallery and a Haibane Renmei Fan fic called 'Red Feathers' on the forum that I've started writing. As for that, there's not much else worth mentioning today. Have a nice week everybody.

9/8/2006 A tribute to Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin died on the 4th of September from a fatal attack from a stingray. Steve Irwin has be instrumental in his work on wild life conservation and Australian animal awareness. Steve Irwin was one of my favourite wild life documentary presenters, who's loud and flamboyant presenting style made his documentaries exciting and entertaining. He will be greatly missed in my household.

An anonymous poster on the Yang Child website wrote this sentence that I find powerful and well describing of my feelings. "He will be deeply missed all over the world. May his spirit continue to inspire us and protect animal kind."

9/6/2006 The Crappy 'Crappy Filler'
Filler today 'cause of holiday in Blackpool and all... basically. So there will be a story comic Friday as normal. So you should still get two this week (Monday and Friday).

Today's filler was born out of a random idea I got in Blackpool of me faking a big reason there was no ROM while Blackpool Tower was in the background.

9/1/2006 ROM Hiatus

I have false nails on and its hard to type, so please bear with me on typos.

Like the title says, ROM will be on hiatus from Wednesday until Friday. I'm going/ went on holiday for the weekend but only remembered on Thursday I hadn't done any artwork for the comic to work on the Monday I got back. I'll be doing the artwork during the week and making the comics on Wednesday, so you should have a comic on Friday. Basically I will be missing one update, but the blog and gallery (which has some photographs of me from a resent photo shot in there) won't be updated at all

If anyone wants to make a filler, I'd appreciate the thought. Either send it me on the forum via PM, or you can e-mail me.

Enjoy your week.
Your absent friend.

8/30/2006 Yes, it is a filler.
Yep. Even though I managed to make some comics yesterday, I didn't make enough for the week, so I had to make a filler to get the number up to three.

I decided to have the filler up today because the other comics still need typo checking. Sorry folks, please hold on until Friday.

For you keen eyed readers, you'll see the first 5 panels of this comic are from old ROM comics in the archive. See them here and here.

The last panel is an original I drew for then comic. The pokemon in question can be found here.

That is all, see you Friday.

8/28/2006 Monday...oh Monday
Welcome back fair and gentle readers of Pebble Version and Realm of Monsters. I have a big announcement for you. I won't be online today at all.


Yea, its a bank holiday today and I have no intentions of using a computer today. This means the SLIGHT chance of a filler on Wednesday as I work on the comics one night a week (which is usually Monday, but I can't stand the though of staying inside on a bank holiday). I'm going to be working on the comics on Tuesday night if I have time, and my dial up connection actually lets me send a comic. But fear not, I won't leave you with a Crap 'Crappy Filler comic'. I will actually put some work into it.

Well, that's my lot for today. Please enjoy the comic and please don't hesitate to visit the gallery (link on the left navigation bar).

Toddles peeps

8/25/2006 New Feathers
Today I'm going to be singing the praises of Volume one of the great anime Haibane Renmei

I was first introduced to the series by Megatokyo's Omake comic at the end of volume 4 which was a fan work by the author based on the Haibane Renmei world. I was so fascinated to find out more about this world Piro had given me a glimpse into, I bough the first volume when I could finally spare the cash.

Volume one of the anime contains 4 episodes and only runs for about a 100 minutes, but its enough to set you up with the series and makes you want to find out what happens to the characters.

My favourite character so far is Kana. She's sharp tongued and likes to tease people, but you can tell by her behaviour in the very last episode of the DVD she is actually kind hearted, just a little rough around the edges. My second favourite character is Kuu. She's honest and likeable, but tom boyish to the extent her boss at the cafe actually thinks she's a boy until he is correct by Rakka.

Ah Rakka. The main protagonist of the story. She wakes up from a dream of falling from the sky to find herself inside a cocoon. After braking out from the cocoon she is introduced to the Haibane. The haibane are a group of angelic people with short, charcoal grey wings and halos. Its not long before Rakka (meaning falling) is named by the Haibane after her dream before she awake inside the cocoon, as all the Haibane are. She is given a halo (which wont stick so it needs a 'halo holder' which is a bandanna around her head with a metal wire) and that night her wings sprout. None of the Haibane remember there life before they where born inside the cocoon. The story so far is Rakka's adapting to her new environment. The Haibane live inside a walled city, which for some reason they are not aloud to leave. I am enthralled by the story and am desperate to find out what happens.

The gallery has my fan art on it, a drawing I did of Rakka

If you go here you can find out more about the series and even read some manga relating to the Haigane Renmei world.

Yea, that title basically means I don't have anything to write about. There are a few thing worth mentioning, like the gallery having new art, or that fact that there is another great game starting up on the forum, but there not exactly headline news.

Today I'd like to link to a web comic called Two Kinds The comic is basically about a love that shouldn't be and self discovery in a magical land filled with anthro races. Also, a delightful surprise, in the newest chapters, there seems to be a gender confused wolf. It all makes for a Shauniness approved webcomic indeed.

As of today I have had my hair done for a photo shoot I have next Wednesday. I'll show you the pictures on the gallery once I have them back.

This is the Shauniness, signing off.

8/21/2006 Andy-ku cold turkey, week two
The first day of my second week without Andy-ku (he's away for training) and the effects of cold turkey are already setting in. The sudden cut off has left me anxiety ridden and nervous. "Is he eating right? Is he getting enough sleep? Is he feeling okay?" are thoughts that run threw my mind all the time.

Then I remember he is a grown man (but still my baby!). Hearing from him everyday via text messages and phone calls keeps me happy but I'm tending to mope around and respond to my parents with inaudible grunts. Work is proving even less stimulating than normal as I know I wont be seeing him at the end of the day.

I even find myself less creative. I don't have the urge or the will to work on artwork that isn't gothic and depressing in nature (take a look at the resent gallery works and you will see what I mean). The only reason your getting ROM comics this week is because I made them last Thursday while I was in a good mood. Andy-ku was coming home for two days so I was excited.

Also, just so your guys know, the Japanese phrases in last Friday's filler came from a phrase book, which now that I know was incorrect, has been filed in the bin.

Anyway, come this Friday I'll be fine as Andy-ku is back for good. Just ignore me while I'm waffling angst.

Your temporally socially reclusive friend

8/18/2006 Shauni sucks (part two)
Okay, this is the last crappy filler I'm going to do for a while. I've missed 3 updates in the chapter already and I don't want to miss anymore.

I haven't just been sitting on my butt doing nothing though. If you look at the gallery (link on the left) you'll see a shed load of new artwork has gone up. So no rotten vegetables are aloud to be lobed at me today.

Today's Crappy filler was inspired by an anime magazine I buy called Neo. I just wanted to make the point that just because you know a few Japanese phrases from Anime, you can't speck Japanese. Just so you know, I didn't actually hire a Manga-ka. It was a joke.

Also, those are real Japanese phrases, so why not learn them. They might come in handy if your suddenly stranded in Japan and need the bathroom. ((Note: Unless you've had a lesson or two on Japanese pronounciation, they're most likely not pronounced the way you think they are. And a few of the words aren't done with the correct romanji (Japanese translit) spelling anyway... But that's just me nitpicking. Sorry Shauni :-P - Josiah))

Have a nice weekend everyone and I'll see you on Monday.


8/16/2006 Shauni sucks (part one)
Yea, I know, I know. Today and Friday's comics will be Crappy Filler comics.
I just didn't feel up to doing the real comics on Monday night. I'll work on them this week and hopefully have something for your on Monday. Sorry I suck folks.

Also, Andy-ku is away again, so i'm depressed. Be warned, I may be angst.

Also, please have a look at the gallery (the link is on the left hand navigation bar). There is more art up there today.

Here, why no take your characters and have a look if there a Mary-Sue?

8/14/2006 Poems of the Soul....stealer ^_^'
Just reminding you the gallery is up. To get back to ROM just click the URL (our website address) next to the Pebble Version banner. ANYWAY, I discovered on Friday I can also post literature on the DA site, so I posted a few short stories and poems that where dotted about on the Pebble Version Forums. Also, if you have a Deviant Art account yourself, you can comment on some of the works in the gallery. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome.

Today's comic seems Moen's first official appearance. He has appeared in two flash back stories but this is the first time he has been seen during current events. Look at him, isn't he bad ass!

8/11/2006 Shauni is a Deviant!
Yep, I finally got my Deviant Art webpage up, so ROM officially has a gallery, which I'm going to ask Josiah to put on the site navigation bar on the left under 'gallery'. Also, after lurking on the Deviant Art website, I noticed our own little Celebifly (A.k.a Opal) has one to!

Currently Playing: Lost in Blue on the Game Boy DS
Currently Reading: Any non-Hentai Rumiko Takahashi Doujinshis (I've found like tow <.<' )
Currently Watching: Inuyahsa >.>'
Currently Drawing: A Ranma 1/2 Doujinshi that isn't Hentai
Currently Hearing: Now 64

8/9/2006 We have an art forum?
First off I'd like to thank Mandi for the great Ivy art. Top doller!

And yes we do have an art forum! Pebble Version has an art forum on our message board http://forums.pebbleversion.com/ which no one seems to be visiting recently, which is a shame when we have great artists posting all the time. Ones like Mandi, Opal and Marty. Don't forget I also have my own Dumpbox there as well. It just seems a shame that people go to the effort of making the art and putting it online, and no one comments on it. Go and take a look at the art forum and pat all the great artists on the head. They deserve the praise.

Also I have a few webcomics I would like to one-off link. They won't be added to the links page but I feel a mention is in order.

The first is Black Tapestries which is an interesting work set in a fantasy world with magic, weres and monsters. Its well drawn and the characters are portrayed excellently. However, this might not be for younger readers as it contains scenes of violence and other adult themes.

Next is Strange Candy. This is a very interesting webcomic that is themed around 6 mix matched people getting sucked into different manga themed worlds. So far is proven to be a bucket of laughs, but people who don't like manga or anime won't find much humour here as it plays on the cliché of the whole manga world. It also has Dom from Megatokyo in crossplay (yes, that's is GENDER switching costume play). What more can you ask for?

I'm currently reading Tsuanmi Channel which makes allot of jokes about the works of my fav Manga creator, Rumico Takahashi.

Lastly we have SGVY which is an anagram for a mouth full of words. Just check it out if you like your Magical girls to have a twist.

Later people

8/7/2006 Freeing up space.
I have troubles at home finding good places to draw the art for ROM. Most of the time I use my lap and find a comfy spot. Although this is fine for the rough pencil work, its kinda hard to do anything detailed. When I ink I often used to use our dining room table. It had a nice hard wooden surface and sturdy chairs, making for excellent posture and angel for some of the complex detail....however...

Last Wednesday we bought a new dining room table. A four seater glass table with REALLY squishy seats. Excellent for eating and dining, not so great for drawing...actually I'm not aloud to draw on the table in case I 'damage the glass'.

I used to have a desk in my room but not its covered in nit knacks and anime stuff, so I only had one hard surface left....my computer desk.

This in itself is not a solution. There is hardly any room to draw in the corner unit so I had to implement a little 'office organisation'. It was a radical plan made up by my mother to clear space. By removing the PC from the desk, I would free up the space taken by the base unit, the keyboard, mouse pad and speakers, as well as gaining an electrical socket for a desk lamp!

However! I need the computer to MAKE the art into a comic.

There goes that idea...thanks anyway Mum.

Your blatantly lying about the last paragraph of that rant pal

8/4/2006 Sherdley and its wildlife
Last Saturday Andy-ku and I went to a local annual event called St.Helens Show, more often refereed to as Sherdley Show after the park where it is hosted. It's the biggest free show in the Northwest of England.

As well as a temporary fun fair right on our door step, we where treated to stunt shows, pop concerts, local bands, lots of children's entertainment, circus skills, a land train, the brand new beach attraction, a classic car show, a equestrian shows, military displays plus much more besides. The show finished with a Fireworks Event.

In local tradition, it also rained buckets, which for once was welcomed as it took the 'burn' out of the freakish heat-wave England had recently experienced.

It seems St.Helens has allot to offer ((I LIVE NEAR THERE! W00T!))

I also won a freakishly large Tiger teddy Its as big as a German Shepherd

8/2/2006 Psychology with Shauni: Ivy's angst
I feel its important to point out what's actually going on here. In English, the term "pride" refers to a sense of self-respect, a refusal to be humiliated as well as joy in one's accomplishments. The question here is simple. Are these traits a good thing or a bad thing?

"The Travellers' Guide to Hell: Don't Leave This World Without It" by Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls defines pride as "the mother of all sins... the thin line between righteousness and self-righteousness." In essence, Ivy's personality is based on two different interpretations of pride. 'Virtues Pride' and 'Vainglory'

'Vainglory' is taken from the Christian understanding of Pride as excessive vanity in one's own performances. It is empty pride, undue elation or boastfulness.

These negative traits are seen within Ivy pretty strongly. She has shown a refusal to except defeat or humiliation and violently reacts to anything that 'tarnishes her pride'. Ivy's unwillingness to attack weakling is a reflection on her own unwillingness to follow orders that go against her ego.

Ivy sees herself as a warrior of honourable standing. Any act that goes against this self image (her vain view of herself) is almost sacrilegious and is dealt with harshly.

Now enter Lilly.
Lilly conflicts Ivy core beliefs of herself. Ivy sees herself as a warrior, and her pride and vanity have been born from this core belief. Her original ideals, or Virtues Pride, have been distorted over time by her own lack of self control, and are even more sewed by Moen's dark magic.

Ivy's Virtues pride reflects the Eastern understanding of pride within Bushido. Bushido, meaning "way of the warrior," is a Japanese code of conduct and a way of life, loosely analogous to the European concept of chivalry. Bushido expanded and formulised the earlier code of the samurai, and stressed frugality, loyalty, mastery of martial arts, and honour to the death.

Ivy still holds these principles true, but does not know who to direct these traits to. Does she stay loyal to her sister and forsake Moen, or does she forsake her sister and remain true to Moen? The issue here is how strong Ivy's own will is compared to that imposed on her. Its quite clear to see from her actions that she is ashamed that she has become a captive and slave, which to her is the worse loss of honour...however, if she where to fight against Moen she would also compromise her loyalty.

The inner conflict can be summered to this. Is Ivy strong enough to pull threw the Darkness of Moen's vanity to fight for the light of her own honour?

7/31/2006 A possible misunderstanding.
Hi all. The cast page is currently being updated in case you missed it in Josiah's rant last Friday. He made a few comments about the content of his bio that I feel I to should comment on.
The comment 'lacks focus' doesn't mean his character is lazy. I would never think that of Josiah, the real one or the ROM one. The actual quote is "He shows natural leadership qualities but often lacks the focus needed to initiate him as 'leader'." The was used to point out that he has leadership qualities but as of yet does not know how to implement them. That will change over the course of the comic. I never, ever thought Josiah lacked focus in real life. From my understanding of his coursework commitments and his work on Pebble Version it is very clear he is a determined and focused individual. Please don't make the mistake of thinking Josiah's ROM bio reflects his real life one.

As the characters are based on real people on the forum I found it hard to flesh them out as I was afraid they would contradict the creators original ideals, so I decided to wait a while and see where the characters themselves in the comic took me. The portrayal of Josiah, Jeff, Opal and Silver is taken from my interpretation of them during the ROM RP, not there real life selves. This source of information is some what limited to gaining insight into the inner workings of the characters, so I made up a little background history using what I knew of the real people to give them a life before ROM, therefore a 3D personality I could develop in this media.

As for Josiah's karate, I figured I'd have Jeff teach a bit to all the gamers at a later date. That's why I didn't mention it ^_^

As for Bagpuss, I didn't realise this popular children's show from my youth wasn't an international one. Bagpuss is an old, saggy cloth cat that comes to life magically as part of the TV show of the same name.
Josiah's first impression of Jeff and Silver was that they looked like Bagpuss and Bigbird. After looking into American TV broadcasting it seems Bagpuss hasn't made a dint. I guess the misunderstanding was a cultural clash. You may find a few of my jokes a regional restrictive, but I guess that's what I guess from being British.

Later all

7/28/2006 Joining the forum
If your thinking of joining our forum, please read this thread first. Allot of new members have been making a bad impression on the existing members. Please be aware we love getting new members, but its a little distressing when they cause World War Three over being called a n00b because they think there being called something else.

