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10/31/2014 One after another

No bonus comic, I'm afraid. I have it ready to go, but the Top Web Comics site is having some issues right now, which are preventing me from uploading it. If they get their site fixed later today, I might upload it (and update this news post). If not, it'll have to wait until next week.

So, I got that pipe fixed...only to have a problem with my washing machine almost immediately after. Fixed that myself (at least I think so, I had a couple successful test runs). Then comes yesterday. My computer has had a few slight issues lately and I had something I wanted to try to fix them. Now, I'm pretty much expert level when it comes to computer repair (at least on the software side of things) so when I try to fix something, I usually do. But it's not like I know everything single thing about how Windows works and my attempted fix happened to hit something important I didn't know and made things a whole lot worse (to the point where Windows would no longer boot). So instead of spending a few hours working on Aurora's Nightmare, I got to spend a few hours fixing my computer instead. On the bright side, I did get it fixed. Not sure if I fixed those minor problems I had at the start (time will tell), but at very least it's back to how it was before I messed things up.

Sigh... Looks like this wasn't quite the plain ordinary week I was expecting. As for next week, well I've got actually got a few things going on. One is work related, but the rest involve The Hawaiian International Film Festival, which should be fun. But I'll talk more about that then.


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10/29/2014 I hate plumbing

Yesterday I finally got the last couple of pieces of furniture I was waiting on (after a month and a half of waiting). I also got my dryer vent cleaned (apparently that's something you need to do every now and then and mine really needed it). With those things taken care of, I thought I was done with house related stuff for a while... But that only lasted a couple of hours. And that brings me to the topic of plumbing. First there was my water filter which, despite a professional installation and a return visit from the plumbers, wouldn't stop leaking (driving me crazy for a few weeks). Well, I actually managed to fix that last week wth a combination of replacement parts and a whole lot of tinkering. But then today, when using my garbage disposal it backed up into the sink. Now that can happen sometimes and usually isn't a bag deal...except that it apparently clogged something. Oddly enough, the disposal and its half of the sink still work fine, but the other side isn't draining very well. That still wouldn't be that bad except that apprently one of the pipe fittings under the sink isn't sealed so well and if the water backs up too much, it starts to leak. Got some drain cleaner...which not only didn't help, it leaked a bit from that pipe fitting and left some nasty stains on the towel I had down. So now it looks like I need to get the plumbers out here again. Sigh... At least that should be a fairly easy repair job (and has nothing to do with that water filter). Still, owning a house does have its drawbacks.


10/27/2014 A normal week

For a change, I have absolutely nothing special going on this week (well, the last of my furniture is getting delivered tomorrow, but that doesn't really count). No special events, no visitors, and nothing special at work. Not too exciting, but I do need to start figuring out a good routine here and get my regular exercise, Japanese study, and other things going again. Next week, on the other hand, I do have a couple things planned, but I'll talk about them when they come.

In other news, if you didn't already know, I'm writing a weekly development blog for Aurora's Nightmare, the visual novel game I'm currently developing. This week's entry is a special one, where my background artist (the talented Badriel), explains the process of designing and creating all the background art which will appear in the game. Check the link if you'd like to learn more about the background art, or any part of the game.

Well, I'm off for now. See you Wednesday!


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