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10/17/2014 Good food

Ok, time to get to work on those travelogue entries again. I've got a couple of restaurant reviews for today and a few things from Connie's visit coming up next week.

Restaurant Review: Cafe Maharani
Type: Indian
Location: Honolulu, King St.
The selection of Indian restaurants in Honolulu doesn't really compare to that of Japanese or Chinese. Fortunately, there's still some great places around and Cafe Maharani is one of them.
First, a bit of advice. Being on King, there isn't a lot of parking so, if you're in the area, you may just want to walk. Also, Maharani is very popular but not especially large. So, unless you get there right around opening time, expect a long wait.
Although small, the place is nicely decorated (if a bit old) and the food is top notch. There's a wide selection of dishes, especially chicken and lamb. The majority are standard Indian fare, but they have some more unusual curries as well. Both are delicious and the portions are huge. Though, as with so many places around here, rice isn't included. The naan (a vital part of any Indian meal) is just as good as the curries and there's a pretty large variety to choose from. I'd also recommend the lassis. They're a little on the mild side and have some little chunks of ice inside (something I don't usually see), but still a great addition if you want a cold drink.
It's too bad Maharani doesn't do the usual Indian restaurant thing and have a lunch buffet (or even a lunch) but, if you can get there early enough to avoid the lines, or just have some time to kill, it's certainly one of the best Indian places around.

Restaurant Review: Royal Thai Garden
Type: Thai
Location: Ewa Beach
While Honolulu has a ton of good Thai places, the selection in the Ewa and Kapolei area is much more limited. But it is one of my favorite cuisines so I was pleased to spot Royal Thai Garden not far from where I live. It's nothing fancy and the place is a bit old (apparently they took over for another Thai restaurant that used to be there), but it works. No complaints about the service either, the waitress has always been prompt and friendly.
All your standard Thai curries, soups, noodles are on the menu. You won't see any particularly unique items, but they do a very good job with what they have. I've tried several of their curries and they've been great. Not the best I've ever had, but good enough to keep me coming back regularly. They've got great (and reasonable priced) Thai tea too. Just don't forget to order some rice to go with your meal since it's not included.
I could go into more detail about the food but if you know Thai restaurants you know what to expect. You won't find any surprises at Royal Thai Garden but if you're on this side of the island and want some good Thai food without having to drive to Honolulu, it's worth a visit.


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10/15/2014 Almost...

Connie is, sadly, heading back to China and I'm busy working through my to-do list. Having my first house guest (not only in Hawaii, but ever) was great...except where my schedule was concerned, as all noncritical tasks sorta got pushed to the back burner. I did finish sorting the last of the photos I took during her visit and was going to start on a travelogue entry but then got sidetracked by some work stuff and never finished it. Got to say, I'm getting really tired of explaining why I haven't written any travelogue entries. But, barring some sort of emergency, I can't think of any reason why I won't (finally) get a good chunk of it posted on Friday. So yeah, sorry for yet another short news post but it should really be the last (at least for a while).


10/13/2014 Last couple of days

Well, my friend Connie is leaving tomorrow. It's been a lot of fun hanging out together and playing tour guide. She did a great job planning things out when I met up with her in China this summer, and I think I've repaid the favor. But, all good things must come to an end. And, admittedly, I've been putting aside a lot of my noncritical chores and projects over the last couple of weeks, so I'll have a bunch of stuff to catch up on after she leaves. One of which is my travelogue entries. If all goes well, I should have some of that ready for Wednesday.

See you then!


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