7/26/2006 But officer, I only 'borrowed' there art! I was going to give it back!
All of the comics mentioned in today's filler can be found on the links page except Abstract Gender and Ranma 1/2 (because its a manga, not a webcomic.)

I noticed the pattern Random TG Fanboy pointed out today about a week ago and had the great idea for the joke, but I didn't know how I could implement it until yesterday.

Today's filler was partly due to my new DS distracting me from drawing last week, and partly due to the current heat wave. I find it VERY difficult to sit at a computer for a few hours when the sun is baiting me to go outside and frolic.

Also, TG Fanboy's face is what we call 'henohenomoheji'. It commonly used in manga as a quick way to draw unimportant characters. Find out more here.

From your friendly neighbourhood TG Fangirl.

7/24/2006 If I only had a grave!
Today's comic was necessary as I had a few e-mail's asking me was the 'Kevin Dravis' grave in one of Meyou's guest comics the one mentioned by Shauni-sama. The truth is it was. I originally had the idea to involve a character called Kevin Dravis in the story line of my comic. It was initially going to be a cameo for a friend of mine named Shadowman, but I liked the character design so much I decided to use him a little bit more. The fact that Meyou had already put Kevin Dravis on a headstone as a joke before hand inspired me to do what I will be doing with Kevin. So here is the final answer. Meyou used Kevin's name on the tomb stone before I knew Kevin was going to be in my comic. I had to modify the plot a little when I remembered Kevin was dead an buried. Behold the power of seamless plot hole fillings.

Enjoy your week

7/21/2006 A small update today
I haven't really got much to talk about today and I don't have any bonus material for you, so I guess I suck. Anyway, I just wanted to state that Wednesday saw the hottest day in recorded history for Britain. The temperate rose to a ridicules 39 Degrees Celsius during the middle of the day. That may not sound like much to some people living nearer to the equator, but don't forget, I've been brought up on Drizzle and clouds. I can't understand this now invention the news is calling a 'heat wave'

Your boiling British oddball

7/19/2006 Disarray as the Hollywood shine vanishes
Today I have yet another link on the links page for the webcomic Discordia ((At this rate she'll have links to every comic on the internet before long... - Josiah))

I was intrigued to spot in last weeks Computer Weekly Jobs pages that the security boys and girls at Mi5 are on the lookout for a bunch of IT security specialists. After being fed a diet of James Bond down the years, I fondly imagined that a more covert and mysterious recruitment process would be the order of the day... I imagined a team of maverick genius programmers are brought together by some dauntingly clever specialists, that kind of thing...but clearly not.

Disappointing really.

Your slightly disappointed Author

7/17/2006 Weren't you playing Nintendogs?
There is a new link on the links page to a webcomic called Anime Arcadia. Now excuse me while I ramble pointlessly for a moment and you can get a glimpse on how my strangled, demented mind works.

I've spent the last few days playing Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker. Playing Zelda games has always inspired me for ROM and whatever other projects I want to try. When I have inspiration, I work my ass off. Upon doing so, I've managed to create a chapter of my Ranma 1/2 fancomic page, and three ROMs in a single night. If this keeps up, I shouldn't have a problem maintaining my comic schedule.

Of course, now I'm dying for Twilight Princess... Being a zelda fan, the reason should be obvious.

As for Nintendogs, its a good game in hour spurts...just lacks...hardcore play. That's why I've had time for Zelda.

7/14/2006 Nanoballs. I'd prefer to say Nanob*****ks but we need to keep PG13
We return to the wonderful world of scientific discovery for the end of this week.

One very important question was raised in the scientific community last weekend.

How can we make best use of the benefits of nanotechnology to make society a better place?

Sadly, another question was also raised as well

What will we do with no footie on the telly?

The Physicists at Kaiserslautern University has created the world's smallest Football/ Soccer pitch. It measures 500 by 380 nanometers and has all the markings of a real pitch. To give you a real idea of how small that is, 20,000 of these pitches could be marked out on the tip of a human hair.

Once again, University's making good use of there funding <.<

Please read my rant from 9th December 2005 where I complain about other stupid research by Universities

Currently Playing: Nintendogs on my new DS
Currently Reading: GuruGuru Ponchan volume two
Currently Watching: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Currently Drawing: Product sketches for may Ranma 1/2 Fancomic
Currently Hearing: Linken Park

Your rather annoyed Collage Graduate

7/12/2006 Comic Delays and forum pimpage
Sorry about last Monday people. My e-mail has been playing up and it seems the comic didn't make it to Josiah. Just to remind you, if there is a missing comic, if you check out the Announcements thread on the forum, the comic might actually be there.

I also wanted to point out some of the ROM Production sketches are also on the forum here for you to look at. On this thread there is also some news about upcoming ROM wallpapers as donation incentives.

I also wanted to link my Art Dumpbox where I keep non-ROM related art.

Theirs a link to New World Comic on the links page today as well.

Also, keep and eye out for a possible gallery as well. I'm currently setting up a Deviant Art account.

7/7/2006 Make-a-Flake
I found an odd little internet page called 'Make-a-Flake' yesterday. Its a simple concept, it allows you to make a snowflake on a type of flash game but its just such an innocent and wonderful idea I just had to share it with you. It even allows you to save your snowflake, letting other people see it! It also has a gallery where you can view your snowflakes. Here's mine It's oddly addicting

Regards from the Takahashi Fan-girl

7/5/2006 Workshy layabouts
While reading the 'Downtime' section of my free copy of Computer Weekly this week, I came upon an article called 'We're not skiving- just correcting the balance'.

It basically summaries the resent finding of a HP-commissioned research into "cyber-socialising". Cyber-socialising is the common name for the phenomenon that has swept office workers in the last three years. HP's research has discovered that 40% of office workers spend more time e-mail friends and instant messaging than actually working. Similar number admit to prioritising personal tasks above business responsibilities.

HP concluded that this is not actually 'blatant skiving', but "Workers finding a way to correcting the work/life balance" Apparently "socialising in business hours was used by workers to compensate for a reduction in face-to-face socialising due to long hours at work"

You see, to me, it does just look like skiving. The term 'A rose by any other name' seems to fit here.

Also, theres a link to VG Cats on the links page.

Your blatantly skiving friend


7/3/2006 Lots-o-links
There are more links on the links page today. We have Misfile, The Wotch, Sins the Comic and Yang Child.

Also DMFA. I know this is linked on the main page but I thought I'd link all my favourite comics, and I so do love DMFA.

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6/30/2006 Up, up and...not wait, she's already living in the clouds.
First up, theirs a New Omake Creak comic, and a new link on the links page to El Goonish Shive

Finally, part two of my holiday summary! As you know, two weeks ago I was in Florida. I've already dealt with the first week of my holiday, and now here is the second.

We spent the whole of the second week at Andy-ku's uncle's house. While we where there we ventured to some local tourist attractions which included a full scale Japanese gardens. The Roji-en Japanese Gardens, also known as the George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Gardens, are Japanese gardens and botanical gardens located at 4000 Morikami Park Road, Delray Beach, Florida, USA. The gardens are open to the public, but closed Mondays and major holidays.

"Today's gardens form one of the largest Japanese gardens in the world. They were designed by Hoichi Kurisu and constructed between 1999 and 2001 in Morikami Park, a 200 acre (80 hectare) site donated by George Morikami to Palm Beach County and Florida in 1973. The Roji-en gardens are part of the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, reported to be the only museum in the United States dedicated to the living culture of Japan. A mile-long path leads through six different Japanese gardens, representing six periods of Japanese garden design between the eighth and 20th centuries. The grounds feature pine trees, bamboo groves, waterfalls and large granite boulders, and also include Yamato-Kan, a replica Japanese farm house containing historical exhibits of South Florida's Japanese Yamato Colony almost 100 years ago."--Wikipedia
For more information on this beautiful sight, click here

Our second destination was The Kennedy Space Centre. Most people will be fully aware of all the fascinating features available here, so I wont list all of them. The highlight of this day out for me was the chance to watch the 3D IMAX movies. Those where a blast!

An unexpected trip took us to a local Butterfly sanctuary. I forget the name, but at a guess I would say it's called 'Butterfly World'. This was a wonderful experience. You entered large enclosures with butterflies flying around freely. Other features included a hummingbird enclosure of the same description. The highlight of this day out was the ability to feed some of the larger birds directly. They used you as a perch while they drank nectar out of a cup!

One of our last days out was to a water park called 'The Rapids'. This was a fun day out and some of the water slides where...scary. I had allot of fun swimming in the wave pools and ridding on some of the...safer looking rides.

One of our spare days lead to a rather nice surprise. Andy-ku's uncle took us up for a helicopter ride over Florida! He's the owner of Ocean Helicopters If your looking for a flight training school, theirs none better and more fun than his!

I think that sums everything up nicely. We went shopping a few times, relaxed in our privet pool, played video games and the like. Over all it was a really cool holiday and I'd love to go again.

Thanks to Andy-ku's family for putting up with me for two hole weeks!

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6/26/2006 Dang!
Sorry people, I know I promised the second part of a holiday summary today, but I got strapped for time.

Nothing new to report at my end, I've finally gotten back into the swing of things and should be able to get ROM updates done so there won't be a delay.


6/23/2006 Ding!
Okay, I promised you a rant about my holiday in Florida...so here it is, part one!

We arrived after a 9 and a half hour flight. An hour drive followed to our three day hotel room. The room was beautiful and the whole resort was well equipped and shinny. The first trip we made was an all day excursion to SeaWorld. We saw several brilliant shows, including the whale show, the dolphin show and sea lion show. We got to feed dolphins, ride an virtual reality helicopter ride over Antarctica and have our portraits done by cartoonists (a photo of the drawing of me will be available soon!)

The next couple of days at the hotel manly resolved around relaxing. We swam in the pool and lived it up in the hot tub and took a few walks to the lake. We even had some time to play on the hotel complexes Playstation 2!

Day 4, and a very long car drive took us from Orlando to Palm Beach Gardens, where we would be spending the rest of our holiday with Andy-ku's uncle.

Over the remainder of the first week we where able to relax, go fishing, wonder around the largest mall I have ever seen and fill our bellies with as much food as we could hold.

Next rant, week two of my holiday in Florida!

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6/21/2006 Getting things back on track.
Today I have a new link on the links page for a great comic called Growth. Growth is a Final Fantasy 7 doujinshi. These are unofficial, amateur produced manga based upon successful, well established manga or anime series. The Doujinshi centres around Yuffie Kisaragi, Vincent Valentine and Nanaki (Red XIII) and expands and fills in some of the larger plot holes that have yet to be explained in the FF7 world. The comic was started before any of the resent spin of games and films I believe, and at present it doesn't seem to incorporate any of these media. The comic is well drawn and the characters remain true to there gaming counterparts. Its a wonderful and interesting comic that lets the secondary characters from the FF7 game become the main stars, and rightly so.

I'll write up a full run down of my holiday to America for Fridays update. I may even have some pictures for you to look at!

6/19/2006 I knew I forgot something!
Hi all, I know that Opal's filler comics said there would be a real ROM comic for you today but as I have only just returned to the UK on Sunday morning and my own home computer has not got internet again, I can't actualy send Josiah a comic until Monday morning, so I'm skiping a comic update and returning to normal updates on Wednesday. Sorry I forgot to send him a comic for today before I left ((Written on Friday in Florida before I left so definaly had no access to ROM comics then))

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Andy-ku's cousion. One of the people we stayed with in Florida)

6/12/2006 Hi all!
I got to go around an american mall today and I decided to pop into an EB Game. it is SOOOOO not fair! KH 2 is there to buy but I cant get it becuase of the area ristrictions! GRAWWW!!!

Anyway, I did get alot of anime and manga stuff, as well as some disney stuff! I cant get over how much anime stuff you can get in a normal shop over here! I bought an Inuyasha bag for pete's sake! I also got a Shippo key ring and a Sango lip barm <.<There is alot a junk in these shops >.>

anyway, i gotta go.

6/2/2006 Shauni tours America
Well, for the next two weeks Celebifly will be looking after you! I'm going away with Andy-ku to Florida for the next two weeks so internet access will be limited at best, but I'll try to get online now and again.

Regular updates will resume as soon as I get back.

I'll see you all soon!

Signing off


5/31/2006 Behold the power that is Merlin!
Today we are linking to Merlin's website DHS Comix ((You can also find the link on the new ROM Links page. - Josiah)) The websites host to wonderful comics by Merlin called Random Encounter and New Game. The comics tell several different story's that unfold on the same world with shared themes, races and a few characters. I've been reading the comics for about 6 months now and I love Merlin's humour and story telling. I've finally gotten around to linking to Merlin's sight after she so gracefully agreed to a link exchange. I recommend whole heartily you go and check out her sight


5/24/2006 No sign of relief
Well blarargh...ever get those days when you realise you suck at life and all things?

Anyway, I'm not in a particularly good mood at the moment. Its constantly raining as I'm using public transport, my boyfriend is away for a second week, I've almost bankrupted myself getting a loan for a new car which I can't pick up until Friday, and worst of all, I've lost my creative buzz for ROM...
I'm lucky I have about 7 comics finished and ready to go up, because at present I can't draw to save my life...

5/19/2006 Forum spammers beware
Recently allot of new members have been join our forums with the intention of advertising and flaming our sight. It's been getting beyond a joke actually. I'm asking people who have the intention of joining just to advertise to not bother. Your stuff will be deleted by a mod within hours of you posting it. I'm also asking regular members to report such forum posts to a mod as it will make it easier to get rid of quickly.

Also, Andy-ku comes back today! YAY!

5/17/2006 Core Don Bla
Andy-ku has bee dragged away on training again, so I am left to potter about and find things to do. I miss my 'darling' (Anyone who guesses that reference wins a pat on the head)

Anyway, there's no real ROM news today. There won't be any delays as far as I can tell, and it looks like I may have even sorted out a continues updated timeframe while I'm on Holiday.

Until Friday my e-friends

5/15/2006 Excuse Me for Being a Dog!
Just got a copy of Rumic Theatre, vol. 2 : One or Double from Amazon on Friday. So far I've only had time to read the story 'Excuse Me for Being a Dog!'

This story seems to have been written to try out some of the plot-devices used in Ranma ?. The story is about Shiro (a common name for dogs in Japan which means "white") turns into a dog whenever his nose bleeds. On his way to school one day he comes across Momoko, the president of the Martial Arts Club being harassed to by Togakushi who constantly asks her out on dates. After saving Momoko from Togakushi, Shiro is asked to join the Martial Arts Club so he can help them compete in their upcoming match. Togakushi decides to fight Shiro, who is taking a huge risk by fighting. If he were to get a bloody nose, his secret would be revealed to everyone! Its a pretty good read, I can't wait to read 'One or Double'

5/12/2006 Opposite Again
Some time last year one of the readers send me a link to an online graphic novel called 'The Opposite Sex' by Sam Grant. The story was basically about a science student called Michael being zapped with some strange device that's changed the composition of his DNA from XY to XX. The story resulted in Michael having to live as 'Michelle' for a while. The story and art was pretty good and I liked how the story forced Michael to come to terms with some of his personal problems he had been trying to ignore for years. The story ended on a pretty positive note, but some of the fans found it rather lacking and wanted more.

Sam Grant has recently started a new webcomic, called 'Opposite Again' http://www.samgrant.com/oa/ , which follows the exploits of Michael once again when and unexpected trip to the hospital accidentally reactivates his genetic condition. The artwork is much improved from the 1980s original. This time all the artwork seems to have been coloured with photo editing software. I'm glad the story is back and its nice to see some of the lose ends from the last series being tied up. Its a nice return to the lives of interesting characters.

5/10/2006 Roadkill Posse
I get a free subscription of Computer Weekly sent to me at work now and then, its a bit boring as its mostly I.T business objects in the global economy. Sometimes I find an interesting article about a games company of a photo editing software, but mostly I just flip the thing over and read the Downtime articles and the Dilbert comic at the back.

An article in this weeks Downtime section caught my attention.

'Nasa Scientists in a flap over high-flying vultures'

To summaries this article, NASA has recently been having problems with vultures flying into its shuttles. To counter the measure NASA, the organisation with some of the most brilliant minds in the world, has come up with....'The Roadkill Posse' They basically go around and remove dead carcasses from the area around the launch sights so the vultures wont have a food source.

