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As a warning, this page contains some spoilers. If you would prefer to read the comics and get all the surprises as they happen, then it would be advisable to come back to this section later.
Main Protagonists
Josiah Lebowitz
Designation: Gamer
Date of Birth: 01/01/1985
Home Location: Tempe, Arizona, USA
Josiah is a long time fantasy and sci-fi fan who loves creating adventures
of his own. Though his initial reaction to Orca, naturally, was horror, he soon settled into the rhythm of things and found himself enjoying his current situation. Josiah is an genuine nice guy, though his sarcasm can sometimes be ill timed. Josiah completely abhors injustice and is more than happy to go out to right wrongs, often resulting in little 'side quests'. He shows natural leadership qualities but often lacks the focus needed to initiate him as 'leader'.
Quote: 'Actually I'm wondering why I'm staring at Bagpuss and big bird'
Fun Facts: The name "Josiah" means "fire of the Lord" in Hebrew.
Brief History: Josiah is the Yugioh Regional Championship winner of 2004 and 2005 for Arizona and was placed in the top ten players at the National Championship in April 2005. His skill with spell cards and trap cards transfer cover pretty easily to the ROM card battle system to the Support Cards. He can quickly pick up on the relationship between support and monster cards and has proven he can use both to there fullest potential.

Note worthy traits:
Monsters: Sparkz (electric 1/3)

Jeffery Gallo
A.K.A: Jeff
Designation: Gamer
Date of Birth: 24/06/1984
Home Location: Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Usually quiet, intense and determined, with a somewhat dry sense of humour,
Jeff is arguably the most mature member of our party. He finds himself getting angry very quickly as he tries to comprehend some of the more 'stupid' predicaments he finds himself in while travelling in Orca. He has a hard time excepting the 'truths' and 'physics' of this new world he has been cast in, sometimes even forgetting he's in a fantasy world. Jeff is able to keep plugging away in the midst of angst and confusion, making him a back bone to the group when things seem hopeless.
Quote: 'In the name of a anything holy, just shut up!'
Fun Facts: "Jeffery" is an English name which means "Gift of Peace"
Brief History: Jeff is an accomplished Tae Soo Do 5th Grade Purple Belt. Tae Soo Do is the Undergraduate Program for beginner Martial Artists. It is designed to help understand the fundamentals, basic mechanics, and philosophies inherent in the practice of martial arts. It is also considered the sport version of Hwa Rang Do. He can use his martial arts to compliment his monsters in battle. He is the only gamer that can directly help there monsters in a fight. He has recently been studying Kendo and fencing as part of his martial arts development.

Note worthy traits:
Monsters: Bibble (Water 1/3)
Martial Arts: Tae Soo Do 5th Grade Purple Belt

Silver Smith
A.K.A: Mr Comic Relief
Designation: Gamer
Date of Birth: 11/09/1991
Home Location: Nowhere, Kansas, USA
Silver is a rather odd character to pin down. He seems to relish the fact
that he is considered 'Mr Comic Relief' by everyone, even if its laughing at him, not with him. Silver seems at times to be a scatter brain that is distracted by anything shinny, but at other times he shows deep intelligence and understanding, leading some to wonder if he is mealy acting the fool. He obviously adores being the centre of attention, even if it is the negative sort
Quote: 'Holy Fudge Crackers!!'
Fun Facts: "Silver" means simply "silver" from the English word for the precious metal or the colour, ultimately derived from Old English seolfor.
Brief History: Silver is rather fanatical about monster raising games and is considered to be an expert in the field by a large group of his local gaming community. He has won The Monster Rancher Game tournament held at his local arcade every year for the last 4 years, four times in a row. He is able to use his knowledge to quickly adapt battle strategies for his monsters to use based on his impressive archive of memories of battles. Silver can be considered an expert on the Bird Pokemon Pidgoet and has a hatred for the bird Pokemon Swellow, which he considers to be a blatant rip off. The fact he know so much about Pidgoets can only help him come to terms with his current appearance.

