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5/27/2016 Travel plans

Since it's a Friday, you can see the new bonus comic if you vote with the TWC button on the left.

The schedule for that interview trip I mentioned has been set. I'll be leaving Tuesday next week and returning on Friday. As such, the updates for Wednesday and Friday are a bit up in the air. If I had to guess, I'd say that Wednesday's update will probably be skipped but there will be a normal update on Friday. But I can't say for sure, it'll just depend on how things go.

In other news, I was able to replace my garage door opener and the new one is working perfectly. While I can't say I especially enjoy doing stuff like that, I don't hate it and it's kind of satisfying to fix something around the house and learn some new skills. Though I did hit one snag which detracted from that feeling a bit. See, since the only broken part was the box with the motor, I figured that I could just replace it with a similar one without having to redo all the other parts. So I got the cheapest model, which didn't come with any extras. While the opener itself ended up working out just fine, it turned out that the newer models don't work with old remotes and wall panels, even if they're the same brand. So I had to go out and buy new remotes at $42 each. Plus, a proper wall panel is another $20 or so. So that's an extra $100 dollars, give or take, above what I paid for the opener. Thing is, I could have spent an extra $50 for a model that came with all of that and saved myself a bit of money, an extra trip to the store, and a lot of frustration. On a side note, how the heck can a garage door opener remote cost over $40? It's cheap plastic, a small circuit board, and a wireless transmitter. They can't cost more than several dollars, at most, to manufacture and it's not like they have multi-million dollar development costs or anything. Talk about a crazy markup...

Anyway, I didn't have time to get any commentary done for today, but hopefully I'll have another set ready for Monday so I'll see you then.


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5/25/2016 One after another...

Continuing with the commentary, strips 291 - 294 are up.

I just can't catch a break this week, or this year for that matter. On the bright side, Connie's health has been steadily improving over the last couple of days. But on top of her being sick, and the extreme amount of studying I've had to do, all the ongoing stuff (the job search, etc.), and some other things I don't feel like talking about, my garage door opener broke. No, not the remote, but the motor assembly that makes the entire thing work. Over all, that's a relatively minor thing (though it'll probably be a couple hundred dollars and a few hours of work to replace) but it's kind of adding insult to injury in an already busy and stressful week that's been just the latest part of a busy and stressful year. Honestly, I think this is the most stressful year I've ever had. Mentally, I'm relatively calm and in-control at this point (though there have been some really bad days here and there), but the only other time I can ever remember being this stressful was when I was in Japan during the Fukushima incident and was spending every day worrying about the reactor and radiation. And that was only for a week or so. This has been going on, to one degree or another, since mid-January and doesn't really show any signs of letting up. Some of it it has been my fault, some bad luck, some just general business, and some due directly to the (at best) very dubious actions of other people, but it's all combined into a big mess. Sigh... I'll get through it, one way or another, but I would really appreciate it if some things would start going a bit more in my favor. Or at least stop taking the Murphy's Law approach.

Sorry for the rant, but it's been a tough week / year. See you Friday.


5/23/2016 Continuing the commentary

Here's the commentary for 289 - 290.

Well, things certainly haven't gotten more relaxing yet. Connie's sick, so I've been taking care of her. And my current MFA class seems to think it's totally ok to give about a day and a half for around 200 pages of reading and a test. Followed immediately by a moderate length project (due the next day), then more project work and another test of the next few days. Yay... I have some job interviews coming up as well. Which is good, but also tiring and time consuming. Especially since one of them is going to require a brief trip out of state. So yeah, still no sign of a relaxing summer. Quite the opposite so far. But, with how this year has been going in general, I suppose I can't be surprised. Meeting Sakaguchi was awesome, and Connie and my wedding day went pretty much perfectly (not so much the rest of the trip though), but that's been about it. Sigh...

Anyway, I don't know the details about that short trip yet, but it will likely be rather short notice and I may have to skip a PV update depending on the scheduling. So if I do miss a strip this week or next week, that's probably why.



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