According to the article they have removed 500lbs of animal carcasses since the posse began.

Plan B is to scare the vultures away with loud noises.

If these a the best of the best, it makes you wonder how we got into space in the first place.

Today I have fan art of Mu-chan by Mandi. thank you Mandi ^_^

5/8/2006 Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Maiden
Just to remind you the 'ROM Comic announcements' thread on the forum is here

Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Maiden, prequal to the ever popular Fushigi Yugi: Mysterious Play by Yu Watase, is the manga series I have been reading the most of lately. Three volumes of the manga have been made available in the UK to date (and I own all three XP).

I'd review it, but I'm not in deep enough to have an honest opinion. So far its been great. Check here for more details

5/5/2006 Weirdness ahoy!
I'm locked out of the whole Pebble Version sight at the moment on about 4 different computers so I dont know what's what, but if you check here ((Actually this was written last week so she's back on now. - Josiah))

I have friends who do have access to the sight keeping tract of the comic, so if theirs something amiss or its not updated, check here and it should enlighten you.

Also, if you want to see a pic of the real 'Shauni the dog' click here

5/3/2006 Little Red X of doom
For some reason last Fridays comic spent most of the day as a little red x of doom ((And then the site was down for a couple days - Josiah)). If you missed it be sure to check back in the archives and read it.

For future reference, if the comic is not updated by means that are not my fault, you can find it on the forums temporally here ((Unless they entire site is down. - Josiah))

I FINALLY got to see Final Fantasy: Advent Children last week. O dear lord its fantastic! The film was eye candy up to the level of the ultimate gob stopper! The only quibble I have with it is Yuffie and Red 13 are not in it long enough, and it didn't answer the question that fills everyone's minds at the end of FF7. How the hell did Red 13 have kids if he was the last of his kind?

4/28/2006 *Mindflare*
I want to pimp the AA today. Andy-ku and I where on our way to Southport, which is a beach resort (of a type) in the UK, when our car died miles from my house. The AA got to us within an hour and towed our sorry butt home. My car is now deader than a shopping mall during the football season.

ANYWAY. Today's comic is an important event for chapters to come. I've been trying to show Ivy's indecision based on her personality being lead by Pride. Pride, in its global definition, can swing between sin and virtue, dependant on which context its taken in. The Christian faith sees Pride as a deadly sin, one which can lead to many others and is often the easiest for people to commit. On the other hand, in Japan, pride is considered a fundamental part of honour, which is a sacred bylaw.

Pride is a very interesting trait, and as I have been reading up on it from many sources for my comic, I found there are lots of conflicting ideas. Pride can be used to manipulate a person, but if one is aware of the true nature of there pride, it can actually be used as a positive thing to prevent someone being used.

All in all, it makes for a great inner conflict within Ivy, which in today's comic, shows 'The Slap' is more psychologically damaging then physically.

Happy Birthday Andy-ku! And many happy returns Hunny Bunny!

4/24/2006 Darkstorms ahead
Yea, okay, I have the next three ROM comics finished so theirs no need to worry about this week's updates, but I have allot of work on and days out planed for Andy-ku's 21st, so its looking kinda sketchy as to when I can fit in a few hours to work on the next three...I may have to subject you to a crappy filler at some point if I run out of time.

In other news...its Andy-ku's birthday tomorrow! There will be ANOTHER birthday comic on Wednesday instead of a ROM comic, so in actuality I have 4 updates secured, not three.

Okay, that's if for me today, Enjoy your week

4/21/2006 Grrr!
Today I fill in what people have considered an art inconsistency! In actuality it was an art inconstancy, but funnily enough it does fit in with my ideas so its actually a happy accident.

One last Birthday Present from Dark Key! Yay!

Okay, that's enough of that, and no, I'm not telling how much weight I put on over Easter and my Birthday... lets just say...ouch

4/19/2006 PARTY HANG OVER!
OMG my whole body is killing me! That was one heck of a party! Thanks to my mum and dad for doing that for me!

Anyway...we have a few gifts I need to thank forum members for today! We have a funny Birthday comic by Opal, some fan art by Roxie, a great birthday comic by blade and I also want to thank atma and shadowman for other misc gifts as well!

i'd also like to thank TheReizenderUnsegen for doing a picture of one of my RP characters over at the New World Forum (I've linked it before in 'old News')

Also, thanks to Andy-ku for letting me hijack his computer while i'm off work so I can still update ROM!

Later all!

A 21 year old Shauni

4/17/2006 21 Years of Mayhem!
Bwhahahaha! Happy 21st Birthday to me!

The peeps in the comic are all from the forums and include Dark Key, Shadowman, Meyou, Stevenson, Neo Zanthor, josiah, myself, Simeon, Celebifly, Matrix Kirby, Silver and Blade!

Thanks everyone for all the happy birthday wishes on the forums!

ROM comics returns to normal on Wednesday

4/14/2006 Coco Hog!
I'd like to start of by thanking Connie-onne for a cool birthday cake!

Also, I'd like to mention Opal has done some fan art

I'd also like to mention the fact that Monday will see a birthday comic instead of a ROM comic

I'd also like to mention this is Meyou's cameo as thanks for mine in his comic.

I think I covered everything. Sunday is my 21st Birthday and its also Easter, so I wont be online much

Have a nice weekend all!

4/12/2006 The Life and Times of Lara Croft
The worlds best known computer game character, Lara Croft, returns in a new game this week. As such Lara has gone threw a very impressive make over. For this outing, Lara's famously pneumatic breasts have gone down a size. They have been replaced by an all together more realistic athletic and streamlined figure with a bit more about her than her improbable hourglass shape. 100% improvement all around! She looks real! I'll give a review of the game when I play it a little more.

Also, don't forget this week is the last week of the comic invasion by Meyou from Fox's Shadow

4/10/2006 Meyou take two
Again I remind you Meyou drew these as part of a comic swap. My stuff is on Fox's Shadow this week.

Nothing much else to say really today.

Enjoy your weekend


4/7/2006 Blame Meyou ^^
HAHA! I bet your weren't expecting that! An Artist change! The next three comics have been drawn by meyou, and instead of a standard guest comic we have actually SWAPPED comics. The next three comics are actually a continuation of ROM Go over to Fox's Shadow now, and for the next three updates, and you will find comics there by me ^^

Today we have Another great comic by Opal and that Yomikko fan art by Dark Key I promised

Don't forget now, these are actually ligitimate ROM comics, just drawn by someone else! And dont forget to check in with Fox's Shadow for my comics either!

Later Peeps


4/5/2006 Miscellaneous disasters
WOW! I dont know what happened there! Sorry about that! Here's an Omake Creak comic to make it better ^^'

I also have fan art from Dark Key of Yomikko, but I'll save that for Friday's update.

Linking Fox's Shadow for Shauni's on going cameo again.

This is going to be the last standard ROM comic coming your way, theirs going to be a surprise, but we will leave it as that, a surprise ^^ Also, its my 21st birthday on the 16th of April, so I may do a special comic for that too ^^ Andy-ku's is also coming up 9 days after mine. AND ITS EASTER! YAY FOR CHOCOLATE EGGS!

Its a big month for me ^_^

Also of note is I broke my little toe

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Signing off for this week


4/3/2006 Opps!
There was a little mix up with the comics on Friday. Todays comic is actualy Friday's comic, and friday's comic is today's comic. Sorry for the mix up. Make shore you read the archive correctly or the comic wont make sence.

Later all


3/31/2006 No time like no time!
Well, I've been rushed off my feet this week, but I'm happy to say I'm not to bad. I think I may have finally sorted out my finances, so that's a good thing

Sorry for the suckie rant, but, yea...I have no excuse

3/29/2006 A quick exit
There's a new Celebifly Comic here, and its quite a good one too.

Also, linking Fox's Shadow....again. What can I say? Marty is a good friend of mine.


3/27/2006 Living for the Weekend
What's the worst day of the week? It depends on how you define a day.

I think the worst day of the week is the 24 hours from Monday lunchtime to Tuesday lunchtime.

Monday morning passes in a blur, but by afternoon the full awful prospect of the time stretching out to the next weekend faces you. Also, the worst month of the year is March because it's still winter, snow becomes a hindrance instead of a novelty and the buzz of Christmas has work its way out of your system.

On that happy note, don't forget to visit Fox's Shadow for Shauni's on going cameo.

I just purchased a few volumes of "Cheeky Angel" by Hiroyuki Nishimori. Oddly enough the main character is a guy who has been turned into a girl. Unlike every other comic of its try I've been reading recently, Cheeky Angel is set 6 years after the event and is Megumi coming to terms with the transformation and trying to decide if she is a girl or a guy on the inside anymore.

I've just bought 2 more volumes of it, as well as the first Ranma 1/2 manga on amazon.com. I just wanted to pimp up amazon for providing me with lazy shopping manga ^^

Also, go see Fox's Shadow I'll keep linking it as long as Marty keeps bugging me!

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3/20/2006 Walking backwards
I found out on I've GAINED a pound and a half last week *cries* Don't look at me like that...it's been a bad week for my weight *sweetdrop*

Today we see the end of 'The Moen Saga' by Opal, which means there are FOUR comics, not three. And if your wondering what Celebifly is referring to in the last panel, read her guest comic called 'Celebifly/ Ranma'

Also, pimping Fox's Shadow again for Shauni's on going cameo

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Enjoy your week people!


3/17/2006 Howl's moving Castle
Before I review Miyazaki's latest film, I first what to remind everyone that there are three more panels of 'The Moen Saga' by Opal, and just to remind everyone about Shauni's Cameo over at Fox's Shadow

Howl's moving Castle Review
Another charming and inventive fairy tale every bit as good as Miyazaki's past offerings which include my all time favourite 'Spirited Away'. The film is one of his best, abundant in rich imagination and delightful characters set in a world of fantastical sights and sounds, Where everyone has a fly-machine and wizards walk among the common folk.

"Young Sophie Hatter is cursed by the Witch of the Waste, and turns into an old hag. Ashamed of how she looks, she flees into the hills where a moving castle roams the hills. It is said to belong to the young and handsome wizard Howl, who has a bad reputation. Within the castle, Sophie befriends the fire demon Calcifer who promises to help her become young again. One catch, she must help Calcifer to be free of Howl, and Calcifer cannot tell her how. However, Sophie agrees to stay and try and find out about the contract threw other ways. Still, Howl can see that Sophie is under a spell (like Calcifer can) and falls in love with her for who she is and not what she looks like. Sophie manages to bring life to the moving castle, and help Howl to face his former tutor, Madam Sulimen."

'Howl's Moving Castle' is riddled with classic Miyazaki: strong women characters, open landscapes, flying machines that are so fantastical you don't care whether they make sense or not, and the horridness of war. These add strength to the love story of Howl and Sofi. Miyazaki uses his wonderful power to take classic, almost mythological and fairy tale stories we all know, and archetypal characters and make them his own, until we don't even recognise the stories we have heard a thousand times, and it feels as if we are seeing and hearing them for the first time. He does this with a host of wonderful characters. More strange creatures play prominent role here then any other Miyazaki film.

On a final note: the American voice casting is brilliant, possibly the best ever on a Miyazakie film, which is saying quite a lot. Billy Crystal, Christian Bale, and others provide perfect performances. Shauni Final Though: So good that it shames virtually every animated film made since Miyazaki's last film.

3/15/2006 Please let me introduce Marty!
Today's comic has been brought to you by Marty who is behind the Webcomic 'Fox's Shadow'

I've put today's Guest Comic up instead of a ROM comic because Marty has done something wonderful for me. Shauni is moonlighting over on his comic for a while. That's right, if you go over to his comic now you will find Shauni in a reoccurring cameo role! She has one BIG sword and umbrella rocket!

Also, we have more from Opal and 'The Moen Saga' so please take a gander. ROM returns to regular comics next update with new and improved art. There will no longer be broken up lines and jagged edges. ROM has gone SMOOTH.There also the first comics to be pre-read by Stevenson for grammar mistakes.

Next Friday will also see a review of Howl's Moving Castle

Later People

3/13/2006 The debut of Nothingness!
More from Opal and 'The Moen Saga' here. AND...I got nothing else....

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3/10/2006 Just call me 'loser'
I found out on Wednesday I've lost a Stone and a Half since January! That half of my target weight loss for my holiday in June! * dances like and idiot *

In today's update we have more from Opal and the 'Moen Saga' and...that's it.

Enjoy your weekends people!


3/8/2006 Shauni becomes man's best friend
A friend of mine who goes by the name of Shadow Man over at The New World Forums recently got a new 3 month old puppy, which he has named 'Shauni' after yours truly! Awww! You can see a picture of the 'fuzzy shauni' here

In ROM news we have three more panels from 'The Moen Saga' by Opal.

That's about it really. Not much more to say, except I hate the fact Europe has to wait until Fall for Kingdom Hearts Two when I hear the USA got it this month ((Not yet, another three weeks or so. - Josiah)).

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3/6/2006 Too strapped for time
Sorry people but I had to rush my rant today to get it out to Josiah in time. Theirs 3 more Opal 'The Moen Saga' panels for you, please feel from to read them.


3/3/2006 On a side note...
I forgot to mention Opal, our favourite donator of l33t fan art and fan comics, has been writing a ROM fan fic. Its called "New Life and Old Enemies". You can find it on the forum here I personally think the story so far is very interesting and well written. You don't even need to be a fan of the comic or the RP to read it as its a stand alone work. There is also 3 more panels from Opal of the 'Moen Saga'.

In ROM news, I have recruited Stevenson (who was the person that spotted the 'Tales of Redwall' reference in my archives) as a spell checker. He won't be put into commission until next weeks ROM comics are done as the next three are already finished beyond the point of editing, so expect to see his work soon! Also, I'm trying to find the time to do a few Cosplay images I've promised as well as a few gift arts, so there won't be any bonuses next week again. Sorry people. Also, as Josiah mentioned, the cast page is finally up, so if you didn't take a gander on Wednesday, why not take a look now?

Here is an overview of my week
Currently Playing: Playstation 2 exclusive 'Shadow of The Colossus'.
Currently Reading: Ranma 1/2 Volume 22 (the one where he fights Herb for The Locking
ladle), Official Playstation 2 Magazine's 'Year of the RPG'
Currently Watching: Open All Hours Season 2 and Big Mama's House 2
Currently Drawing: Haku does Ryoga, ROM 108-111, Aviator for Shadowman, Adopt a ROM
Monster for Silver
Currently Going: Southport Beach, Liverpool Shopping Centre
Currently Hearing: System of a Down
See you all on Monday!

3/1/2006 Silver's Monster Rancher obsession!
((The Cast page is up!!! - Josiah))

To start with we have some Ivy fan art from Dark Key that you can see here. Also, here is a link to Dark Key's Deviant Art page

In today's comic we see the first mention by Silver about Monster Rancher, and last week we saw Josiah mention Pokemon. You will begin to notice threw the course of this 'boss battle' that the 'warriors' gaming skills will come into play. I'm just pointing this out so you see the subtle mentions to monster training games that will follow in this chapter. Also, the cartoon Silver is talking about is an episode I saw of Monster Rancher a long time ago. That's your lot my wonderful reader type person

Please tune in on Friday for one of my favourite comics I've done so far.


9/27/2006 Call me Blog, James Blog
We have the final panel of the last batch of 'The Moen' Saga that opal sent to me. I'm waiting for some more. We also have two more playing cards Opal has made. One featuring Celebifly, and the other feature...YOURS TRULY!

Back to ROM news, well...I don't have any. There won't be any bonus from me for a while due to an unexpected busy month,

Also, if you have the chat messenger software 'Skype', you can catch me on there under the username Samantha_san


2/24/2006 And Lo; the fallen god spoke onto the Priestess
There are three more panels from Opal here, so please have a gander.

I have written the legend today that reflects the permission of 'The Other Worldly Maiden and the Four warriors' story that has briefly been mentioned within the comic a few times.

Here it is for you to read if you don't want to wait another year to read it

"Hidden by the unseeing eyes of Humans and Gods alike, he lies in wait. His purpose unknown, but his goal evident. It is the choice of mortal man that he should succeed, or that he should fail. The greatest off all evil lies bound at The Gate of the Gods, staved in fragile slumber the the Priestess of the gods. The Other Worldly Maiden binds the fallen god for a time, but her strength will diminish and the barrier she holds will brake. Then upon the curse of the fallen god, she will be born again.