Note worthy traits:
Monsters: Tashi (Fire 1/3)
Pigeot Traits: Flight

Opal Grey
Designation: Gamer
Date of Birth: 18/01/1990
Home Location: Port Elgin Ontario, Canada
Opal is easy going and very laid back. She's easy to adapt in almost any given situation and takes even the most odd and random events in her stride. She finds it difficult to be serious at times but when she puts her mind to something she is almost guarantied to pull it off. Being open as she is, Opal is in touch with her feelings and makes little effort to mask them. She lets people know exactly what she is feeling, sometimes appearing tactless in more sensitive situations, but her honest and often blunt disposition makes her a breath of fresh air and often helps resolve uncomfortable or embarrassing situations. Her honesty makes her an easy person to talk to. Opal is a little bit of a tomboy and can't stand feminine cloths. She'd much prefer a good par of slacks and trainers.
Quote: 'These ropes are chafing me..."
Fun Facts: "Opal" means simply "opal" from the English word for the iridescent gemstone, the birthstone of October. The word ultimately derives from Sanskrit upala meaning "jewel". Opals are known for their distinctive iridescent luminous qualities that change with the angle of observation.
Breif History: Opal has always been interested in games that allowed her to create her own monsters. She's an expert on the PC game Impossible Creatures and has an uncanny ability to tell what traits will work together well. Her interests have left her with an understanding of balance and she uses that to great effect when using two monsters at once, choosing ones that will compliment the others strengths.

Note worthy traits:
Monsters: Celebifly (Light 3/3)

A.K.A: Lady Priestess, San
Designation: Unspecified
Date of Birth: Unknown
Home Location: Unknown
Shauni really is an enigma. She only shows certain sides of herself, trying to portray a happy disposition, though she is insecure and prone to bouts of depression and indecision. Shauni, though unsure of her own feelings, is always willing to support her friends with a sympathetic ear, even if she herself is in a worse state. She absolutely hates to be double-crossed or betrayed, and hates the people who do such things. The only times she gets truly angry is when someone is being cruel to another.
Quote: 'Is it weird I don't know my own name?'
Fun Facts: The name "Shauni" was taken from the Playstation Two game named "Beyond Good or Evil" in which it was used as a pen name. I adopted the name 'Shauni' to use on the "Pebble Version" forum as I liked the irony of using a pseudonym as a username. "Shauni" or "Shani" means "red" in Hebrew

Note worthy traits:
Monsters: Chobi (Light/ Dark 1/3), Wesper (Water 2/3)
Unknown Light: Dispel Transformation, Summon Warriors

Supporting Cast
Yomikko Gothard
A.K.A: Mikko
Designation: Playable Character
Home Location: Onett, Orca
Yomiko may look somewhat like a Liberian but she is a strong-willed, self-motivated woman whose gentle tone and kind words shield her fiery determination. She would do anything to protect the people she cares for, even die if necessary. She also holds honour and promises as sacred, never braking them once she has made them. She also has a soft spot for hopeless causes, showing kindness and affection to those that look like they need it.
Quote: 'Dont turn your back on me...EVER!'
Fun Facts: "Yomikko" takes her name from "Yomiko Readman", who is a character from "Read or Die". Read or Die is a four-volume manga and 3 episode OVA.

Lilly of the Onett Clan
Designation: Playable Character
Home Location: Stamford Raffles, Orca
Lilly is rather loud mouthed and doesn't really think her plans threw before she puts them into action. She often looks before she leaps into action, but her robust and likeable personality most often that not allow her to 'wing it' if her plans don't come into fruition. Her cheery disposition can sometimes go to irritating levels, but she is the type of person people can't bring themselves to dislike. Generally Lilly is easy going but sometimes she can lack focus as she goes of into a day dream.
Quote: "Aren't you a rude one!"
Fun Facts: "Lilly" is derived from "lily", which is the name of a flower. The Lily is a symbol of purity. The word is ultimately derived from Latin lilium.

