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5/2/2016 May crashes

While the image is a little out of date, the donation gauge hit $25 last month (thanks!), which means I'll be writing commentary on the next set of old PV strips in the not too distant future, so keep an eye out for that.

Speaking of writing things, at this point I've got two travelogue entries and a restaurant review left to go to get totally caught up in that area. I was going to do some of that tonight, but I was running late to begin with and then my web editor decided to crash repeatedly while I worked on this update, delaying things even further. At this point, it's really late and I'm really tired so any more writing will have to wait.

See you Wednesday!


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4/29/2016 Con time

It's Friday, so vote to see the new bonus comic! And now for more travelogue...

April 8 - 10 (Fri - Sun): Kawaii Kon
Kawaii Kon is the main anime convention in Hawaii. It was my second year attending, but Connie's first. Actually, it was her first time at any anime convention and she enjoyed it. Since I wrote about Kawaii Kon last year, I'll focus more on the highlights. The main thing to know is that it's a medium size con that, thanks to the location, tends to attract a pretty impressive guest list. This year was no exception, though a couple of the guests I wanted to see only had sessions at times I couldn't go. Aside from introducing Connie to the con scene, the main highlight for me this year was Garnidelia, a J-Pop group known for doing one of the Kill la Kill openings, among other things. They had a concert and I was also able to get an autograph. They didn't allow video, but Joe Inoue (known for a Naruto theme) did. All in all, it was a pretty great con. Well organized, lots of vendors, good guest lineup, and always plenty of things to do. I'm already looking forward to next year (assuming I'm around).

Have a good weekend!


4/27/2016 Keeping it quick

I have a couple Hawaii travelogue entries left to do, but I've got to sort a few photos first. Plus, I seem to have gotten a pollen allergy. That's really rare for me but it has happened a couple times before, always right after a particular stressful semester, and this one certainly qualifies. So I'm going to keep it short today. Hopefully I've be over this by the weekend...

Oh, on a completely unrelated note, Lego Dimensions is awesome, especially the ending. I might even do a review sometime...


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