And Lo; the fallen god spoke onto the Priestess as she cast her conscious soul into the shield to bind him

"I curse you Priestess. I curse you from here to eternity. You will never ascend past this world. You shall be reborn time after time, each life will be as the last. You will never find happiness. You will forever be as lost as you are now, and love shall reject you."

The Priestess called back to the mockery of the god

"Once my strength has failed me I will return to mortal guise again, having lost everything that has made me who I am now...but I will be granted the gift to summon even stronger warriors from beyond the Gate of Gods using insight that only transcending threw Hell will grant me. When I return to the realm of mortal men, I will bring the gods wrath upon you as I have done before ."

The Priestess will be cast back into the guise of mortal flesh to begin the cycle again. She will summon holy warriors from beyond the Gate of Gods, and they will crush those that seek to awaken the fallen good, and destroy his ternary absolutely."

In other words, I have nothing to write about...*anime sweetdrop*

2/22/2006 Because reading Computer Weekly has some interesting stories
Check out this article I found in 'Computer Weekly' Tuesday Morning

"Have you received any of those classic Nigerian advance-fee fraud e-mails recently?

As a Computer Weekly reader you have already show yourself to be above being duped by such a poorly constructed scam, but some poor suckers are still being caught out.

Last week, a Lagos court jailed Nigerian national Harrison Odiawa for 376 years for managing to extract a mind-boggling ?1.1m from George Roberts Blake of the US.

Blake made the payment by raising cash from his company, personal assets and a considerable loan on the promise of a percentage of a bogus ?11.7M Ministry of Health contract.

The judge ordered Odiawa to pay back ?1M to his victim and noted that he hoped the rather hefty sentence would act as a deterrent to others"

As the Post master for my company's misdirected e-mail I get hundreds of these 'Nigerian advance-fee fraud' e-mails EVERY DAY. I'm just glad these spammers are getting what they deserve finally!

There is also Art Exchange on the ROM Cosplay thread from Marty over at 'Fox's Shadow'

Today we have three panels from opal as well as Porca fan art by her as well



2/20/2006 We have reached 100!

ROM is officially 100 comics old! To celebrate, we have fan art from Silver and a congratulations joke by Opal here!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading ROM since the beginning, and everyone who has supported and donated art and time to the comic.

I would like to give a special thanks to Josiah for hosting ROM free and for supporting me and encouraging me since day one. I'd like to thank Opal for all of the bonus art you have provided ROM over the last few months,

and for giving your time to do the art for me.

I'd also like to thanks Silver, Neo, Ibun, Simeon, David and the rest of the ROM RP cast for giving me the inspiration to make this comic.

I also want to thank Andy-ku for helping me make the comic what it is as well.

I'd like to give special thanks to Felix, wherever you are, for starting off the ROM RP in the first place

Please keep reading and enjoying this comic. I only do it to share the ROM story with everyone!

Here's hoping for another 100 comics to come!!


2/17/2006 Shauni's Slimming World Update...and other stuff
Drum role please....I have lost a total of 1 Stone 3 pounds, which is 1/3 of my target weight loss for my Trip to America in June!

Ok, now that the self flattery is over, I'll tell you about my wonderful Valentines Day with Andy-ku.

We went to our favourite restaurant, its a French restaurant called 'Le Frog', and we had a three course candle lit dinner together. Andy-ku also spoiled me with LOADS of presents! This was officially the greatest Valentines Day EVER!

In ROM news, I have sent some bio's for the Cast page to Josiah. Its just a matter of him getting some spare time to upload them for your reading pleasure. ((I've already started on it. Hoping to have it up on monday. - Josiah))

Also, on the forum I have been running a 'Adopt a ROM monster' thread, so why not give it a look. There is also a new commission uploaded on the ROM Cosplay thread as well as new Characters you can request art for.

Next Monday sees the 100th ROM comic. Theirs still time to get something to me if you would like to celebrate with use, but you'll have to be quick.

All my love


2/15/2006 99....100!
Just two more comics to go to the 100 official comic...oooo If you want to make anything in celebration of this 'landmark', you will need to send it to me before Friday, otherwise, post it on the forum and Josiah and I will try to arrange getting it up on Monday.

Opal has kindly made some celebratory art, which will go up on Monday as well as ROM 100. Specking of Opal, I have a few more frames of her fan comic to go up, but I'm waiting until she sends me some more so I can update it 3 panels an update like I have been doing.

That's all from me peeps.
Heres hoping Chapter Three will be to your liking


2/13/2006 I'm ill and need to sleep
I'd write more but I really am ill...I'm tired and want to sleep. Please remember I write Monday's rant on a Friday...so I may be better by now.

Anyway, today we see the end of chapter two (Thank god) Next week the action returns to Josiah and co in the batter against Muggle. Yay...a huge battle sequence I have to draw....*crys*

Also, three more Opal comics to view, so go play with them...


2/10/2006 Crappy Rant to follow
My Gig was cancelled...so bla to 'Funeral for a Friend'

I got two Inuyasha Movies from E-bay, so yay to Ebay

I have 3 new Opal comics for you, so YAY to Opal

That's it for today, so bla to me



2/8/2006 One egg makes for a poor omelette
Before I begin, I would just like to point out there is the first three frames from Opal's new bonus series "Opal Vs Lord Moen" Opal originally had them as single frames for 'one an update', but I've put three of them up at a time so as not to keep you in suspenders. There's also a possible bonus project involving these frames if I can get the idea off the ground.

Back to my rant title.

On Monday I was reading 'Piro's' rant over at Megatokyo when I came upon this little gem

"Doing a story based webcomic is a lot like writing a term paper one page at a time and having to post your rough drafts as you go - with no ability to go back and change the drafts"

He's absolutely right! The first couple of ROM comics are totally off...that's the point of the Restoration Project. A few of the old comics are ready to update. I will be sending about 5 to Josiah this month.

In Sam news, Andy-ku is back from training and I went to "A Funeral for a Friend" music concert on Tuesday. I'll review it on Friday.

Later all you wonderful, wonderful people!

2/3/2006 The cover story
I'm not going to be online now until Monday. I'm using up a few of my Holidays from work as if I don't use them by March, I lose them. Anyway, I've sent Josiah the ROM comics for today and Monday faster the usual. This doesn't really mean anything for you except today's rant is out of date and there won't be one on Monday.

Next Wednesday some Flash Art by Matrix Kirby will find its way on the sight if its not a problem with Josiah. Its a MOVING Celebifly.


2/1/2006 I know which roads I want to take...but no idea of where it goes
In today's update we have another great comic by Opal, and The Ranma 1/2 Omake Creak comic. Please forgive the lateness, and relative suckiness of it.

I admit to not having a clue where the story is going most of the time, I make it up as I go.

The next few comics didn't exist until Monday night when I feverishly drew them after having a brain wave at a petrol station filling up my Citroen AX Spree (I call him 'Axle')

I had decided that Neo (who is the guy looking for 'Kassy'), would eventually be in my comic and the relevant plot lines that surround him would be reviled. Then it hit me (oww) Why not have Lilly telling her story, and slowly reviling some of Neo's? I had planed 'the attack on D-Edge 6 years ago' flashback Neo would have for months now, but why subject you to two flashbacks when one will do? It also lets me feel be big and clever to foreshadow! (and gets Neo in my comic a little quicker)

I've spent most of the weekend fleshing out my characters personalities and backstoryies. I've also decided that Lilly (who was originally just a plot device) will get her rightful place as a "supporting cast" member.

Now here is the big issue. Who's backstory gets told first? PM me your vote if you are a member of the forum for the following story lines:

Yomikko Gothard remembers her fathers words and later his death
Petra Wong gets her nickname from Haku
Neo Zanther has his village attacked by Moen, and why
Silver Smith and Opal Grey recount real word events from before ROM

I'll give the voting two weeks.

In Sam news, I finally got a copy of Pokemon: Gale of Darkness. Subsequently I'm not so impressed. The game is ok...it just seems to...similar to the other one. Hell...it IS the same game in fact. I'm also miffed at the Shadow Pokemon on offer. Most of them I have either seen to many times before or they just suck.

Not Nintendo's crowning moment...that said, I will most likely play it until I die...so it is good value for money.

Later all

1/30/2006 "Kasumi" means "mist"
I'm all out of things to complain about. Andy-ku starts his second week away this week, so I'm bummed again, and I'm a little behind on my ROM updates because of my two week obsession with Harvest Moon. I am hoping you won't notice as I beaver away an extra day this week to get you three comics done for next week.

In ROM news, this week you WILL see the Omake Creak bonus comic I promised last week. I just need to make the stupid thing....*grummbles*

Today's rant title doesn't really relate to anything really, except I feel a little like Kasumi from Ranma 1/2 recently...stuck in my room, oblivious to what's going on outside as I milk a virtual cow.

Later people of Springflied

1/27/2006 Seeing threw the eyes of that which is the most opposite to you
To start with there is fan art...well, its more like "commissioned art', from Opal today. We have Mantacore and Coldy. And I must say, I'm loving them!

OK, your probably a little annoyed there was no Omake Creak Comic like I promised, but there is a good reason for that...I just need to make it up first... Also, Project Sutra will update before the end of next month *insert anima sweatdrop here* That's it for ROM news. Now back to my rant tittle topic.

I've noticed recently I have weird tastes in Manga...REALLY weird. It all started when I began reading Ranma 1/2....then almost everything else by Rumico... I then moved further afield, reading Manga suggested on the net for people who like Ranma 1/2. This got me reading the likes of Kashimashi, Pretty Face (these Manga have not been released in the UK and are available translated online for free here), Your and My Secret (I have reviewed this before, check the Old News link to read the review) and Futaba-kun change (I didn't like this so much, but it was funny in parts so its worth a look). In ALL of these mangas, people change gender spontaneously and unwillingly...

I also noticed most of the webcomics I read have this main idea at least SOMEWHERE in there archives (even Megatokyo has Piro experiencing an existence on the net as Piroko and Pirogoth).

Don't get me wrong, I don't like reading about people getting used to there new body in a bad way (add all the innuendo you want, I HATE reading about THAT sort of thing in manga, if I wanted to see stuff like that, I'd look at porn *eww...icky!*). I guess I just like reading about people experiencing the ultimate change of perspective. I like it when people have to accommodate the protagonist's change, how people begin to see or treat them differently, as well as the protagonist beginning to change as well. I've noticed that Inuyasha is like this in some ways, as Inuyasha transforms into different things as well.

Despite most of the manga I have asses to being aimed at Boys, I can still read the emotions in there and I can always find a laugh as well at someone having to use the wrong locker room to change in =P

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I like it when a manga focuses on someone coming to terms with a major change, and them learning how people can be different around other people. We rarely get a chance to walk in some one else shoes...and I love reading about that.

As a little teaser, I intend to have Haku experience some of these emotions and experiences I was telling you about now that he resides with Petra's body.

If you have any Manga, storys or comics that sort of fits into my tastes and you'd like to suggest it, you can PM me on the Pebble Version Forums.

On a side note, I lost 2 and a half pounds on my Slimmers World Diet, and Andy-ku come home today! YAY!!! YAY!! I missed him TOO TOO MUCH!


1/25/2006 When you get the urge to farm...do it virtually!

Yea...as sad as this might sound, I spent about four hours on Sunday night on Harvest Moon on my Gamecube. I've not fire up the old Gamecube for nearly 7 months....the poor thing seemed glad of the exercise. Anyway, I started a new game and after four hours my farm consists of a dog named Tinder (named after its burnt orange colour), a black and white cow named Geisha (look, I have an obsession which Japan okay...), a chicken named Mulan (I recently bought it on DVD...) and a rooster named Mushu (why not?)

My farm is proudly called "China Farm". I was going to name it Jusenkyo (after the cursed springs in Ranma 1/2) but the name was to long...

I am now saving up to buy a star cow at around 7000G (at the moment) and a pond to attract some ducks. Before I turned off the game I was able to harvest my first crop of tomatoes...but Van didn't pay me much for them. I think I'll concentrate on the live stock until the end of spring and splash out on some exotic fruit seeds in the summer....I also need to buy a seed mixer before the end of the season as well...and that may be a push with only milk and eggs on sale...but then I have to impregnate the new star cow so I can get some milk out of it...

There's also the case of getting Celia to marry my little farmer dude before the year is out. So far I have her on two hearts. I need at least 3 before he can make his move....I can't wait for Harvest Moon: For Girls to come out in the UK (if it does). It feels weird hitting on girls...even if it is in a computer game...

On a ROM note, I've noticed its only 10 more comics to 100! If someone wants to make something in celebration, I would love it *hint hint*


1/23/2005 Comfort comics
To start off we have another comic by Opal. It's a cursed spring from Ranma 1/2, the spring of drowned...Hamster (hahaha, poor celebifly)

Anyway, in Shauni news, Andy-ku is spending the next five days on a training course miles away from where we live, he comes back for the weekend, then he's off for another five days after that! This has got me really bummed out and depressed. He went for a few days to the same place before Christmas and I missed him like crazy. I know he needs to do this course so he can become a better mechanic, I just wish I could go with him or it was closer to home...I'm going to be pottering about alone wondering what the hell to do with myself... I'm going to miss him SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!

I have a few links I would like to pimp today that aren't in Josiah links page, but I think they deserve a BIG mention.

Misfile (Some mature content)
The story of how much one little misfile in heaven's admin department can screw up a young guy's life by turning him into a girl...

New World (Some mature content)
One minute your just sitting in your room on your computer, the next your dragged threw a dimensional portal to act as a bored mages door step...not to mention the whole...being turned into a fox-girl thing as well.... Also, you can find me on there forum!

Fox's Shadow (Some mature content)
Lots of guns, fox people and a grim reaper. What more could you ask for?

9th Elsewhere (Fine for all ages)
A great comic about a young female writer and her odd ball muse taking a trip threw her subconscious.
((Could have sword I had a link to that one... - Josiah))

The Wotch (Fine for ages 10+)
A girl goes to band camp and is given a magic flute...the next thing you know she's now a type of witch called "The Wotch"...

Abstract Gender (Fine for all ages)
Two guys go into a haunted house...the next thing you know there two girls...

Discordia (so far fine for all ages)
Hell hath no fury as a woman's wrath. Bitter girlfriend summons a goddess to punish her boyfriend....resulting in unexpected age reductions, gender swaps and magical powers...

El Goonish Shive (Some mature content)
I don't think there is a person out there that hasn't read this comic. It is WELL worth a read. Its one of the best webcomics out there.

Sins the comic (Fine for all ages)
While I was doing some research on the Deadly sins for my own comic, I came upon this little gem on google.com. Its the on going adventures of the manifested forms of the seven deadly sins, and who ever is unfortunate enough to be there latest "host". I find it very funny myself and think everyone should check it out!

As for Megatokyo, Bob and George, RPG World and DMFA, they can be found on Josiah's link pages.

That's it for me today
Later all

1/20/2006 Grave of the Fireflies
Before I get going, there is a Misadventures comic by Opal today, for her birthday which was last Wednesday. She sent it to me so I could upload it on her birthday, but I missed the PM and only got it Wednesday morning. Anyway, happy belated birthday Opal!

There is no more ROM news this week, except there will be another bonus 'Omake Creak' comic about Ranma 1/2, so tune in for that as well as another Monday update.

Now, to the anime review. I recently purchased a copy of an anime called 'Grave of the Fireflies', which is from the makers of Spirited Away, Howl's moving castle and The Cat Returns. The film was first aired around 1988, but it has recently been re-mastered for DVD.

The film, in its most basic terms, is about a young boy and his little sister's struggle to survive in Japan during World War II. The story is "Brutally honest and heartbreaking".

Reading on further will revel plot elements, so be warned.

Alternately known as Tombstone for Fireflies, Grave of the Fireflies is a very sombre film. Seita and his younger sister Setsuko are left to fend for themselves when their mother passes away from severe burns inflicted by the American fire-bombing of their town. Their father is serving in the Japanese navy, but the children have not heard from him in a long time, so Seita and Setsuko try staying with a distant relative. However, Seita doesn't get along well with this relative and decides to leave, taking Setsuko with him, to live on their own. The children's luck goes from bad to worse as Setsuko become very ill, and Seita is forced to steal in order to feed her.