Petra Wong
A.K.A: Petravena, 'The Watch Jockette'
Designation: NPC
Age: Dead
Home Location: Onett, Orca
It is not uncommon for Petra to go through strange alterations in her personality and will often appear quite friendly and cheerful, the next she seems cold and uncaring. Petra will often say what she thinks without any real regards to tact, which sometimes makes her seem rather harsh. She is prone to causing fights but doesn't hold grudges for long. Petra is incredibly protective of those she cares, holding the approach of "I can hurt them but you can't" when it comes to others. Petra has many levels to her reasoning making her actions hard to read. More often than not she has an alternate motive for being nice. Nicknamed the Watches 'Jockette', she likes competing with the boys on every level. However, the trade-off is she loses the ability to make the guys see her as a girl.
Quote: 'I swear if someone else does that today I'll scream.'
Fun Facts: The name "Petra" is from the Greek language meaning 'rock'.

A.K.A: Molester-chan, Ecchi!, Hentai!
Designation: Mascot
Age: 8
Home Location: Onett, Orca
Its still up in the air if Mu-chan is an harmless little creature or just a general skirt-chasing lecher. At times he acts cute a cuddly, showing vague aspects of innocence, at others, he is just a womaniser that likes to hit on every female he meets. Basically he's is the most immoral, perverted creature on the planet that likes to act nice if it lets him take a peak up a girls skirt. Most consider him harmless, but others fear him as the devil incarnated.
Quote: 'Hazar! I finally got to see her underwear!'
Fun Facts: "Mu-chan" is derived from "moo", as in the sound a cow makes, and the Japanese suffix "chan", that means "small" or "cute". His name therefor can be translated as "cute cow"

Neo Zanther
Designation: Unknown
Age: 22
Home Location: Dark Edge, Orca
Quote: "Who or what is a Mahri?"
Fun Facts: Although the name 'Neo' seems to have been taken from 'The Matrix', it was not.

A.K.A: Guardian Father
Designation: Unspecified
Age: 36
Date of Birth: 31/10/1970
Home Location: Dark Edge, Ocra
Quote: "Shauni-sama?!"
Fun Facts: There's an interesting story behind Simeon's appearance, but you'll have to wait for it!
'Lord Moen'
A.K.A: Lord of the Eastern Realm, Master, Great Lord
Designation: Unspecified
Nothing is really known about Lord Moen except he does not sully his own hands and gets lackeys to do his dirty work.
He founded the Seven Deadly Sins unit, and for some reason has a grudge against the gamers. Moen battled ten years ago after he suddenly emerged from the Eastern Lands with an Army. He quickly concurred the lands around him and nearly took over the entire province until a combined attack from Clancy and its allied kingdoms pushed him back. He went into semi-dormancy for Ten years until the gamers showed up in Orca, now he has strangely re-emerged and pulls all his resources to destroy the gamers. The Seven Deadly Sins unites are all people he has 'acquired' during and since the 'Great War''. For reason unknown, Moen goes to great lengths to acquire certain people for his army at all costs. Moen truly is a shadow.
Quote: "I am that which consumes all light and sets free the deepest blackness within souls"
Fun Facts: "Moen" is derived from the Indian name "Mohan", which means "bewitching" in Sanskrit.

Note worthy traits:
Lord Moen is a Necromancer: A person who holds abilities or knowledge to draw power and skills from the dead along with summoning and controlling ghosts, spirits, demons, zombies, etc. It is believed that through this ancient practice, the one who practices necromancy can use the summoned spirit to find hidden treasures, cast spells on others, learn about the future and even hurt other living beings.

Haku of the Wrath
A.K.A: Haku-sensa, Hakuko
Designation: Boss
Haku was once a general in the army serving with Yomikko's father. During the Great War 10 years ago Haku's soul was seized my Moen and he was transformed into an evil minion. His current behaviour is extremely violent and sadistic. He seems to get pleasure from killing his former allies and loves to play mind games with them.As anyone who reads comics can tell you, death in the comics is hardly ever a permanent condition, as characters come back from the dead with astonishing regularity. Haku has been revived three times already. Haku has had three different bodies since his birth. His original body which was buried in the Holy Ground after the great war, the new shapshifitng body Moen imprisoned his soul in and Petra's body that he was forced to inhabit in order to survive his battle with 'the end'.
Quote: "Wow! Does you face hurt because its killing me!"
Fun Facts: "Haku" takes his name from a character in the 2001 animated movie Spirited Away. The name was also chosen as 'Haku' is a Japanese word often used when describing the removal of clothing. In actually it means 'come off', 'peel off', 'be worn off', 'fade' or 'discolour'

Note worthy traits:
Haku can transfer his soul from one recently dead body to anther, but this inevitably means he revises the current host. He can only transfer again if his current host dies. Haku has a demonic form called 'The Shadow Soul' which he can use in any form.

