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10/18/2017 Mid-terms

Well, it may be a "normal" week but I do have a bit more grading to take care of than I first realized. Mid-terms were due over the weekend and the university requires that mid-term grades be submitted for all students, at least for 100 and 200 level classes. So that gives me a bit of a deadline to deal with (though I normally try to grade everything pretty quickly anyway).

Well, back to it.


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10/16/2017 A normal week

For a nice change of pace, there really isn't anything special going on this week. Though I do have a decent amount of grading to get done since mid-terms just came due. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy holidays and stuff, but sometimes it's nice to just have time to focus on normal stuff. Especially when I've got a lot of things to grade. Connie and I did go into DC yesterday though, so expect a travelogue entry later in the week.

See you Wednesday!


10/13/2017 A full week

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The past few days, I've constantly found myself wondering where the time went. I've had a list of things I've wanted to do, but it seems like I never have time to finish it all. Getting close to catching up though. And, without any more holidays coming up for a while, I think I'll be able to get back on track this coming week. Anyway, let's try and get that travelogue entry finished...

October 9th (Monday): DC With Friends
My friends Silver and Colly, from the forums, were passing through DC. We hung out a little Sunday night and, since it happened to be Columbus Day, I had the day off so I was able to join them for some sightseeing in DC. Zack had been kind of fussy for the last couple of days, so Connie decided to play it safe and stay home with him instead of joining us.
Since Silver and Colly were visiting, I let them choose the day's itinerary. Fortunately, despite it being a holiday, pretty much all the notable DC attractions were open. We started out at the Air and Space Museum. I got to go through a couple of exhibits I'd missed last time, including an interesting but oddly out of place one featuring art, photos, and memorabilia related to WWI. We even spotted the Enterprise. At this point, I'd say I've probably seen around 75% of the museum, give or take.
We didn't want to spend all day in one place so, after a while, we walked over to the United States Botanic Garden. While the main garden is indoors, there's an outdoor garden next to it which we walked through first. While October probably isn't the best time of year for it, there were still some flowers and other interesting plants around. That said, I've been a lot of gardens over the years and, while this one was fairly nice, there wasn't anything really special about it. The indoor portion of the garden was more interesting. It's divided into half a dozen or so zones themed around different climates and plant types. I wouldn't say that there was anything truly spectacular, but the garden does offer a very wide variety of plants that you can see all year round and it takes less than an hour to walk through so it's worth a visit if you're in the area.
At this point, we didn't have a ton of time left, but we were still able to swing by the Museum of Natural History. There, we took a quick walk through the animal bones to see the dinosaurs. As a note, it seems that there's currently a bigger and fancier dinosaur section under construction, though what they have now isn't bad. After that we made our way through the bug exhibit and spent a few minutes in the undersea section before the museum closed. I'd say I've probably seen 40% or so of the Natural History Museum now, though I just skimmed a couple of the exhibits and would like to take a closer look. I definitely need to make it back there sometime soon and go through the rest.
After that, we headed back to Fairfax and picked up Zack and Connie for dinner before going our separate ways. It was a fun day, especially since I hadn't had a chance to explore DC in a while, much less hang out with friends.

Ok, I've got another busy day coming up so I'm off. Have a good weekend!


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