Most of the films I have seen from the film studio of this anime's making are full of adventure and human emotions, some of which are negative, but they all generally resolve themselves with the main protagonist learning something about themselves and moving on in life with a positive ending....except this film.

The story outlines its intentions right from the start as it shows Seita dyeing alone from starvation in a train station. This film is not full of glittering hope and magic, it is simply what it is. Two children trying there best to survive in a bleak world. This film does not glamorises war, it show the faces of those that really suffer. It shows how heartbreaking and needless it all seems. It shows the most ugly side of human nature, and the most beautiful. This film is a masterpiece and a thing of profound beauty.

I think Upperclassman Kuno from Ranma 1/2 (despite all his pomposity and nonsense) describes this film best within all his rambling with this statement: "The colour of the blossoms on the trees demonstrates that all which prospers must someday decline"

1/18/2006 "He's behind you!"
This weekend I engaged in the last traditional UK Christmas event, 'The Pantomime'

For those of you not familiar with the term in the context of which I use it, here is a brief definition from google.com "Pantomime may refer to two different types of performing arts. In the UK the word pantomime applies almost exclusively to a form of non-silent comic theatre traditionally performed at Christmas for a mixed audience of adults and children, and the word mime applies almost exclusively to silent performance. Outside of the UK pantomime generally refers to the latter meaning, though it is still commonly abbreviated to mime. "

You can find a full overview here.

The Panto I went to see this weekend with Andy-ku and my cousin Nathan-chan (he's 6, and also our excuse...errr...reason we went) was Aladdin. Despite the panto's immature nature (it is aimed at kids after all) I was very much entertained throughout. There is slapstick comedy, which most of you will know I love, innuendo (o la la), a man in a huge dress (the 'Dame' which is in EVERY panto), lots of 'Little Britain' jokes (Little Britain is a very popular TV show in the UK), special effects, a Dragon that flew and there was even fake snow. There was even a St. Bernard on the stage. Who could ask for more?


In ROM News, I am on track to meet the three comics a week target. I managed to get three done on Monday night and I already have the art done for a fourth comic. ROM is steaming ahead

That's it for today!

"O no it isn't"
"O yes it is!"


1/16/2006 Grey Matter Dustbunny
Not sure what to talk about, I'm a bit frizzed after dealing with a few unexpected hassles with today's ROM. Getting the panel lay out just right was murder on this comic. I don't really think I pulled of what I was trying to achieve when I drew it but you kinda get the idea of what I wanted. In Slimming World News, I lost...drum roll please....6 1/2 pounds in my first week! OMG That's like almost half a stone!! So that's given my a little boost in moral. Not to mention I won the club raffle. Admittedly, the prize sucked, but luck is luck!

I'm trying to make the comic a three a week update to advance the slow moving plot. Its starting to drag EVER so slightly....

Shauni signing off for this week

1/11/2006 Low Calorie soft drink with vegetable extracts
Since I've been on this Slimmers World diet, I've begun to read what EXACTLY is in my food. I was very surprised that Cheese and Onion Crisps can't be eaten by vegetarians because it contains animal extracts, but Smoky Bacon is okay...

Diet Coke contains carbonated water, phosphoric acid, citric acid and phenylalanine.

If your wondering what the hell phenyalanine is...well, its 'an essential amino acid converted to tyrosine in the body. Used by the brain to produce dopamine and norepinephrine, chemicals that promote alertness, elevate mood, decrease pain, aid in memory and learning, and reduce hunger and appetite. Caution: Phenylalanine should not be supplemented by individuals with anxiety attacks, diabetes, pigmented melanoma (skin cancer), high blood pressure, or if pregnant.'
It amazes me what manufactures are actually PUTTING in our food... ((No kidding, most processed food is total crap. - Josiah))

Anyway, as you can see there is an as of yet unseen villain at the bottom of the comic...I wonder who it is...I think its kind of obvious who it is considering Lilly is telling the story ABOUT him, but if you can't guess I'll be putting a name to him in ROM 87 (bwhahaha!) That's all people!



1/9/2006 Cosmic Irony part two...wow...even my rant titles are getting lazy....

Yea...sorry about this...

Like the Crappy Filler says, we will be back up and running next week so bear with me. I did have some time put away on Wednesday to make a proper ROM comic, but my Slimming World (yes, new year, new diet) meeting ran over. Looks like doing ROMs on a Wednesday from now on is out of the question. I'll just have to fit doing a comic for Friday in another day...

Also, for those of you not in the know, eggnog is a traditional holiday drink containing a combination of eggs beaten with cream or milk, sugar, and a liquor such as brandy, rum, or bourbon. Its not very nice but it does the job....and yes, I know, Shauni is holding a cocktail glass, but I had to change the punch line to eggnog because it seemed more festive, and I am not really into liquor, so eggnog fits me better.

Tune in next Wednesday...a certain villain make his first appearance!



1/5/2006 Cosmic Irony is a cruel mistress
Well people, I am sorry about the delay in the restart of ROM, and I'm sorry I don't even have a filler for you today, but despite all the time I have had off work I haven't had a minute to work on the comic since last update. I did have a ROM comic done last year, ready to go up today to give me time to get back into the rhythm of things, but I have had a change of heart about the update seclude, and therefoYea...sorry about this...

Like the Crappy Filler says, we will be back up and running next week so bear with me. I did have some time put away on Wednesday to make a proper ROM comic, but my Slimming World (yes, new year, new diet) meeting ran over. Looks like doing ROMs on a Wednesday from now on is out of the question. I'll just have to fit doing a comic for Friday in another day...

Also, for those of you not in the know, eggnog is a traditional holiday drink containing a combination of eggs beaten with cream or milk, sugar, and a liquor such as brandy, rum, or bourbon. Its not very nice but it does the job....and yes, I know, Shauni is holding a cocktail glass, but I had to change the punch line to eggnog because it seemed more festive, and I am not really into liquor, so eggnog fits me better.

Tune in next Wednesday...a certain villain make his first appearance!



re need to draw new art for a few comics that will be going up before that one.

In real world news, I had a wonderful (if tiring) Christmas and New Year. I got a new, fancy digital video camera from my parents, so I may be playing around with that (you may catch a glimpse of me!). I also got a few DVDs, a Zen Garden for my desk at work and a few good books, as well as more cool stuff. One of my best presents was finally getting my hands on a dubbed version of Kung Ku Hustle. As easy as it is to follow a movie with sub titles, you miss half the action reading. Now I can enjoy all the slap stick comedy with one of the better dubbed versions of an Asian film I've come across. (Theirs no bad American accents coming out of ninjas in this moves!)

Well, that's what has been going on in my life.

I'm sorry I suck y'all


12/26/2005 Pass the turkey!
Happy Holidays to all you ROM and Pebble Version Readers out there! This comic is for you, Matrix Kirby, and of course everyone one else that took part in 'The Thingy Game of Doom!'

Remember peeps, where on Hiatus till after the New Year! Shauni needs a brake too!

Holiday Wishes!

12/21/2005 It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think your not.
This is the last story ROM of 2005...wow, that's kind of scary. Allot has happened to me since I started working on this web comic back in September 2004. I often see December as a time of reflection of your years deeds.

This year has been special for me, as in April I met the love of my life, Andy-ku. We both wish you the best for the rest of the year, and every New Year after that.

Like I said this time last year.... "Happy holidays, what ever you are celebrating."

Also, I want to especially thank Josiah for his invaluable help in bringing ROM to you. Without him, we would probably be a crappy comic on Drunk Duck.

Look out for our Holiday special staring the characters Matrix Kirby selected. If everything goes to plan it should be uploaded on Friday!

Salutation to all, and to all a good night!


12/15/2005 Get well soon Simeon!
This comic is dedicated to Simeon, who forum members will know as the RP forum mod, as he has been taken into hospital with exhaustion. We are all hoping for a swift and decisive recovery.

I'm not really in the mood right now to write anything more, I spent ?100+ on cloths last night and I'm kind of regretting it now...

Anyway, as you can see the Pebble Version PayPal button is on the left over there, so throw a few spare coins Josiah's way if you can spare it.

Have a great weekend everyone, and please keep Simeon in your thoughts.

Signing off

12/14/2005 Administrative Note
With Josiah going on vacation it made me think about my holiday updates. I have decided that ROM will be on hiatus itself for a while during the holiday period as Christmas is a big holiday for me. Updates will suspend from the 23rd of December to some point into the new year. There will be (including this comic) 3 regular ROM comics and one holiday special that Matrix Kirby won in 'The Thingy Game of Doom', which will go up on the 23rd of December.

I'm not running a quest comic contest or anything like that. I'll probably leave the holiday comic over the duration of the hiatus or have a Crappy Filler ready.

Back to the real world, I'd like to start of by asking that people pay pal Josiah if you want to support Pebble Version and ROM. December is an expensive month and I'm sure he would appreciate any impute. You can find his pay pal button on the main site. I'm beginning to think it would be a good idea to have the button on this page as well ((Your wish is my command. Look over to the left. - Josiah))...maybe even some extra ROM goodies as well as Pebble Version stuff if this months target is met.

Today I would like to pimp my own sight as well. If you feel like linking to ROM, please use the link button on the left hand side of this rant and our standard URL. Alternately, just link Pebble Version. The more readers we get, the more included we are to update =P

I'd also like to wish a happy birthday to my cousin, Ross-chan. Happy birthday peep!

Signing off


12/9/2005 Cringing at whinging about bingeging... that's right ladies and gentlemen! The UK goes 24 hour drinking...
Just ahead of our Christmas party, we are sad to be presented with the 'most recent' in scientific research from the University of Auckland, which seems to conclude that heavy boozing might be bad for you.... Well, this is news to me! (NOT...I hope you can smell my sarcasm over in New Zealand) Apparently 'while moderate to heavy drinking is probably coronary protective, any benefits will be overwhelmed by the known harms' says Dr Rod Jackson, from the university. These harms include falling over (duh), insulting your boss (doh!), that sort of thing. And just as the UK introduced 24 hour drinking laws...won't the British be shocked to here the startling results of this well funded research...*sigh* ((And with that discovery, medical science is still 10 years behind common sense. - Josiah))

Next week, Auckland University researches the religion of the Pope.

12/7/2005 No where to go but work
One of the disappointing things about December is that all the supplier seminars, conferences and other excuses for getting out of the office all dry up. We are assumed to be consumed by Christmas parties and other seasonal fun things like carol singing, pudding stirring and Santa Claus baiting. So I find myself in the office every day this week. This is such a depressing prospect.

Today we have another great 'Misadventures' comic by Opal, this time offering a cameo in a guest comic...a weird concept to me =P

Project Sutra is on hold until after Christmas as I have to work on the 'ROM Christmas Special' staring the cast members Matrix Kirby selected as his prize. If you go to the forum you will also find a preliminary scan of his other prize, 'ROM Cosplay: Petra does Jaina Proudmoore from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos"

As for the 'ROM Restoration project', its almost done. Every salvable comic has been re-sized to the new layout, new effects added, and a bit of dialog updated. The only things left to do are the complete reworks and uploading (I expect Josiah will lynch me when I send him 30 comics =P) (No kidding. - Josiah)

Another time people, another time



Alright! Matrix Kirby (who made our guest comic when ROM 50 was posted) won the 'Thingy Game of Doom' contest I've had running on the forum for the last couple of days, now its up to him to chose a prize and I can rap this little baby up.

Back to topic, today we see the first of a few 'flash back' comics. I tried making the flash back images look like the old photo Lilly has from last Wednesdays comic, and I think it works pretty well. As some of you may notice, Ivy is saying the exact same thing to the rabbit monster as Opal did to Celebifly just after she got it back in ROM 59 As you can see from that comic, Ivy looked a little sad there. I'm just pointing this out as its proof I'm thinking ahead! And I can foreshadow! YAY!

Anyway, I spent another two hours on 'The ROM Restoration project' last night, and if you haven't guess by the name what that is yet I can announce it now. Its basically re-doing, re-editing, re-sizing or in some cases re-drawing all the old crappy ROM comics from 2004 (including the 'whiplash comic'). I had the urge to do it a few days ago. I don't want crappy stuff on this site. It may be a long time before the project is finished, there is a lot of work to do. That two hours fixed only two ROM comics.

Anyway, congratulations Matrix Kirby, and please let me know ASAP what prize you want. I need to get working on the Christmas stuff now.

11/30/2005 The Thingy game of DOOM!! one day to go!
To begin we have another Misadventures comic by opal, and I must say, I would love to read 'How NOT to cook Celebifly'. Sounds like an interesting read! Also of note, this version of the comic is in fact the SECOND version I did. I had finished the original when I accidentally save ROM 79 over it...DOH!

I've noticed a pattern when it come to those who love or hate the Harry Potter films. Everyone I know who has read the books dislikes the films...everyone who hasn't read the books but seen the films ((like myself, I have only read The Order of the Phoenix)) likes them. This leads me to believe that I will hate Order of the Phoenix when they make it into a film...

Anyway, back to topic. We have updates of Mu-chan's bestiary and Races and places. We also have a contest running on the Thingy Game Forum. There is only one day left of compaction, so hurry up and play, you get to pick one of the following prizes if you win!
1) You get to chose 3 ROM: The comic characters to be in a Christmas
special for the main page with full credit for the selection going to you
2) You get to chose a Cosplay outfit for either Petra or Lilly
3) You get a one comic cameo in ROM
4) You get custom art by myself of yourself.
The last person holding the thingy 9am my time on the first of December (tomorrow!!) is the winner. The rules of the game are explained in the thread. Only forum members are eligible, so why not join and give our community a try! You won't regret it!

Also of note is a new project I have been working on called 'The ROM Restoration Project'. I will disclose more as I come closer to finishing it!

11/25/2005 Harry Potter and the hobo from hell!
I went to see Harry Potter on Thursday with my boyfriend, Andy-ku, only to have a smelly hobo sit next to us. He smelt like sewage... Anyway, I loved the film, the dragons where great and Ron's hair has officially gone MAD.

No Project Sutra update as of today, sorry people but I haven't had much spare time because of a certain fighting game... On a comic note, I'm very happy with the way Bibble came out, he looks ace!

Love you all people!


11/23/2005 A tale of souls and swords eternally retold....
Before I go off on one, there is another great Misadventures comic by Opal. I wonder what BBQ Celebifly would taste like anyway...

THAT'S RIGHT BABY! I OWN SOUL CALIBUR 3! Anyway, this game is a marvel in a jewel in a chocolate bar. Saying 'I like it' is like saying Santa is 'a little over weight' Anyway, I would right a full review but I can't say any more than 'I love it all the way down to its box art'. The graphics are killer, the game pay is spotless, voice acting is excellent and music score is wonderful. There are hundreds of different game modes, millions (and I mean millions) of things to unlock, a SHED load of characters, and if you don't like the characters you can MAKE YOUR OWN!

Anyway, I'd give it 10/10. The only regret I have is they have removed Weapons Master mode, but all the aspects that made that mode great can be found in the game, just in other modes. Also, I LOVE Talim's new outfit, she looks great in them. I also love the fact that the endings of the characters can be different, dependant on a few factors during play. This game has HOURS a gaming, for single play to multi-play. Best fighting game EVER!

11/18/2005 Sorry about last Wednesday
We here at Pebble Version and ROM are sorry about the mix up on Wednesday. The comic was indeed updated but for some reason, while Josiah was uploading the comic, something went wrong and the comic didn't go on the main page, but if you go back one day in the archives you will be able to read it.

In today's update we have another Misadventures comic by Opal, a particularly funny one in my opinion. I would love to know where I can get a copy of 'How to cook Celebifly" Anyway, next week will see another wonderful update of Project Sutra, and possibly a bonus comic by myself if I get time.

In cast page news, I'm going to be able to start updating it after next week. I so far have inked Haku's cast art and Petra's. I have pencilled Opal's and Ivy's, and have worked out the layout for Shauni and Silver.

In other news I have been developing the plot for Chapter 3 and have everything worked out up until chapter 4. Things are steaming ahead quite well.

11/16/2005 Delays of the heart
Yea, well... SC3 was delayed a week...so I gotta wait till THIS Friday...bla Anyway, I would write more but my computer network is being taken down for maintenance so I don't have time.

