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2/5/2016 As predicted

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As predicted the last couple of days have been just as busy as the first part of the week. Though I'm still getting a lot done, which is good. Connie and I did get out for a little while yesterday evening to see some lion dancing, which was a nice (if short) break. I'll probably post a movie next week. For now though, it's late and I'm worn out.

Have a good weekend!


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2/3/2016 Moving along

It's been a busy, but fairly productive couple of days and it looks like today will likely be more of the same. I've got a lot of papers to grade for work at the moment, which always makes things a bit busier, but I've also moved onto the next class in my MFA, and the professor clearly doesn't know what a reasonable reading assignment is. Accelerated format or not, you just don't assign around 450 pages of reading in a single week (most classes don't reach that in an entire semester). Not to mention the 120 pages or so he recommended reading twice... So yeah, that'll be fun.

In other news, for those of you who like to read Pebble Version on your smart phone, but don't like the way the site looks on it (this site was designed before smart phones became a common way to access the internet) a fan made a simple Android app for reading the archives. You can check it out here or search for it on the Google Play store.



2/1/2016 Still waiting...

And the results of Friday were...wait and see. On the one hand, it wasn't a negative result, which is good. On the down side, it wasn't positive either. The best I could get was a "we'll think about it" situation, which means I just have to give it some more time. Sigh...

Other than that, nothing much to report. Work and the like are progressing normally and Connie and I are working on getting legally married (which is a bit more work than you'd expect, at least here in Hawaii). The actual wedding is in March, but the sooner we get her green card paperwork in the better, and that requires a marriage certificate. Kinda exciting, but mostly just paperwork.

I have a restaurant review or two I should do sometime soon, but not today.



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