Ivy of the Pride
A.K.A: Lady Ivy, Ivy-oneechan, Ivy of the Onett Clan
Designation: Boss
Before Ivy was transformed by Moen during the great war she often used to look after orphaned monsters in the forest. She was a kind and caring person who's only real flaw was her over confidence. After her transformation Ivy became cold and distant. She hated the things she was order to do but she did them anyway. She grew ever more frustrated at her role of lackey as her Pride would not let her except her new lot in life.
Quote: 'You can't even save yourselves...never mind me.'
Fun Facts: "Ivy" means simply "ivy" from the name of the climbing plant that has small yellow flowers. It is ultimately derived from Old English ifig.

Note worthy traits:
Ivy is a very skilled fighter who has poisonous, razor sharp claws. Ivy can control plants life and recover her health using the trees around her.

Miser of the Greed
Designation: Boss
An intelligent, practical, level-headed, and essentially amoral woman. Miser has taken full advantage of the situation that Moen's reappearance has created and is one of only two deadly sins to volunteer for the position. Her deeds include blackmail of just about every description. She would be willing to let someone fall to their death rather than lose money. The one thing Miser is not is a combatant. Although she always keeps her wits about her, she is useless in a fight. She is often characterised as caring nothing for anyone save herself and what she can get from them. She continuously plays on Moen's obsessions, and seems to derive pleasure from humiliating or conning her fellow Deadly Sins. Moen keeps Miser by his side as one who's loyalty can be bought will be eternally loyal to the powerful. Miser is a stingy hoarder of money and possessions. Miser is also Mu-chan's half sister. They share the same father.
Quote: "I'm mean and cold and nasty, and I've got money flowing through my veins."
Fun Facts: "Miser" is the term for a person who is reluctant to spend money, usually for the point where he or she forgoes even basic comforts.
It derives from the Latin, "miser", meaning "poor" or "wretched." One who takes pleasure in the mere possession of cash but has no intention of
putting it to any use.

Note worthy traits:
Miser can posses any living person and use there personal traits such as magic.

Random Extras: Onett Denizens
Elder Codo Sadler
Designation: NPC
Elder Codo tends to be a bit pompous and talkative, but valiant and energetic nevertheless. He is an elder of Onett, which gives him quite some sway in the towns affairs.

Shinmaru Kiddo
A.K.A: Shin, Shin-boy
Designation: NPC
Shinmaru is a kind-hearted and somewhat chivalrous young man. However, Shinmaru has been know to cry at the smallest of things. He is a master bowmen of very high standing within "The Watch"

A.K.A: 'Papa'
Designation: Mascot
Ku-chan is Mu-chan's father. Unlike his son he isn't obsessed with lady foke. He's rather cynical of the old beliefs of Onett and reckons the gamers are just milking the village for all they can get. He also runs Onett's only Inn.

Dark Edge Denizens
A little orphaned girl that has been raised by Simeon in the mountains around Dark Edge for the last 6 years. She has an ability called 'Second
Sight' that lets her 'read' the 'memories' of natural materials.

Other Extras
Bonsai of the Onett Clan
Bonsai is Ivy's and Lilly's older brother. He has not been seen or heard from for nearly ten years

"Shaded Spriter"
from Shaded Sprites by Ronald-san

"Fox Shadow"
from 'Fox's Shadow' by Meyou

ROM The Comic is based on the ROM RP from the Pebble Version forums. All characters are property of their respective oweners. The art and comic itself are the property of Samantha "Shauni" Lowe. ROM is hosted as a part of Pebble Version.