Regards People


11/11/2005 I'm playing Soul Calibur 3 right now, please leave a message after the tone....
Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen! As you read this I am most likely playing Soul Calibur 3 right now as its finally out in the UK. I have most likely made fun of Ivy's outfit 4 times and kicked allot of butt with Talim, or as I like to call her '100% KO'. I've also most likely already made up a variation on either Shauni or Yomikko on the character builder option, and there most likely a Taki rip off. Ok, I'll make a full review on Wednesday for this game, but I am kinda optimistic as I've played the demo, and Soul Calibur 2 was kick ass!

In comic news, today we just have a normal update, but next week should see another Chapter of Project Sutra. If you check on the forum you will find a new thread called 'Races and Places' pinned on the ROM: The comic forum. It has a full overview of the Dryad race (Ivy and Lilly), as well as the Chanku (Mu-chan and Ku-chan).

Also, just to share the misery, I caught a cold. YAY!

Regards People


11/9/2005 If I had an opinion this might work out better....
Today we have another 'misadventures' comic by Opal, or perhaps it would be better cold 'Opal Moments'. Anyway, please enjoy today's comic and excuse the suckie rant.



11/4/2005 The tea that rocked the cradled hand
Well, on Wednesday I decided that it would be a good idea to pore boiling hot tea on my hand, and guess what... it scolded my hand YAY!

Ok, in case you missed the glaring sarcasm there I spilled tea all over my hand mid-making and now my left hand is starting to blister. Anyway, it won't affect ROM updates in any way (being its my left hand, and I draw with my right). I just thought I'd share my misery with you.

Back to ROM, there is an update of Project Sutra so go check it out, and there is a bonus Omake Creak comic as well.

Later Peeps


11/2/2005 My pumpkin rotted
Well, I forgot about Halloween so I didn't make a holiday special...which I so wanted to (Halloween isn't as big a deal in the UK as it is in America)).

Anyway, back to current ROM events. I've been thinking for a while now about the cast page, you know, where the bios of the characters are SUPPOSED to be...*insert sweetdrop face here* Anyway, I've written all of the bios now, you will be happy to here, and now all I have to do is new cast art (its been that long in the making the original ones I made are already out of date...*sigh*)) I'll post previews of the cast page art on the forum as and when I get them done, so keep a look out. Next Friday will also see a new bonus comic, and Chapter Three of Project Sutra now I have my new Pre-reader.

Later People


10/28/2005 Your and My Secret
I recently bought a copy of Your and My Secret Volume One by Ai Morinaga. I was gob smacked at how good it was! This book is about two people who swap bodies. Sounds odd but its perfect chemistry for a disaster.

"She: cute but obnoxious, pretty but violent, petite but rude. He: shy and slender and secretly in love with her. When her mad scientist grandfather accidentally switches their bodies - its the start of many misadventures to come! Akira Uehara is mortified when his best buddy starts hitting on "him," and is embarrassed to look at "himself" in the mirror in her underwear! He can't wait to get back to being a boy. But Nanako Momoi has other ideas - she is starting to enjoy life in Akira's body..." ---the back of the book

As much as there is humour there is also allot of emotion behind the characters. Akira finds himself becoming home sick and missing his family, and he is mortified when he finds out they prefer Momoi because she is more manly. Theirs also his now developing love/ hate relationship with Momoi. He still loves her dearly (to the point he is even willing to have a relationship AS is with her in his body) but the way she is treating him makes him very upset and hurt. In fact, Akira seems to spend most of the manga crying...he is confused about his gender and quickly becomes depressed when several people tell him he makes a far better girl than a boy and visa versa for Momoi. Momoi on the other hand has fully embraced her new found manhood and has even started dating her female best friend, while Akira's male best friend has been trying to force Akira into a relationship (rather passionately, forcing an embrace and cornering him several times. He can even be seen holding Akira's writs in two of the scenes, and holding Akira's chin into there first kiss). Great Art and even better story, with a great translation, this book is a must have for all manga readers and a good place to start if your new to the genre. There is a great bit towards then end of the book where Akira in Momoi's body gets his first 'that time of the month' - and thinks he's dying. Very funny and very believable.

Shauni manga rating: 5 Stars

This book can be found on www.amazon.com very easily.

10/26/2005 Heart Brake Hotel...with no TV to speck of...
Before I start ranting I want to let you all know there is a new bonus comic up called 'Misadventures', and its by Celebifly (A.K.A Opal). I've asked her to make a few but its when she has time to make them. Anyway, check it out. Well...I don't know how a weekend could get any worse than the one I just had but some how it is possible. This week I lived the old saying (bad luck comes in threes) to the letter. Here goes:

Bad luck number One: 28 inch TV blows up mid Devil May Cray Three-fest

Bad luck number Two: Boyfriend goes away on training for a whole week in Nottingham (*crys*)

Bad luck number Three: As a last meal before he goes, we head to a pub called the 'Black Horse', only to be told the chief was off ill and there would be no food.

Not to mention my stupid dial up at home may not be working, added the fact I feel under the weather...and I now have to pay out ?100 plus for a new tell....you can see why I had plenty of time to do my ROM comics early this week....

10/21/2005 Sucks again
I got nothing... O, wait, I do. There is a ROM guest comic over at Round Robin

Later Peeps


10/19/2005 shoujo manga..AND THEN SOME!
I've been surfing the web and came upon a few websites that basically had a 'manga for girls' section. It's so nice of these sites to be considerate of the "fairer sex" by publishing a handy guide of "girl-friendly merchandise". It'd be even nicer if they realised that women already read comics, and not all of the people purchasing manga are boys buying stuff for "that cool chick in your life". It'd be nicest of all if people realised that women's tastes are just as diverse as men's, and making one two-page list of things that interest girls is stereotypically limiting (especially when some of the choices are so laughable). I know what manga I like, I read what could be considered both 'boy' and 'girl' manga. I think its rather patronising to be told what manga girls like when I know that none of the manga in that list are my favourites. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean all I read is shoujo manga! ((Note: shoujo is, in western usage, a style of anime and manga intended for girls and may have some crossover appeal to boys as well.))

In sight news I'm looking for a new Pre-reader for Project Sutra. Drop me an PM on the forum if your interested in taking the job!

Later Peeps


10/14/2005 The Art of I.T?
Fancy showing how you feel about computers in a piece of original art? Thought not.

The British Computer Society wants students of computer technology to pick up a blank postcard and a suitable writing implement and start creating entries for its competition entitled 'The Art if I.T' I nearly split my sides laughing when I was asked to enter! I'm going to be considering the options over the weekend. To be honest, it deceivers at least 30 seconds consideration before I bluntly say no.

Also note the promised chapter of Project Sutra is ready, but it needs pre-reading, so its going to be delayed...sorry.

Later Peeps


10/12/2005 A New age for ROM
As you can see from today's ROM there is a new style of shading in play. You can thank Paintshop Pro Version 8 for that! Expect to see more improvements as I get used to the software! You can also expect a chapter of Project Sutra on Friday!

Later Peeps


(Note from Josiah: Chapter covers have been added to the arhives for Chapters 0, 1, and 2.)

10/10/2005 Yay for Monday!
Because of the delay last week you get three ROM's this week. Yay for you! Also, there is fan art by Mandi so go check it out!

Later Peeps


9/28/2005 BTW, I'm no dial up now at home!
ROM has a guest comic over at Round Robin today so go check it out.

On site news this is the last comic of chapter one, meaning Friday's comic is going to be a summary comic. Believe me its not a filler! I'm doing some cover art for each of the chapters and should have them done for next week. I've also made a new banner and some link buttons.


9/28/2005 BTW, I'm no dial up now at home!
ROM has a guest comic over at Round Robin today so go check it out.

On site news this is the last comic of chapter one, meaning Friday's comic is going to be a summary comic. Believe me its not a filler! I'm doing some cover art for each of the chapters and should have them done for next week. I've also made a new banner and some link buttons.

Keep smiling everyone.


9/28/2005 BTW, I'm no dial up now at home!
ROM has a guest comic over at Round Robin today so go check it out.

On site news this is the last comic of chapter one, meaning Friday's comic is going to be a summary comic. Believe me its not a filler! I'm doing some cover art for each of the chapters and should have them done for next week. I've also made a new banner and some link buttons.

Keep smiling everyone.


9/23/2005 Another crappy filler? what's going on!!
I'm back everyone online everyone! It makes me all warm and fuzzy that you missed me (maybe =P )

News on the my home internet people! Some progress has been made. BT Broadband have finally agreed to let us cancel the contract (only when we got trading standards involved) and are removing the equipment, and sending us pay as you go dial up. It sucks for downloading stuff but slow internet is better than no internet at all. At least I will be able to get on msn and e-mail at home, as well as the forum over the weekend!! HAZAR!

I apologise for the crappy filler but I did end up going away for that 4 days off after all and didn't have time. I will return you to a regular update ASAP.

Regards Peeps


9/21/2005 Gone trukin!
I've not really gone to Truckfest, but I will be away from an internet connection most of the week so here is a crappy filler for you!

Later Peeps


9/16/2005 The Cup Final
An interesting thing happened to me in work yesterday. I was strolling along towards the canteen for my lunch. Everything was going great. It was fair weather, I had a solid hour to myself and I felt great. I walked into the canteen. Ducked in and out of the assembled staff and headed for a nice cup of coffee at the vending machine. I made my selection. I inserted the coin. I pushed the button. The machine did its job, delivering the cup, coffee, sugar and water correctly-though with one problem... It sent the cup out last. My shoes where ruined....

Today we have a Omake Creak Bonus comic so go check it out. Of note, that conversation actually took place between Celebifly and myself a while ago. Here response was merely O.O Its sad really that I am an expert in Rumicology...


9/14/2005 Shauni becomes a mod
I have recently become a super mod on the Pebble Version Forums to help take the strain off Josiah in Myou's and Jeff's absence. I promise you all I'll do a good job!

In other news I'm hard done to...The new Playstation PSP is now available to buy in stores in the UK and I can't afford one...*crys*

That's your lot for a rant today. I'm sorry I suck but I will write a proper rant for Friday.

Later Peeps


9/9/2005 Someone figured it out!
Congratulations to MasterMindMurray!! In ROMs now impressive archive I have made allot of references to literature, popular culture, manga and anime that I love. A while back (hell back in comic number 12) 'The Watch' where introduced. This group was inspired by The Redwall book 'The Long Patrol' by Brian Jacques. (Read a full review of the book here) In comic 14 I even had one of the Watch yelling 'For Redwall' in reference to this book series but no one until now has made the connection. In recognition of your discovery Murray I solute you! Congratulations!

Also note there are many other references in ROM. If anyone finds them they will be celebrated as a master mind as Murray has!

Later People

9/7/2005 Omake me money....not
I have absolutely nothing to write about today...the only reason I even bothered posting a rant was to inform you the first 'Omake Rumico Takahashi Creak' Bonus comic is done and up in the bonus comic archive.

Later Peeps

9/2/2005 I'm off again
I'm on another day vacation with Andy-ku again so I have to hurry up and get ready.

There is nothing extra for you this week but I'll try to get another chapter of project sutra ready for Wednesday's update.

Later Peeps

8/31/2005 Rated for Takahashi
I rant, I rave, and I have an obsession with Rumico Takahashi! *laughs like a madwoman*

Ok, back to normality...ish

I've had a little longer to work this weekend due to a bank holiday. I spent the better part of Sunday working on a few side projects for ROM such as ROM Does Cosplay and Project Sutra. I've also made the first of the new type of bonus 4am Comics dubbed 'Omake Rumico Takahashi Creak'. I will revel more as they are ready but I can say right now all the jokes are based on the manga's by Takahashi, so I suggest you start reading them =P Then again I would suggest that anyway because there excellent.

Later people


8/26/2005 Shauni no Baka
Sorry peeps for the crappy filler comic but I have been in Wales for most of the week and didn't get time to make two proper ROMs. There is good news though, you have a crappy filler on a Friday. What does this mean for you? That ROM is officially a Wednesday/ Friday update, not just Wednesday/ if I have time Friday update!

I hope your happy with the new effects in the comic, such as shading and the like. I'm trying my best to make the comics look pretty for you! BTW, thanks to Matrix Kirby for the Mu-chan sprite and Opal for the Celebifly sprite.

Bye Bye peeps!


8/17/2005 And Now a look at today's sport.
Not much to say today really peeps. Normal update, no bonuses or anything. Shauni has been a little strapped for time this week.

On one note I have uploaded previews of the ROM Cosplay on the forum. Also of note is the ROM Comic announcements thread. If for some reason ROM isn't updated when you check go to this thread, theirs a good chance there's a reason or even the comic there.

Later peeps!


8/15/2005 After all that she misses it!!
Opal! How dare you go to Toronto when I worked so hard to time it so you where in the 50th comic update! Just kidding =P

So after all that scheming to get the last gamer into the comic for the 50th update, here she is, 'Miss Opal Grey' ((Not Gray as I found out just yesterday)).

In sight news we have a bonus 4am comic, a celebratory guest comic by Matrix Kirby for our 50th Update. Chapter 2 of Project Sutra...and!


Ok, back to me =P

Last night I spent allot of time on 'ROM does Cosplay', a silly little project where the cast of ROM dress up as famous Anime/ Game/ Cartoon characters. So far I have done the following ((I'll upload them soon in an Omake section dependent on how much money Josiah gets this month in donations))
Shauni does Kikyo from Inuyasha
Josiah does Sora from Kingdom Hearts
Jeff does Inuyasha from Inuyasha
Opal and Mu-chan do Jesse and Meowth from Pokemon
Yomikko does Lisa from Final Fantasy Unlimited.

Later Peeps


8/10/2005 Bye Bye Billy
I don't have much to say today. My 10 year old Budgie, Billy, died on Sunday. As you can understand I'm a little upset.

I sight news we reach 50 comics on Friday...and theirs going to a surprise appearance in it. Also of note is Project Sutra will be updated on Friday.

Later Peeps


8/3/Much to do with Kangaroo!
I've had nothing short of a hepatic weekend to say the least! Friday I attended my second cousin’s wedding do (Contrasts to Tracy-chan!) Saturday I was at my boyfriend's friend's 21st Birthday Party (Happy Birthday Marty-ku!) Sunday I first went with my family and boyfriend to look at my Uncles puppies (2 months old! SOOO CUTE! THERE WHERE 11!! TOOO Cute!! OVERLOAD!)

Monday night was the only night to make two ROM Comics, a 4am Bonus comic, a Pulling Teeth comic for my weekly spot at Shaded Sprites Not to mention some development work for Opal who is soon to make her appearance in the comic as well as another art project I was commissioned to do yesterday by a forum member over at New World Comics To be honest I'm tired...and today I am attending my Grandmas 65 Birthday do (Happy Birthday Grandma!))

So as you might be able to tell I haven’t had much to get everything done. Doesn't help my net is STILL down at home *grumbles*

Later Peeps


7/29/2005 Please permit me to be a huge bore
Sorry peeps...theirs been a delay on Chapter 2 of Project Sutra...so its going to be next week sometime before its ok. I dont have anything else interesting to say except I have fan art by the great Queen Opal....so I'm going to do a game review to fill my rant space. The game in question is the mouthful that is "Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call". The newest RPG in the 'Shin Megami Tensei' Sereies. The really interesting aspect of this game that might interest you Pebble Version/ ROM fans comes in terms of how you build your party. You don't just battle demons - you can also talk to them, either in the field or in battles themselves. This is an essential part of the game, since you don't have any human companions in battle (as such...) - you rely entirely on recruiting demons to your side, either by bribery, cajoling or threatening them through a negotiation system that forms an interesting new addition to the traditional RPG battle system. This may sound a bit annoying, but actually it works very well, and the game successfully avoids being a demonic gotta catch 'em all by putting a tight limit on how many demons you can have in your party. You can, however, fuse two demons into one more powerful one at special temples dotted around Tokyo. This is a nice addition to the game; not least since it shows you the result of each fusion before you attempt it, so it isn't frustrating trial and error. Better still, it lets you turn low-powered demons into much more powerful ones without having to go through an annoying XP grind with them. The term "Demonic Pokemon" comes to mind during this interesting RPG. The story is good, the setting is interesting and the gameplay manages to remain entertaining despite the occasional teeth-grinding over an ill-timed random battle (although I should add that this isn't remotely as annoying as many random battle RPGs, the excellent Final Fantasy 10 for example). The graphics are something of a mixed blessing with heavily stylised characters that are very reminiscent of Capcom's Killer 7 (in ways that you'll either love or hate) on the plus side, but are let down by some quite poor and repetitive backgrounds. That said, that may well simply be a consequence of setting a game in a modern city, as shopping centres aren't noted for their beautiful architecture, after all. When it comes to rating Lucifer's Call, I'm torn between an eight and a nine. On one hand, the game is an incredibly unique and original departure from the normal conventions of this genre, offering the kind of dark stylish twist that RPGs have lacked for so long and building onto it some very solid gameplay. Balanced against that, however, is the somewhat unforgiving battle system and, most crucially, the whole random battle issue - which becomes more and more unforgivable in games as time goes by. Ultimately, then, it's this hangover from the NES era which drops Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call from the status of classic; it's a terrible shame that such a caveat should have to be given for this game, since otherwise I'd whole-heartedly recommend it as one of the best efforts ever at bringing "dark and brooding" to a genre overpopulated with spunky, spiky-haired idiots. Also of note, the ever cool Dante from the Devil May Cry games makes an appearance...then again...he has been doing overtime in a lot of capcom games recently...*points at Viewtiful Joe*

7/27/2005 Who's got the rant?
I got nothing.

Theres a new bonus comic...and Project Sutra should be updated Friday...

Apart from that I got nothing to say really. Sorry peeps


7/22/2005 When Friends move on to greater deeds
A dear college of mine working with me in my office has left for greener

pastures. This has left me a little depressed if anything as I considered

her a friend.

I am going to miss her dearly and wish her all the best in her new job.

I dedicate today's comic to her!

Good Luck in your new job Connie-onne!!



7/20/2005 I got nothing.
I have nothing to say really. I'm tired and I want to be witty but I can't.

Maybe I'll come up with something for Friday.

Later Peeps,


7/13/2005 Facing my femininity with masculine determination
I have urges...urges to shop and spend money I dont have. I am poor and need yen....

I have been spending my money so fast recently it hasn't even had a chance to wrinkle in my wallet....

Andy tries to stop me spending money, but I'm extremely fierce in finance.

I leave you now with this message

"Will dance for food"

Also check out the bonus Somewhere 4am Comic. It explains where most of my money DOES go!

Later Peeps


7/8/2005 London Wins Olympic Bid!
Eat that France!!

Make sure you read the first chapter of Project Sutra now that you’re here!

Later Peeps


7/6/2005 The 2005 PV Forum Awards!
I am officially the 2005 Pebble Version Forums Nicest Poster!

Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for me! It’s an honour! I love you all!

Also congratulations to everyone else that won categories or was nominated as well!

In comic news, I've still got problems with my broadband connection at home, but I am still able (just barely though) to get two updates for you a week as well as the first chapter of Project Sutra!

Check out the appropriate link on Friday for the first chapter, remember, there's still a lot to come!

Later Peeps!


6/29/2005 All is well in love and gore
I have my Internet back so I’m pretty happy with life at the moment. I also finally have a copy of Monster Hunter, the online monster hunting game for Playstation 2.

Now, just to get the playstation on line and I’m set....

Also reading a little Mermaid Sage by you know who Ranma fans =P

Later Peeps


6/22/2005 Shauni VS BT Broadband: Round 2
It’s done it again!

My dam internet line has stop working just as I get my act together on getting two comics done a week and other projects like the cast page images and bios, ROM does cosplay and Project Sutra.

Well, I won’t let it stop me. I made my comic for Wednesday conjoined, artwork at home, then burned to a CD, brought in work and background added on my lunch from the internet.

It’s a hassle, but to quote myself,

"I get my backgrounds from online sources, and without the line, well, we get a comic like the whiplash one, and I swore to myself then, I would not subject you to that twice."

I hate being noble....

I hope this wont stop me doing two comics next week, but its looking unlikely my net connection will be up any time soon.

O, and according to a stupid Internet quiz my ‘Gender Identity’ is 20% masculine. Fun facts

* Shoots quiz writer *

6/15/2005 Gotta Run!
Not time for a long rant today, I gotta go and get ready for a System of a

Down Gig I'm going to in manchester!

As one small note, Jeff has cat ears on his new hat and has whisker like

scars, that is all! Its to reflect his name change to Ibun on the forum!

Later peeps!


6/10/2005 Maison Ikkoku
Recently, after finishing everything available for Ranma ½, and half way

there InuYasha, I decided to read some of Rumiko Takahashi's earlier work.

At first I wished to view some Urusei Yatsura, but could only find later

manga of the series, and I know from past experience with manga and anime

you cant just jump in 6 books later (Fruits Basket is one example of where I

did that, I had not a clue what was going on.)

As I was about to give up and just buy something that sounded interesting by

someone else I spotted one book with a familiar looking face on its spine.

I lent in closer and was greeted by the one and only copy of Maison Ikkoku

on the shelf, marked 'Book One' and the smiling face of what looked like a

classic Rumiko Takahashi leading lady.

I pulled the book from the shelf and was indeed greeted by the name Rumiko


Smiling at myself for my discovery, I quickly scanned the contents and the

appendix on the back as an after thought, I'd already decided to buy this


I guess you could say this is a mini review as I only have volume one, but

its one hell of a volume, thicker in content than any other manga I have


Lets sum this up quickly.


The artwork is a little 'basic' compared to her newer stuff (a little like

the first few volumes of Ranma 1/2) but it is a wonderful story and filled

with classic Takahashi humour! I wont tell you any plot as its only just

getting going, I’ll have more news when I have a few more volumes.

A must have!


6/3/2005 Weekends Belongs to the Righteous
What a weekend THAT was!

Three day weekend, stuffing my face with barbecue food, water fights, gorgeous weather and family, friends and significant others!

That’s why ROM was late this week, been WAY to busy with family stuff.

Not much of a rant today, crappy happy as always!

Also, Josiah has the first part of ROM the novel up, so go take a peek!

As for Project Sutra, I'm half way threw the first installment, I'm still not telling you what it is!

Laters peeps!


5/25/2005 Because every comic needs a lecher!
Welcome Mu-chan the molester!

Today’s comic sees the introduction of Mu-chan. He may look cute but he's an irritable skirt chaser. I'm not giving away all the details yet.

As you all know I'm a big Rumiko Takahashi fan, and almost all her manga has a loveable lecher in it. I could no longer resist adding Mu-chan, he's going to be a comic mascot with a twist!

Not much more comic related to speck of today, just that soon we will reach Onett, and Josiah group will finally meet Jeff group, in very unusual circumstances!

All's fair in love and humor!

Well, Project Sutra is underway, and I have a few pictures from Waz-chan, expect to here more on both of these projects soon!



5/20/2005 Pre-merger integration Difficulties
"Between 60% and 70% of integration projects fail to hit budgets and deadlines, and up to 40% are outright failures."

Robert Morgan, chief executive of Morgan Chambers

Strange how I should ponder onto this little quote while flicking threw a computer magazine at work while I've been considering an offer from a friend of mine.

This friend of mine, who shall be called 'Waz-chan' has offered to do some work on Project Sutra for me, a sort of Co-worker', however, after reading the above I'm undecided.

Look out on the forum for a voting post in subsection ROM with some of his contributions. Vote yes or no to getting his help on the project.

That's all I gotta say, look out in the next two weeks for some stuff on Project Sutra

5/11/2005 Rumiko Takahashi owns you!
Well, Ive been promising a long rant for the last couple of weeks...so I better get one written.

I hope you dont mind, but it will be the same useless dribble as normal, just more of it!

Ok, first off comic related news.

'Project Sutra' is now under way, this is the super secret little tit bit I have been telling you about for a while, expect some teaser art to appear on the [URL=http://forums.pebbleversion.com/]Pebble Version Forums[/URL] in the next few weeks or so.

The project itself is the untold story off a brother and sister named Sutra and Emiel, I dont want to give to much away for non-ROM players so I wont say any more, but for those of you that do play ROM, you will know what this means!

The project as of yet is still taking shape, I'm still undecided weather or not to make this sub plot for the main comic into a text story with illustrations, or make it a full blown sub comic.

All I have so far is development images of Sutra and Emiel, as well as a few other cast. I will make links available to these images when I upload them in the next few weeks.

All you have now is the name of chapter one (be that comic or story)

Project Sutra: One Tap on the Keyboard

I'm also working on some bios and artwork for the cast page. I did almost have the last series done but when I looked back over them, they where just...lame.

Ok, enough about the comic. lets talk about me!

I've finally got a copy of Kingdom hearts: Chain of Memories as its only just come out in the UK (stupid PAL thingy)

So anyway, I'm more than a little disappointed in it. Dont get me wrong, the game is one of the prettiest Game Boy Advanced games out there, with 3D cut sequences and everything! The sound track is great and the sprites for the cast are cute...its just the game play that lets it down. I dont like the card system it forces you to use, and I dont like the fact that your expect to soufflé threw them and dodge the enemy at the same time.

In my view, a wasted opportunity, but I gotta play threw it or i'll be lost when I get Kingdom hearts Two....

On another note, Ive been interested in some more of Rumiko Takahashi work recently. If you didn't know, Rumiko Takahashi is responsible for Ranma 1/2, the anime/ manga Ive been almost obsessed with for 2 months.

The series Ive been reading and watching is one called Inu Yasha .

Inu Yasha is very much like Ranma 1/2 in its art style and humour, even though if directly compared, Inu Yasha would have to be considered the 'darker' or the two.

The manga and anime are full of demon slaying and tales of betrayal and death...but its clearly a Rumiko Takahashi creation as it has the same light hearted humour between the leading lad and lass that lead me to fall in love with Ranma 1/2.

Some other recommend reading/ watching is another Rumiko Takahashi creation called Urusei Yatsura .

The confusing story of a young male pervert engaged to an Oni princess from out of space! Its not as well written as Inu Yasha or Ranma 1/ in my opinion, but it still got all the humour and ridicules situations that make me love it as her other work!

All hail Rumiko Takahashi!

Ok, thats about it really. Except I'm band from E-bay till payday

hay, where'd you think I get all my gaming and anime junk?



5/4/2005 Boring Me
Nothing to say really today...

I did a few things over the weekend, went out for a few walks, watched a few movies...

Nothing worth bothering you with.

I promise I will have something witty next week!



4/27/2005 'Band Head here'
I can’t think of anything to write for today’s rant...I’m having a very hard time with importation recently...

So lets see what I can scrape together....

Well, the new comic size today is going to be a permanent feature (hopefully) as they where getting too large to get up online with a good quality....

Apart from that...nope, that’s it.

Well, its not like anyone reads these things anyway!



4/20/2005 Anime Itches
I was just reading MT a while ago when I cam upon a rant by Dom

"People who know my gaming habits know that I game in what I call "itches". I'll get a gaming itch in the form of a particular genre I feel I want to play, and I'll scratch it with my favourite game. For months, or at least a few sleep-deprived weeks"

I know have a phrase to coin for myself, 'Anime Itches'

I’ve been watching so much Ranma 1/2 recently its starting to worry me, I’ve not played a computer game for more than 2 hours in one sitting for 2 months. As a hard core gamer that IS scary.

Its a good thing Ranma 1/2 is so good!



4/15/2005 Birthday Blues
Hi di ho!

Sorry where late this week but I've been busy gettin ready for my birthday.

A friend of mine was supposed to make a birthday comic for me but they let

me down (again) so I just made a normal one for you.

Ah yes, lets return to Silver and Jeff, a little brake from all the mellow

drama from the main plotline.

Nothing else to report really!

Next time you read a rant i'll be 20! Woot!



4/6/2005 Whip Cream and Slippers

April Fools was a big let down this year. The only pranks I was involved with where at my friends University Halls of Residence. This involved placing Whipped cream in all his flat mates slippers...but they didn’t wear them all day!

Unfortunately after 12 we had to tell them about the cream, so we weren’t the Aprils Fools, however, Matt wasn’t there! Its now been 4 days and the whip cream is still sitting...waiting


Serves him right for not reading my comic =P

Beware the girl who be bored and cocky as vengeance is a virtue that induces fun!

Later alls!


3/30/2005 Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to hell!
This weekend was going so well to...it was Easter, there was Easter eggs...lots of Easter eggs...to many Easter eggs...

I now have an Easter hang over....

Pass the bucket…

Ok, no real rant today...I feel to icky



3/23/2005 Rant-o-What now?
There certainly has been some interesting developments this week!

Josiah has decided to start a Realm of Monsters novel! He is planning to follow the ROM RP a lot more closely than I am although he'll still be making plenty of little changes of his own. I think its a great idea as Josiah is a very accomplished writer!

Specking of ROM projects, Ive started the artwork for 'There are Reasons: Sutra and Emiel". A super secret project which will replace the bonus comics I do sometimes. It is the story of Sutra and Emiel, the hacker and her brother from the ROM RP on the message bored. Its kinda a prequal to the invents that are currently happening in the comic, and it sets out 'the reasons' why a perfectly normal person would become a super hacker.

As for myself, i've been taking anime master classes to improve my grasp on that style. Ive already resolved my issues with not quite being able to get life into the eyes of my cast, hopefully you will notice in time. The lessons will be running for a few more weeks so here's hoping ive mastered it by then.

Plus, im feeling allot better, and I wanted to thank Jeff for last week’s filler!

The things I do for you guys ^^



3/9/2005 Bla bla bla
I don’t have much to say, I finally got Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake eater, and already finished it

Sorry my rant sucks but I had like 30 seconds to write it



3/2/2005 *insert witty tittle here*
I am so short of interesting things to write about. The highlight of my dull week was finally getting my Kimiko Poster, MT Bag and Book from Megatokyo's store. The other highlight was finally getting some Ranma 1/2 anime, only having recently got into it myself...

In case you’re wondering, the bird is silver, and the line 'Holy Fudge Crackers' is his little catch phrase. I didn’t make it up...I don’t get it myself, but he does use it for quite a few of his posts on the RP, in a kinda funny way...so the fudge crackers stay.

It will be next week when I finally get all the promised cameos and shrine comics up for the filler comics contest, fitting them in naturally rather than just dumping them there takes longer than I expected, it might take up to 3 weeks to get all the ones in I owe. I’m also finally working on the cast page art…I want it to be my best…so I’ve been slow working on it…

That’s it, that’s all I got...sorry ^^

Man I’m dull...



2/16/2005 What women want
You know, you only rarely get a moment of true bliss, where your whisked away from the normal and find yourself in a dream world of rainbow butterflies and gigantic waterfalls.

I think that's why I like games, anime and films so much, its a form of escapism, strangely, I sometimes find myself stopping mid monster beating and just looking at where my charter is...

One such moment, or at least, the most memorable, was in Dark Chronicle, which I started playing again after beating my last game (see last rant), and there comes a section in chapter two where there is a wonderful waterfall with a rainbow across it, I got out the camera and zoomed in....it was breathtakingly beautiful..

I hadn't felt that way since I saw Luca in Final Fantasy 10 for the first time....

Its like when I was in Spain about 4 years ago, we where hiking in the mountains, several hours past and we finally reached a valley, where there was a beautiful waterfall that fell right from the top, with a crystal blue lagoon underneath, we swam there, which refreshed us. The waterfall in my game reminded me of it....and I was almost reluctant to move away from the spot, just listing to the sound of the water as it fell... such a beautiful game....

2/23/2005 OOO! Shinny!
Well, this weekend was very productive!

I've done the artwork for two weeks worth of comics, so I don't have to worry about getting next weeks done, I can just do it at my own pace.

I've had a new injection of life when it comes to ROM, new ideas, a new way of drawing the characters (you might have noticed the thicker outlines on the cast, it reduces brake up of ink lines in the scan and enables me to make comics look better, and even make them faster)

So, back to today's comic. We finally see the introduction of Jeff, I was holding of his introduction as I was having a little trouble getting is outfit right, but I decided to go with the green outfit his sprite is dressed in and maybe change it at a later date. I've also worked in Silvers introduction to the comic.

I myself have been reading allot of Ranma 1/2 recently, its very addictive reading, I also finally have my copy of book three from Megatoko, Phase 6 of Final Fantasy Unlimited DVD and Ghost in the Shell: The Stand Alone Complex on DVD. Its been a good week for my anime and Manga obsession...probably where I got my drive for the comic from...reading and watching anime and manga always makes me what to draw....

Lastly I also picked up a copy of 'Blood Will Tell' for the PS2

You play a Samurai who fights 48 demons to reclaim his stolen body parts from them....

A VERY strange yet addictive game.....

2/9/2005 When they do it right, they do it right
Hail to the greatness of Namco Tales! Hail to them in all there greatness!

Tales of Symphonia has to be one of the greatest RPGs ive ever played, and I've played plenty. I rate it up there with the likes of Dark Chronicle, Final Fantasy 10 and Arch: Twilight of Sprites

This game is a gem of a find that I picked up on a whim with Paper Mario at Christmas, I only started playing it on Thursday when I got back from Wales, but I have already finished it....a whopping 39 hours and 55 mins later and I was watching a beautiful anime ending with full voice overs done by some of the best voice actors I have seen in any game...breath taking.

This game dissevers your ovation, think for a moment, I some how found almost 40 hours in 4 days for this game, now THAT gotta show how additive it is....

There is incentive to play threw again also,

I might just play threw it....one last time.....must...unlock...all....endings...

1/26/2005 We in Wales!
Hi di ho people!

I'm having a 'just ok' time here in the 'big country'. I've been working on a load of ROM stuff while I'm here, like character designees and a few plot developments, as well as the way I actually draw. I've been playing around with PhotoShop on my cousins PC, he was the one that gave me my copy in the first place, and have discovered as I have been making a few sprite comics about filters, grey scale and the like. I'm actually learning how to use it now, and I am considering a few changes to my comic to make it look cooler...as well as planing out the script for the rest of the chapter...I must admit, I kinda lost track of where I was going for a while with the comic, that's why I made the update comic, to more reaffirm myself than anyone else. Expect Jeff and Silver to be making a proper appearance soon as well as a few other cast members. These following names wont mean anything except to RP players, but here is a teaser anyway....






1/19/2005 So Long!
I'm off! I'm off! I'm off on a holiday!

I'm on vacation for two weeks, I'll still be online but for the next two weeks there will be filler comics, and as so many nice people have made comics for me there will be 3 a week!

Yes, that's right! ROM will have an update of 3 times a week! JUST like Pebble version!

yay for you!

I'll still be a round so check out my rants on Wednesday as normal!

I'm off! I'm off! I'm gone!

1/12/2005 Shauni VS BT Broadband
Well, its been an interesting week, I tried to get on the computer on Saturday to work on the comic but for some reason my broadband was down. Apparently there is some sort of problem in my local area with all phone line related things, so I have a half finished comic, you see, I get my backgrounds from online sources, and without the line, well, we get a comic like the whiplash one, and I swore to myself then, I would not subject you to that twice.

So instead of a filler or no updated, just to stair things up, I present a place holder until Friday. I know it sucks, but I had my lunch brake yesterday to make it, I'm sure you will get over it =P

So, come back on Friday to see the full comic, the first of chapter 1, and who knows, I might even make another bonus comic to make up for the above suckieness =P

BTW, I still need some more quest stuff for while I'm away at the end of January, those that submit stuff I use will get a cameo, and those that submit stuff that are already in the comic or have had a cameo will get a shrine bonus comic made in there honour, so, lets get those pens out!

If you are hesitant because you don't know what ROM is about, say, your not one of the 6 people that actually understand the RP on the forum, anything with monsters coming out of cards *cough 'Yu-gi-oh rip of' cough* would be fantastic, or you can mock the comic, hay, I gave permission to Scott who makes Shaded Sprites, the same might as well apply to the rest of you!

1/7/2005 A happy New Year
Well, its official, it’s the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005. Just like it’s the end of Chapter Zero and the beginning of Chapter One. Expect a long-winded summary comic at the end of each chapter, just so everyone stays on top of the plot. Also, check out the new bonus comic on the somewhere 4am Comics in the archive. This bonus sprite comic will be updated as and when, so go check it out

Anyway, as for myself I am well after New Year, hang over not TO bad…

So that’s all good, also I am on holiday soon, so expect crappy filler comics by Jeff. Also, I actually decided to beg you guys for some filler stuff, I need some guest strips as I have discovered I don’t have enough to fill for the end of January, and they do act as safety net is something unexpected happened. So, if you’d like to help this old girl out, e-mail me ANYTHING I can use as filler to shauni_san@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance

Peas…send me something =P

Later Peeps


12/22/2004 Happy Holidays
As most of you know I am a catholic which means soon I will be celebrating Christmas, but I am fully aware of many other holidays taking place within the month, so I just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays, what ever you are celebrating.

The comic will be on siesta until after New Year, WAY too much going on to get anything done. So, I guess I will see you guys in the New Year!!!

As for the bonus comics, well, expect more information on the update schedule next rant, and if you want to keep in touch with how I’m doing, check in the forum, I will be on as normal



12/15/2004 Crappy Filler for a Cracking Christmas
Sorry about today's comic people, I've had a busy week getting ready from Christmas and didn't have time to get it finished, but fear not, next weeks comic will be a REALLY cool one, finally introducing Josiah to the comic.

Anyway, please enjoy today's guest strip by Jeff, hopefully I wont need to use the other 5 he made me for a while =P



12/10/2004 All work and no play & Bonus Comic!!
((I was supposed to post the bonus comic monday but couldn't so I added it to the archives and mashed both news posts together. Josiah))

Well, I've been rushed this week because of an audit at work so I’ve not had much time for the forums recently, but I have managed to get a lot done on ROM. I have re-coloured last weeks so take a peek, and this weeks is in full colour to, and I made the first bonus comic which will be up soon. Keep your eyes and ears out for that one.

Ok, that’s your lot for today; just make a note that next week, Josiah will be making an appearance……




Anyway, the bonus comic for ROM are using my Pulling Teeth Comic Sprites, but, ROM based humour.

Today’s comic is more of an in-joke with RPers on the ROM message bored, but for other readers these people will be I the comic soon. They are based on RPers on the bored.

The birdman is Silver, The dude in green is Jeff, who you will know from the ‘Crappie Filler comic’ and the last sprite is our own Josiah

The comics will be called ‘Somewhere 4am Comics’ and they will be updated every Monday from now on. Also if you missed it, I re-coloured last weeks ROM comic, so take a look



12/1/2004 Send your computer to the shadow realm?
Well, my dad is saying to re-install my computer because he cant access his music files....bummer, which will mean I might experience some down time on the comics, but I dont need to worry so much I guess, it could be an empty threat, but he is REALLY mad about it....

Anyway, back to me =P

Well, today's comic is my biggest yet, dont get used to it though, its only to make up for last week crappie comic.

In regard to my whiplash, I'm still suffering a little, but I feel a lot better.

YAY!! My Dad fixed my car! so now I have spear money....hum, what to waste it on.....

Well, not much more to say really, I will soon launch the bonus comics, but I will let you know in advance before I post it



11/24/2004 Because crashing cars isn’t always fun!
Well, this week hasn't exactly started wonderfully....

First of, I have hit a post with my car and smashed my head light and cracked my bumper, and now I also have whiplash...

The only good thing that has happened so far is I have the new final Fantasy Unlimited DVD, which has one episode less that the rest, the cheek!

Also I do need to do Christmas shopping...and I recommend all you guys do it soon too cause god knows I am not going to step anywhere near a mall or shopping center after the end of November....

And last, but by no means least I have a new sprite comic being hosted over at Shaded Sprites called Pulling Teeth, I will be updating there every Sunday, and I will also be making a weekly bonus comic for ROM using the sprites from Pulling Teeth if there is over $10 dollars donated for that month to Josiah! ^_^

In the meantime...please excuse the crappieness of today's comic, like I said, whiplash...awwwie....


11/17/2004 Comic Content
I’m sorry if today’s comic has upset anyone, but there is never a tasteful way of dealing with this sort of thing, and it was imperative that these events take place, as they shape the plot in the future

On a lighter note, we have finally reached 10 comics, and to celebrate, the comic was done in full color, and a little larger than the new standard sizes.

I guess I should write something really good to celebrate the occasion, but I wont because I’m lazy :P



11/10/2004 Bon Fire at the Lakes
I spent a wet weekend in the Lake Distract here in England celebrating Bon Fire Night. If you don’t have any idea what Bon Fire night is, that’s fine, it’s just an English holiday, serviced to say it involves a big bon fire and Fireworks. But, due to the rain, the whole things was a wash out, so we come home early.

The English weather sucks

Today’s comic is another alteration to the way I’m making them, one day I will be happy with how it looks, but I think I’m nearly there

Anyway, some of you might be wondering why there is no punch line, that’s because it’s the first of the more story based comics, some of which wont be funny.



11/3/2004 A jolly weekend in Scotland
Sorry about today's comics lads and lasses, but on Friday afternoon I was dragged on a weekend holiday to Scotland visiting relatives, leaving me only Tuesday to make a comic, which is one day before the deadline.

I didn't have time to edit the original artwork, and instead of subjecting you to a week without a comic, I used sprites made by sirjeffery, who some of you will remember from the re-coloring of comic two. So enjoy today's comic

Also, I now have a concept art page you can get to here with sketches I have made for the comic, so I think I have left you with quite enough to keep you happy till next week



10/27/2004 Life doesn't always have a punch line...
To you who have been reading my Live Journal, you may have already seen some of this rant, but it is important to the comic, so I will say it again

Basically the past week or two have been a time of deep reflection for me... I want to be more serious in my art and story telling, and I feel that, thus far, my attempt to get one liners in every comic has made them sub-standard. I cant pull of that kind of thing of like Josiah and Pebble Version can, so I have decided, after the Prolog has finished there will be a few changes with the story and humor, less cheesy one liners, and a deeper, more heartfelt plot. That's not to say the comic will not be funny, but to quote 'Piro' of Megatokyo

"Life doesn't always have a punch line..."

I am also working on a little something as well that will come in to foliation in a few weeks.

Mwhahahahahah * cough *



10/20/2004 My First Link Exchange
Hi peeps! I haven't been well for a while but for some reason I feel fantastic today.

Anyway, today is my first link exchange with a wonderful peep named Nosira and the Shaded Sprites comic

I also wanted to link to another comic done by a member on the forum called Mute and his Comic about Carl

Ok, now the linking is done, back to my rant.

I recently got a hold of some Megatokyo paper back books from America (book one and book 2) after a 4 month wait, and I couldn't be happier. Any of you interested in Megatokyo can find a link to it on Josiah's link page, and those of you in the UK like me wont be able to get these books from there online store yet, there having a few problems, but if you know someone in America (like I did) just get them to purchase them and mail them over to you. Its well worth the wait if your a fan.

Well, later everyone, I'm of to read my manga....


P.S. Anyone who has MSN is welcome to chat to me, my MSN e-mail address is shiva_n_snow@hotmail.com, but the address itself is redundant, so its futile trying to e-mail it.

10/13/2004 Welcome Photoshop
Well, another Wednesday, another comic.

I've finally got a copy of PhotoShop and have experimented with it using this comic, some of the results are good but as most of you might tell, its made the drawings a little blurred, sorry about that.

Anyho, now I’m getting the hang of PhotoShop there will be better effects in the comic from now on, and I promise I wont smug the images anymore.

If you have any tips for me on using PhotoShop Version 6 drop me a line.

Also, incase you missed it don’t forget to check out the Live Journal for daily updates



10/6/2004 Most.... do...comic
Hi guys, you have NO idea how hard it was for me to make today’s deadline, for a start my net access has gone down at home thanks to my Dad and his DIY. He has decided to move all of my equipment I need to get online downstairs and bury it under our new carpet and left the important stuff, like my PC, in my room!

The wires are set for the new location of my new PC, but I haven’t got it yet! Not to mention the fact that he has now gone on holiday with my Mum, so I cant even move my OLD one down stairs!!!

So, the only way to make the comic is to save it on floppy and lug it back and forth to work instead of just e-mailing it straight to myself, causing all kind of bother (seen as though even with Winzip its ONLY just small enough to fit on a floppy)

The other thing holding me back from doing the comic are three new time consuming games I just bough. These are Animal Crossing, Pokemon Fire Red and a Game Boy Cart with 104 games on it. In total they have robed me of like 34 hours of my week, which is pretty bad really, so I kinda had to say "No, dont save Lostelle tonight, DO THE COMIC...NOW!"

Very hard...

I also have a new live journal you can read as well, its daily (ish) updates on my life and progress of the comic, so drop in and post comments...or something like that....

Live Journal

I’m going to go play Fire Red now...


9/29/2004 I suck at this....
Sometime I dont know what I find harder, making a comic or coming up with a good rant.

Judging by my past three efforts at both I would have to say that I suck at rants.

Its hard to think of random things to type about at the top of my head unless you have something you want to talk about, and at present I dont.

So, I guess I can just talk to you about the comic, but what is there to say....... this is the comic I couldn't get out last week on time, and erm...it took 6 hours to make from drawing to jpg, and errrm.... that’s it really.

I have been working on the character art for the cast page this week, and that going well, I guess…

I'm not really in the mood for typing, I guess Ill just go play Animal Crossing, or something like that...

One more thing, I just wanted to say hi to Magi who just joined the forum! I dont know WHY I wanted to, I just did.



9/22/2004 What happened to the plot??
Well, Happy Wednesday to you all!

So now where on the third ROM comic, and its not looking to bad. I've got the prolog all planned out and have nearly finished the entire original art work for that. I've also been working on chapter one.
I did have a story comic for today, but I didn’t get the coloring done on time so I had to rush out this one, but I promise it will be ready by next week. Its really good, it ACTUALY gets the plot going.

As some of you know, last weeks comic was originally B&W, but Jeff re-did the colors for me. Dont be surprised if some of the comics in future are B&W, I only have time to do the comic on my lunch which is an hour everyday and sometimes I cant get it colored in time. But I am working on that problem. I am getting a new computer at home and a version of PhotoShop, so I will have BAGS of time to work on it then, but I cant say WHEN that is actually going to happen.

So, anyway, enjoy today’s comic, and I DO promise that things will get better, my coloring skills have already improved, and next weeks comic is full of action!

One last thing, if you paypal Josiah enough money he has told me he will renovate the WHOLE sight, including ROM, so if you are feeling generous, give him a bell!

Also, If you interested in reading the ROM RP on the forum, you can get to it here. The comic is only based on it and has its own original story apart from the RP, so even the forumers that play it should be surprised. It just gives you and idea of who the gamers in the comic are really.



9/15/2004 Sleep.....How I miss you


Ok... I don't really have a rant today. I tried thinking for ages of something really funny and original to write about but all inspiration has left me. Either way, I should go to sleep for now. Much work to do. Wee fun. Argh. So freaking tired. I am gonna avoid talking right now because the second I do start typing, I just know something idiotic will spring forth and come back to hit me upside the head later. So I'm going to bed, and I'll write about cool stuff next update. Stupid sleep...why must you be so comfy? Some days you just got to lay in bed and pray that the earth will swallow your Boss sooner or later. However, I will leave you with this little something to keep you occupied until I actually get of my ass and do some work on the comic. Beatrush Crossover Comic
9/8/2004 Hi!

Well here it is boys and girls, the first official ROM Comic. In case you didn't know this was originally a mere RP on the Pebble Version forum, the idea came to me (on a bus of all things) that the topic was a fantastic idea for a web comic.

The topic was originally started by one of my buddies on the forum that we like to call Felix, and follows the misadventures of 5 gamers after getting sucked into a computer game. The topic might sound corny but it is a winding story of surprise and confusion (mostly) with cameos and guest appearances from some of your favorite game stars (more likely me favs ^_^).

The tittle ROM actually stands for "Realm of Monsters", and the game world they have been drawn into is the magical land of Orca. Follow our gamers as they capture monsters and battle overly powered bosses in an adventure that's got 80% more random dialog than any other!

I'm looking to update at least once a week, so when your checking out PV give me a call, Wednesday is looking like the most likely update day, being its launch date of course. If things go well I'll update maybe twice a week.

As for me, well, I am currently working on a free year out of Uni for a UK based company in its I.T department (don't sound to impressed, I'm an apprentice). I have worked there for about a 8 months now, and they have finally let me lose near PhotoShop! I am also 19 year old and live in the North West of England.

O, and if you want to make a contribution to the comic, please PayPal Josiah, as he is hosting my comic for free, and he dissevers it more than I do ^_^

Guess that's it for now, more next week!


ROM The Comic is based on the ROM RP from the Pebble Version forums. All characters are property of their respective oweners. The art and comic itself are the property of Samantha "Shauni" Lowe. ROM is hosted as a part of Pebble Version.